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  1. I think this may a GDPR and privacy issue NGL. So I'd vote no and if you really need it get a plugin and make sure your members are aware its a possibility. Sorta sounds like selling of information.
  2. Well followers isn't really the best for all communities. For some communities its post and topic counts (the traditional totals).
  3. Can has day off now? Kids ready for school I think? PLEASE!

  4. I'm going to just theme it out but on sites that aren't used to follow culture or only follow the topics they are curious about this statistic is drastically horrible to see: Please note my three most popular forums only have 2 followers..... on one forum. I'm aware I could try to push it but my forums culture really doesn't support the culture. It supports more direct following or tagging methods so follower count looks pathetic across my site. I think that 3 followers is my maximum.... My forum has been around for 5 years.
  5. Not yet. Just basic functionality to browse and post.
  6. It sounds like all moderators are getting all notifications of moderator items. I would say start with verifying permissions but beyond that submit a ticket.
  7. You choose the data you download, that includes custom fields:
  8. I understand why it could be helpful to you and a few other people but I reiterate the fact that "if someone wants to get around the rules they will find a way". I feel like this conversation is getting circular so instead of reiterating everything again I'll just politely leave the conversation with the last comment that I don't think something like this needs to be core. Its a niche need (primarily for gaming communities that have a ton of trolls) which isn't a common occurrence among the mass amounts of communities out there.
  9. The point is that some people will use a hammer for an electrical problem if they think that’s what they should do.
  10. Devices aren't reliable because you do ACTUALLY have people that don't have a device per person either. So even if IPS tracked the device if people used the same device how is that a duplicate account? There are whole families, friends of families. Hell I know people that can't even own a computer at home and so they go to the library. You going to flag every library computer as a duplicate device? Then you have people that share phones and mobile devices. Or just borrow their friends. We're going to flag them too when they happen to log into their friends device? It just sounds meh.
  11. Since the mobile app is in beta those sorts of things needed to be posted here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4bugtrack/
  12. Okay, so I want to put this out there as a "for instance". If you do something dumb do you want EVERYONE knowing about it or only the people that have deemed the disciplinary action? I akin public notification of administrative/moderator actions to something of right of knowledge the only people that NEED to know are the reported person and the moderators/administrators. Anyone else that wants to know is a nosy ass Karen that needs to get her nose out of my ass. To put it more plainly. Just because Karen reports me doesn't mean she needs to know if I was reprimanded or fired. Its non
  13. Nope. Don't want. Don't think its necessary. Those people need to keep their noses out of other peoples business.
  14. So it can't be moved to the first post. That would imply that the first post is mass moderatable. I think maybe less separation from the first post like it used to be. Adding it it/moving it next to moderator actions I think would be exponentially confusing as the options for selection there are exclusive for "posts" not the main topic which is what Moderator actions does.
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