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  1. IPS has never had a discord but if more than a few people were interested I wouldn't mind hosting one.
  2. The support ticket is the best route. At that point ONLY members that can see the message should be able to so that doesn't make sense, you're right.
  3. Okay. I would need to see the block and the users permissions to really confirm anything. It still sounds like a permissions issue but best bet is to submit a ticket to have IPS take a look at it.
  4. @Goza Log in or view this as a non-staff member. This issue is normally because staff members CAN see everything and so honoring or not honoring perms they will see these items.
  5. You do. Fortunately if you go to the index of this site.... You can change to fluid view: And do it here. If you follow my first screenshot which is Forums > Settings > You can actually provide this to your users/moderators now.
  6. No, I think you misunderstand me. If you provide Fluid View to your users they have the option to sort by start date. That screenshot is actually from the "fluid view" option which you seem to be raving about on the alpha site. That's available now and has been since 4.4 came out.
  7. So topic view exists on the current 4.4 platform. Its called "Fluid" view though. Additionally, this is already possible by choosing "Content Items only" when creating a stream. It's called Content Items because not everyone just uses forums they could be using blogs, pages etc. You can even select specific content:
  8. What @AlexWright said. You just have to enforce that people link their discord account to their user account.
  9. So this really drives me batty and I think it needs to be fixed, especially with the mobile app coming. I'll start with the suggestion THEN I will explain why I believe its valid. When you click the "show X replies" in the flash message this should include YOUR OWN REPLIES! Now for the explanation: IPS prides itself (and it has been said many times by people like @Matt and @bfarber ) that conversations are linear. "We don't fully ignore posts to give context" thus why ignored posts show up as "ignored" instead of fully disappearing. Its something that is regularly quoted as to why there aren't threaded replies (like on reddit) and whatnot. Well.... lets be honest, that's only 90% true with the way that the show replies popup works. TBF, I'm not looking for a topic to tell me when I'm the one to have replied but hear me out: Someone replies to a post I'm in on my desktop. Another person replies, etc. I have to go mobile (going to work, whatever) I reply. There are other replies. I reply again. Now not a bad thing but I get back to my PC and I want to review all the replies that have been posted and see the new stuff I haven't seen. I hit "show X replies" well I see all of the replies.... that aren't mine. So now that linear context thing that is so avidly explained as being important goes out the window while I'm reviewing 5-6 replies to a thread I have been posting to and I have to now "fully refresh" the page to see the true linear context, which includes my posts. It sometimes feels silly to load those replies (because its faster in most cases) and only to get half of the replies if you've been posting back and forth with some people. You can't read back up to verify your facts unless you refresh, it also botches pagination. I'm sure this is more complicated then it seems (because you obviously don't want it polling for the users own posts specifically) but there should be a way to see "not by user... now just load all posts between user and now". I don't know. The fact that it never loads your own posts has always seemed janky to me.
  10. But again, you are assuming every community is looking for the same experience (including the users experience). If someone is running a tech forum, for example, its unlikely that they are going to need walkthroughs of all of the items on the site. On a site that is selling something they aren't going to want a walkthrough, they are going to want something that displays the individual traits of their product or their support (depending on what they are running), I run a site about community and writing so I don't need either of those things, I know other people run news sites and music sites and roleplay sites. There is no one size fits all answer like what I think you're seeking out here. What you are looking for is guides, something that you can create FOR your users to improve the experience on YOUR site. Its really easy to do in a pages database. My site doesn't look like a default IPS site, in fact I move even more than the standard around for personal consistency where I believe MY users are looking for information because I know MY audience. You can't expect IPS to know YOUR audience and build a default page that answers YOUR audiences questions. YOU know YOUR audience so YOU should build that information for them. I know MY audience so I built that information for them.
  11. @Phil Këvin I disagree. What you feel like your community needs versus what I feel like my community needs are change from person to person. As @opentype is explaining, you need to make this for yourself because your goals will be different from mine, mine will be different from the next persons etc. The described homepage you're providing I already do for my members when I welcome them to the site. That actually sounds like an awful homepage. I would never use such a useless feature because it is not the way I would want to focus my community or what my community is about. You keep using IPS as an example but not all communities have a product(s) in mind or need to explain each feature of their community site because that could be done (again as opentype said) by creating your own page with your own goals. If you find yourself not capable of this there are plenty of creators that can and will do this for you for a fee and I would recommend you reach out to them.
  12. I don't ask for real names unless I'm selling a product. I hold each person as responsible as a real person for their actions as I would in real life. In fact I banned two really toxic members from my site recently because instead of being constructive they were being destructive and had been the same in the past. It wasn't worth my time to continue to fight an uphill battle with them. I hold no regrets. A site should hold their members responsible for the behavior they perform on your site. Its why I encourage people to report PMs etc. I need to micromanage you. The people you talk to will report you for the behavior you post that is outside of my rules.
  13. Edit your theme find this template: forums > front > topics > postContainer Find this line: <h3 class='ipsType_sectionHead cAuthorPane_author ipsType_blendLinks ipsType_break'><strong>{template="userLink" group="global" app="core" params="$comment->author(), $comment->warningRef(), FALSE"} Change it to this: <h3 class='ipsType_sectionHead cAuthorPane_author ipsType_blendLinks ipsType_break'><strong>{template="userLink" group="global" app="core" params="$comment->author(), $comment->warningRef(), TRUE"}
  14. I'll be plain. I've left communities that have tapatalk. I've never had a good experience with their app. Websites that use it annoy the hell out of me because I feel like every time I open my mobile browser I'm being inundated with "You should get the app... its soo much better than browsing this site." I also feel like I lose a lot of content with it. I'm looking forward to the IPS app. I'm on the fence on whether I'm going to use it personally but this is primarily because my site is over 70% Pages so I'll have to see that integration a lot more closely before I make a true decision.
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