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  1. I'm not trying to be difficult, I swear. I'm just totally not understanding this request at all. Walk me through it. So let's say you have this ability here. And you create a dropdown field for size, right? So now... where does the field show up? Who selects the size from the field? Where does the selected size get displayed?
  2. Right... but what would it do over there? That's my question. That form isn't used for display, it's used to collect data from the customer. If you're looking to put things into the display... I would think you could just add it to the product description in the ACP? Why would you need the fields?
  3. I'm confused as to how this would work. Where would the field data be entered? Users don't currently enter any information for products.
  4. It's been submitted to the marketplace and it's pending approval.
  5. It's been submitted to the Marketplace and it's pending approval.
  6. Are you sure you're running the latest version? I definitely fixed those issues. Please PM me with the messages from the system logs, if the issues are still occurring.
  7. Hi there, we use your email wrapper plugin, however it no longer works on version 4.5.#. Are you planning an update, as we find this a really useful feature?

  8. Fix has been submitted to the marketplace for both of these issues. Pending approval.
  9. No, sorry. That's not what this mod does.
  10. It's still pending, unfortunately. They kicked it back to me twice to fix some minor things to meet some of the IPS new requirements for marketplace submissions. The last time I resubmitted was Monday night. Hopefully it gets approved today?
  11. It's been uploaded to the marketplace and is currently pending approval.
  12. 4.5 version was just pushed to the marketplace, it's pending approval. Keep an eye out.
  13. Who would like to test the updated version? Please PM me.
  14. Do you mean the actual post? Not at this time. Yes. I'm a little behind schedule until my kids start school, but I definitely will have a 4.5-compatible version ready soon.
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