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  1. Submit a ticket. This will require that IPS have an actual look at what happened to fix it.
  2. The defaults are rather limited and very newbish. You can edit/remove them here: https://mysite.com/admin/?app=core&module=membersettings&controller=ranks Alternatively you can remove it from the theme for those groups.
  3. Its the same way that IPS works. If you want updates to an app you pay for the renewal. That is up to the mod author.
  4. The problem Brandon, is what they want to do is implement Adsense code periodically in their articles so something like: Their preferred solution is already using a widget (aka Pages block) to perform this task by being able to utilize them in an editor by just adding {block='myadvert'} which is not possible and with the deprecation of BBCode I doubt will be possible.
  5. Talk about a necro bump. “7 years later....” there is no choice in the parent thread because it merges the threads chronologically. The parent thread is the thread that was created first.
  6. @kmk Permissions are a block level item. Most of them will honor permissions and only show them (at least by default) things they have access to. You can also choose to not honor permissions, this is a great way to attract members to sections that they can gain access to by subscribing etc.
  7. You wouldn't be able to without an SQL query. You also really wouldn't be "hiding" them with the block route though. If you deleted the block so it had nothing to reference you'd be changing an advertisement for {block='my_ad_block'} references. But I'm not sure that's how IPS would implement something like this anyways. Most likely they would convert the "block" code to the HTML that was in the block and save it (similarly to how BBCode, which is now deprecated) is/was handled so you'd be in the same predicament in either scenario.
  8. I don't think I understand then. If you're inserting a block of code.... you use the button. So if I wanted to insert: <script src='https://mygoogleadsense.script/magically.add.this.thing'></script> It will do it. All you have to do is put the code that you would currently have in your block into the HTML portion of the button which is essentially what the block is doing anyways, isn't it?
  9. Well if its a single line of Google code it would. It would do the "manual" work for you with the click of the button. You may want to use the "Option" if you need a special code per one or a special tag or whatever but it would insert the HTML on button click and by setting the permissions you can make it to where only those groups that you want the ability to be able to do this access to do it while keeping it out of the hands of your normal end users. I think it would do what you want since all you want is to be able to auto insert some code. My solution would do that for you.
  10. Themes > Editor > Add button Once added you click on it and it gives you these options.
  11. Maybe I’m just daft or I’m not understanding what you’re looking for but can’t you do this with a custom editor button that is restricted for just admins to use?
  12. No you don't but you're only going to get the top 4. Its on the main page: Specifically "Leaderboard" and you'll want to set the custom date and change "In all areas" to the areas you care about.
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