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  1. I'm afraid a custom SMTP server is not currently supported.
  2. Have you resolved this? If not, I"ll take a look. I've been offline for the last few days; it's Jewish holiday season, so my schedule is completely out of whack this entire month. Haven't been neglecting things, just haven't been working. 🙂 I'll fix this. Let me know about the previous issue so that I can do both in one shot (if necessary).
  3. You're supposed to be able to, I fixed that a while ago. I will look again.
  4. The first one is a reply, not a topic.... could have sworn I fixed that a while ago, though. I'll take a look.
  5. That's been present for ages and ages....
  6. Please check PM. Thanks.

  7. hello 

    please see my pm

  8. can you read my private message? Thanks and greetz

  9. A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. Changes include: Optimizations for sites with a lot of hidden content Topics did not have reactions displayed. Fixed. When installed with other 3rd party apps, a template error was thrown (in some cases). Fixed.
  10. I'm not sure what you're referring to. What chatbox? Reactions should be working everywhere. Are there any messages or errors in your system logs when you try to react? Is the reaction button not showing at all, or is it not working? Please confirm. Re embedded videos: I originally included that and was specifically asked to strip them out. Can't make everyone happy. 😞 Your first post requesting support was at 1:25 PM EDT on Wednesday, and this post was at 8:13 PM on Wednesday. That's less than 7 hours after your first request. So I get a subpar review because I didn't DROP EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY AND RESPOND the minute you posted? Nice! Thanks! 👏 I have a fix for this issue locally and an update will be posted to the Marketplace today. Patience is a virtue.
  11. this means that your newsletter has some old issue that was never completed properly. Check the "Back Issues" for your newsletter and see if there is anything that is still open; if so, you can just close it from that screen. I will have an update released soon with a few fixes, I'm just not ready yet. One of those fixes will be to kill distribution automatically after X days, so that this issue can be avoided. Thanks for finding this. CodingJungle and I are looking into it together.
  12. I am unable to reproduce this issue. It would be helpful if you would post the link that you are being taken to. I fixed this problem a few months ago and haven't had any complaints since. Are you sure you're running the latest version? What version of IPS do you have?
  13. Node filtering should be the same in both places. What exactly is the issue? What are you not able to configure? I'm not sure I agree with this. Most people want to see content they can view, not necessarily content they can reply to. That being said, I may be able to add some options specific to clubs, where the admin can decide if all visible club content should be shown, or if users should only see clubs to which they already belong. Will that work?
  14. I will fix #1. #2 is not a styling issue. #2 is the actual editor content - it always inserts paragraph breaks around the text. If you don't want paragraph breaks, you'd need to use a TextArea instead of an editor (but of course then you wouldn't get any other formatting options).
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