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  1. I answered this here: I can offer my condolences to a friend in a discord chat with a sad emoji without making them feel bad that all I have to say is "I'm sorry". When it comes to bad faeces that happens in someone's life there isn't always "words" that can convey the empathy that you feel for them. I'm going to throwback to when I admitted why I disappeared in December and had a complete breakdown and was upset about a really faecesty update announcement that I couldn't install. I don't think I need to bring back that particular hardship but I can say, save for 3 people that actually replied (1 IPS person and 2 members I think) most of the people that responded were exclusively in reactions, which I actually appreciated significantly more than them replying to the thread with "I'm so sorry Morrigan I hope everything is okay". I knew, from the reaction, that they felt for me and they wished me the best. In fact those reactions were almost more meaningful to me in the moment. There is a significant difference between empathy and sympathy (I've been taught that through years upon years of tech support). Empathy means you feel for the person and their plight while sympathy means you feel bad for their plight but don't understand it. For the most part people that are empathetic/understand what you're going through and may have meaningful ways to express how they feel to you and give you great words of wisdom or at least a true kind word that may help. Someone that feels sympathetic for you won't have those words but they will understand that you are going through a rough time. The Sympathetic ones won't have anything meaningful to say but they can certainly say "I support you" with a simple reaction. To me, sad, was never a negative reaction. It was always a sympathetic reaction. "I know its hard but hang in there boo" Follow Back Friday, its a reference to a Twitter trend To The Old Man, at this point I think the Meow is more of an ironic reaction now lololol. Quick edit: This thread in particular: There are many posts in it that can do with a "sad" reaction that don't require empty platitudes of "I'm sorry" in it. Otherwise this whole thread would be filled with apologies about how negatively the virus has affected people's lives. Being able to share your trouble and get support without in-genuine apologies is SUPER important in a thread like this.
  2. Sorry, the code above is pretty CSS heavy. You may want to change it to this: {{foreach $value as $img}} <a href='{$img}' data-ipsLightbox data-ipsLightbox-group="other_images_{$record->_id}" title='{$record->_title}'><img src='{$img}'> </a> {{endforeach}}
  3. Turn off quick register and require fields in the profile. I'm not sure you can require commerce fields unless you're requiring that they subscribe/purchase a product upon registering though.
  4. And I replied to that. The only difference is whether it is the front end editor or the HTML/CSS editor.
  5. I think you're making this far more complicated than it needs to be. .cForumGrid__description, .cForumGrid__last { display: none; }
  6. @Meowcious Use something like this: {{foreach $value as $img}} <a href='{$img}' data-ipsLightbox data-ipsLightbox-group="other_images_{$record->_id}" title='{$record->_title}'><div class='pb_other {{if $counts == 5}}ipsHide{{endif}}' data-background-src='{$img}' style='background: center top; background-size: cover;'> </div></a> {{endforeach}} Not exactly as this is super custom for my site but it should cycle through them and show them. You can see an example as the images under the main image here: https://rpginitiative.com/pb-directory/
  7. The difference is the front end editor or the manual HTML editor.
  8. Something like this: https://metrobeyond.com/ ???
  9. I don't miss the confused reaction but I do miss the sad reaction. We are living in a tumultuous time right now with a global pandemic, and more. You don't always have the words to express that you are feeling for that person's difficult time and seeing a bunch of empty "I'm so sorry"'s in a thread I think is just as damning as no one replying at all to someone's rough time. The sad reaction gave people a means to offer support, show that they read the post without replying with an empty platitude that means even less than a supportive reaction.
  10. That could be accurate. It may need to be a feature request that there is something custom there. I know that in the next version trial versions like this should be less necessary as it will have a proper trial subscription. I'd actually say to tag @Jordan Invision for more clarity on possibilities.
  11. This doesn't sound accurate as the posts from one of my clubs adds nearly half of my forums posts.
  12. No. Just making sure I tell you what to do correctly. You can probably do it with the code: <div style='width: 47%; margin-right: 2%;' class='ipsPos_right'>{$value|raw}</div> For the custom display.
  13. Even then, that's the best way to get the attention of developers. While they visit regularly this is not where they are looking for bug reports.
  14. Issues like this should be reported via ticket so the actual support team can investigate and resolve it. This is a feedback forum, not a bugs forum.
  15. Its not possible with core. That time is universal. You will need a mod/plugin. @DawPi
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