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  1. You rock Morrigan!

  2. If the email really exists this wouldn't help anything since the Contact Us doesn't require an email verification. However, I thought it obeyed the ban filter but it doesn't appear to. I get those same spam messages.
  3. Please use the requests forum as this is wholly intended for Pages, not forums. Thanks.
  4. Sounds like there might be a link or similar in it that its detecting as being bad but not throwing an error like it should. I recommend clearing you browser cache/cookies for the site and the site cache (IPS Admin > Support > Something isn't working correctly)
  5. You have to create another database relationship field. You can't include multiple databases in a single field, this is intended. But you can still style it all the same.
  6. I feel like just having a field makes it seem compulsory. Even if its not. Even if you can leave it blank. I'm a completionist. Seeing a blank field that I CAN fill out makes me feel icky (blame games) but then what if you make it a part of profile completion? Even if its not required if its not filled in then it is forever at 99% complete. I also tend to X out of sites that have this sort of thing because it means that my gender or my gender identity is more important than my contributions to the community when it means very little to me what you identify as. For me this sort of thing reminds me of the call centers that are in the Philippines or India where they are all named Steve or Julia. You know that's likely not their real name but at the end of the day does it matter?
  7. Not sure I understand the issue here. This sounds like a setting issue. There is a setting to allow multiple. I know because I have relationship fields that relate multiple items:
  8. I vote no. Leave it to a plugin. If there were one I'd like to put my true identification which is none of the above listed. I identify as a "Rainbow Princess Unicorn of the Fourth Order" in which I would feel both left out and angry because my identification isn't listed there. I feel that this is a niche need and therefore needs a niche solution. Plugin. Plugin. Plugin. Edit: To be clear I joke because I believe that this opens up a pathway for people to attack others because of their gender preference. I have removed gender options completely from my community and people can choose to identify in their introduction, in their about me or not at all. It is up to them to make that choice, not me.
  9. I mean the cancel is to close out of it.
  10. 1) plenty of themes are available. 2) I believe just an average of your users which includes guests, bots and logged in members but you should probably submit a ticket to clarify this. 3) IPS has some big sites listed on their main page that uses their software. 4) Yes. It’s in a clients only section of the site.
  11. While interesting this interferes with the default browser behaviors on Apple phones.
  12. Okay. Which at face value, to me, is a database record from the pages app to a forum topic since this is an IPS support forum. 😉
  13. I mean I don’t care about the true amount. Short form is sufficient for probably most end users. Once you hit 1K posts does it really matter if you know it’s 1,060 or 1,003?
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