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  1. Just like with this thread, I don't want to click Like but I want to click Agree because that is what I am doing, agreeing.
  2. The law is mainly targeting sites such as Twitch, DLive, Facebook Gaming, etc. The streaming services where people stream copyrighted content such as video games. Game publishers don't mind but they suggest muting the sound to avoid any copyright issues regarding the music from the games as some music in games is copyright a music company that could come after you for criminal charges for copyright infringement. This is more of a scare tactic against big time streamers and I see this law getting revoked once Biden is in office. I'm a streamer myself and this doesn't scare me as I always have c
  3. Geez, I just realized how I never updated this to 4.x after saying I would. Think right after I said that my family and I became homeless so I had no computer to work on and was using money to pay for hotel rooms when we could. We finally were able to buy our own place so now I'm settled, back with IPS, and going to look at updating this to 4.5.
  4. Thought this was the best topic to post this in, I have been developing apps and using fontawesome icons is impossible as of now due to the depreciation of "fa fa-<icon>" it is now "fas fa-<icon>" so anytime we try to use an icon it doesn't load anything, the box appears if you leave it just "fa" but no icon, if you use "fas" the area reserved for the icon goes away. I'm not sure but I think now is the best time to update to the latest FontAwesome 5 at least.
  5. For those struggling, looking for a way to pull users back to your site from Discord, I am currently working on a self-hosted chat system. It is cheaper than subscribing to places such as CometChat and with it being self-hosted you have more control over it. Once it's ready for testing, I'll report back here. Right now I'm aiming to release it within 2 weeks as long as I don't run into any hiccups getting features to work how I want. Just an FYI, when I say self-hosted I don't mean you have to upload and install software, this will run as an app on your forum so all you have to do is just inst
  6. Hey there, discovered your site by reading a couple of threads that you happened to post in, I love the site. Once I finish up with all this work over the course of the next 3 days, I'll really explore your site and interact with others.

  7. Sorry all but until I can afford to renew my license I can't work on updates. I'm aiming to renew license beginning of the month but can't promise anything.
  8. Found a few issues that I intend to fix and release v2.0.2 which will be nothing more than a fix version.
  9. Update: v2.0.1 has been released that includes the following: Added override link CSS settingsAdded forum access for site wideAdded table sortingAdded colspanColspan was initially released but did not work properly, now works properly with sorting. Looking for suggestions for v2.0.2 otherwise I will continue to release fixes for new version of IPS applications.
  10. Update: Ok sorting of table is working fine. Changing some things so color is universal no matter the color for the sort link that takes place.
  11. Update: Found that the JS I am using for sorting of tables is faulty so redoing that from scratch in an effort to avoid faulty code breaking the table and/or site. Stay tuned for another update which next I am hopeful to give a release date for the next version.
  12. Quick update: Ran into an issue with the JS I'm using breaking the site, completely shutting down the site to nothing more than a white page. Once I solve this issue I will release v2.0.1 so looking at a weekend delay.
  13. LOL it took awhile but it got approved. Going to release a new version probably this Friday that includes table column sorting.
  14. This thread is for support of Table BBCode. Please post all support inquiries in this thread so that comments on the modification page can be used for feedback.
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