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  1. Why datetime function doesn't show "Today at 10:00" but only "19 December"... Past time works good, function is rendering "yesterday" properly.
  2. @xtech thanks. Do you know solution to do this without IP Pages?
  3. Hi. I need to output one site in my app (some module) as blank page. How to do this? Currently an IPS renders of course a whole theme but i don't need that. This page would be viewed by some bot. Thanks
  4. @Adriano Faria but how to name a directory when i'm trying to implement JS in "Profile Extension"? This is not a controller in my case but an extension and "/controllers/" would not work 😞
  5. Thanks. I'm gonna try it. I don't why IPS made it so complicated..
  6. I didn't Still it doesn't work 😞
  7. Wow, i'm trying this but doesn't work. I have pushed JS to Applocation.php in init() and it works, but i don't want to do this that way. Now it looks like: dev/js/front/controllers/shop/ips.shop.something.js \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles = array_merge( \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles, \IPS\Output::i()->js( 'ips.shop.js', 'appTest', 'front' ) ); and every similar combination i tried..
  8. It seems not to work in my case. I'm using it in IN_DEV and remove that mode. JS doesnt work..
  9. Hello, when im disabling IN_DEV mode, my custom loaded JS doesn't work.. What is a reason? I'm loading they in my apps modules and in IN_DEV everything is good. For example: \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles = array_merge( \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles, \IPS\Output::i()->js( 'somthing.js', 'appTest', 'front' ) ); File is located in: appTest>dev>front>somthing.js
  10. I want to disable a breadcrumb on forums index and in users profile. How can i do this? Maybe i need to write some hook? Breadcrumb:
  11. This would be very nice if in forums configuration would be a "Yes/No" form where user can set Image icons in forum titles Fontawesome font text Because now it doesn't work. I think there are people who will prefer font instead uploading images. My plan is to hide that talking icon on the left, but fontawesome doesn't work at all.. Someone can say that's wrong for SEO. I remember that old IPB 3 did it very well because SEO parser didnt take < > formatting
  12. Hello, how to make "search" in my own custom application? Just like "Downloads". Is there any Extension to make it? Maybe im blind..
  13. My ips node is converting data from 3.4.9 to 4.5. When i log in to ACP there appears: It is only in default page of ACP, members or forums pages are working good. How to get rid of it?
  14. How to properly add IPS comments class and implement it in my own app? This dev tutorial shows "basic model" of comments but i don't where to create it, because there is no core extension with "Comments". I need to create comments section with my database table integration just like IPS Forms, pagination etc.
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