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  1. I did the same thing. People like to show off, they want their data out there (especially in the case of my site which is a site for other sites to list at). I have badges for people to show off their nerdy pride (like which type of Bender they are, which GoT House they are, which Hogwarts house they are a part of etc). I'm working on my 4.5 version of my site and I am likely moving this away from being a sidebar into being a header of author information instead. But as @DesignzShop said it really depends on the community.
  2. See its absolutely an understanding thing but its understanding that "split" means "split from this topic" or "remove from this topic" it doesn't mean "merge into another" or "move into another" I think, overall, "move to another topic" being the default is actually more confusing then "split from this topic" overall. Not everyone will understand the specifics depending on the community, you're both correct, but if you leave people uneducated then it can be overall more confusing because you're NOT moving a post. You ARE separating a post from its parent topic (the one that the person rep
  3. Yes its normal for the bot to appear offline.
  4. Its not a move.... not technically. Its two actions that they are doing. A split (remove this post from this thread) and a merge (put said post into another thread). Its not an actual "move" action. A move action is to take this topic and send it elsewhere. Technically the action that is being performed is "remove this post from this thread and add it to this thread" which in this instance the split/use URL to place it in the other topic is the option. (Like I said in my original post is Split/Merge). What I believe is the core suggestion here is that @Elbmek wants an auto-selec
  5. I'll be honest, I don't have to do a post split/merge often enough for this to matter. I find it odd that you need to do it often enough that its a problem. Also, I haven't had 3.x installed in like 5 years so I totally forget how that system even worked.
  6. Galleries have a different context then topics. I'd recommend creating premium groups with access to specific forums OR tell them to use PMs which are literally private topics. They invite who can see and converse in them.
  7. You do realize that's not the topic author right? That is a topic message: I do believe that it is supposed to auto-hide the avatar (similar to the way the topic author one does): So its either a bug because its not or a bug because its' not keeping that content on the same lines as the avatar.
  8. Its never saved content in the ACP. The front end it saves it through the browser cache.
  9. I think the URL method is the simplest and probably for the best honestly. Having IPS load topic titles (which lets be honest could be have multiple with the same topic title from a few to a few hundred depending on community size) would be daunting and you may have to do it multiple times if you accidentally choose the wrong one. Just doing a search here on IPS for "Need some help" there are two pages of topic results with a few variations but there are multiples that are just titled "Need some help" and nothing more: https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?&q=need some help&t
  10. Did you actually read my post?
  11. I've been a proponent for a while that saved actions needs an overhaul in general. It needs to be removed as JUST a forum item as saved actions could be applied to any IPS suite item. That or each suite item needs saved actions of their own. As for sorting! Abso-fing-lutely. I'd put mine in "most used" to "not used often" order which would help any staff member.
  12. As a mere question are the images links or uploaded to the thread? Last I checked it only shows uploaded images.
  13. I'll vote for no? Because not all questions are as simple as one line. Sometimes they require elaboration. If yours don't, good for you. Tell your user's to copy and paste their question into the main field.
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