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  1. Hi, I purchased the 🔮 Borx Gaming Theme, but it does not work correctly (some blocks are displayed incorrectly). When to expect an update for IPS 4.5?

    Are looking forward to



    1. theFUM3


      Thanks for answering in private messages!

  2. are you going to update your theme? or any new theme coming soon?

  3. How do I view your themes?

  4. Is there a timeline on when Borx might be updated?

    1. Veilon


      The version for IPS 4.5 is done but the update had been rejected by moderation. So a few more weeks.
      If you need it now, I can send the theme as file.

    2. OhSoRy


      Oh wow that would be great. Do I need to re-up my support in order to receive it?

  5. Hey there! Your demo is showing a 404 error - https://demo.veilon.net/ips/


    1. MNOfficial


      As well as the demo login does not work, either.

    2. 6ichem


      images on the theme pages not working either

  6. Problem solved, thanks. In htaccess ,there was no dot at the beginning of the 😅
  7. What's the reason id substitution might not work ?)
  8. So ID's should automatically remaps at the conversion stage ? At the moment, the same sections on IPS and Xenforo have different itвs (For example: Example theme 1 - Xenforo id 527, Example theme 1 - IPS id 327). I didn't find any rules for the redirect You're talking in the system (Furls). 😅
  9. Hello! How can I remap those posts that IPS created when migrating to those that I had on xenforo ? I expected that after the transfer, all rewrites would work automatically, but unfortunately this did not happen. As far as I understand need some php script using data from these tables 👇 for remaped id's convert_link convert_link_posts convert_link_topics Thank you for help !) @Stuart Silvester perhaps you already know how to solve this problem ? 😅
  10. We are in the process of updating all the themes to IPS 4.5. Thank you for your patience.

    1. 403 - Forbiddeen
    2. Pleeb


      Excitingly waiting for Surface Dark 🙂

  11. Any estimated time frame for migrating your themes to 4.5? My community loves the AQ theme.

    1. Sethhh.


      they are a little bit lazy.......

  12. Nothing about updates to 4.5? 😞

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