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  1. Hello, I have pages but haven't really used them as I'm not entirely sure on how to set it up, would you be able to assist setting this up on my site, obviously I would pay you for your additional time?
  2. How is this running now, are there any problems I should know of before I purchase the application?
  3. Hello, When trying to remove this feature I get the following error, please can you help? IPS\Db\Exception: Can't DROP 'g_readthattopic_on'; check that column/key exists (1091) #0 /var/www/vhosts/gamersrespawn.co.uk/httpdocs/gamersrespawn/system/Db/Db.php(1728): IPS\_Db->query('ALTER TABLE `co...') #1 /var/www/vhosts/gamersrespawn.co.uk/httpdocs/gamersrespawn/applications/readthattopic/extensions/core/Uninstall/readThatTopic.php(45): IPS\_Db->dropColumn('core_groups', Array) #2 /var/www/vhosts/gamersrespawn.co.uk/httpdocs/gamersrespawn/system/Application/Application.php(3836): I
  4. We as a gaming community we used to use the official PS & XBOX forums primarily and it always proved very useful but now PS have dropped the promotional forums and that's no longer an option.. The official XBOX forums still have this facility but doesn't seem to be used or draw traffic as much as they used too! We also have a front page and I am constantly checking our SEO, we have left the front page a little over the Christmas period but most of our new members are finding us via Google search these days!
  5. Hello all, As forum owners and runners I wanted to know what your thoughts are on the future of forums and communities these days? Im finding more and more now that forums are a far quieter place these days than ever before and wondered if this was down to the likes of the social media sites like Facebook & Twiter, and though we try to link into these sort of sites we just don't get the hits that we used to do? Whats your thoughts on this and how do you think this could be improved to help us communities struggling to get the activity we once had, I appreciate in a lot of ca
  6. I would like to recommend @Paul.F he is very conversent in the IPS systems and I personally think he would be an ideal candidate...
  7. Hello Tom, I have had that many problems in the past from incompatibility I won't even try until I know it works.. xxx
  8. @Tom Christian when are we lightly to see the 4.1 version buddy?
  9. I can't say I know about code, but as someone that likes to do graphics the MAC for me is a winner, I love it....
  10. F1 Converse Mine is a new project, have always been into Formula 1 and already have a fairly successful gaming forum.. But at 45 starting to grow a little tired of the whole gaming thing. So my new project is about my favorite sport F1, the site has just launched and has a lot of work to be done going forward and will include pages front end for news. The hardest challenge will be trying to promote the site, historically the gaming site has been a fairly easy thing to promote as there are a few easy channels for that but this will be a lot harder. Please pop by and take a l
  11. Good luck with that Paul it looks really good mate!
  12. I honestly find the yellow a little harsh on the eyes, you can change that quite easy though..
  13. Nice and light? with colour options.. Maybe here... http://ipbforo.com/index.php?/files/file/7-nerva-4x-ipbforo/
  14. What sort of look are you going for buddy?
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