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  1. Yes, I will be updating Social Stream They should already have been supported (it was previously), so I'll have to take a look at that Yes.
  2. Not at this time. Everything shows up before the main content area. The content area you're looking at is generated by the IPS code, not by this modification. But you can add a label to that by changing the language string with the key "topic_content".
  3. You can, but it's a little annoying. You'd need to know the profile field group ID and the field ID. So it would be something like {{$fields = \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->contentProfileFields();}} {$fields['core_pfieldgroups_1']['core_pfield_1']}
  4. No. I don't own a site, so I don't have plans right now to have one.
  5. Sorry. I would say "maybe in a later version" but I'm so behind schedule these days, I don't want to promise anything that I can't even begin to put on my calendar....
  6. This has not been integrated with topics.
  7. Email templates are basically HTML pages. So inline styling would be something like this <p style='color:blue;font-size:11px;'>some text goes here</p>
  8. The wrappers are easily editable. All styling should be done as inline and/or with styles in the wrapper header. This is recommended practice because of the many many email clients that are out there and the fact that a lot of them don't support the same things. Inline styling is usually the safest bet. This is a really good resource to use if you're building your own wrappers: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/ @Mark Round answered your questions perfectly. 🙂
  9. Yes, it's still supported and works with the latest version. Glad you were able to figure it out! This is actually the only way to do it - I never was able to implement anything on the topic row level, as I couldn't do it generically and have it work automatically with all content items. It would have required manual template edits. As for the label and fieldKey.... you can do that as {$row->template_fieldKey} So for example, if you have a field with a key "field1", it would be $row->template_field1. You would do the label like {$row->template_fieldKey_l
  10. Not without some significant code changes. Unfortunately I can't promise any development at this time - I'm significantly behind schedule with work.
  11. You want to set up your newsletter with a Manual Content piece first. You wouldn't do this in the template, you would do this when you build your newsletter content. The download includes full documentation for this modification. Please take a look at the "Newsletter Content" section beginning on page 7. If you have further questions, feel free to PM me or post them here.
  12. That would explain all of it. It means you have an old issue that never finished distributing. Maybe it hit an error or something... impossible to tell 2 months later. In the meantime, from the ACP newsletter list, choose "Back Issues" from the menu on the right. The most recent one is probably still pending. Just choose "Close Issue" from the buttons on the right. That should do it. Then you'll be able to manually re-publish. On my ever-growing to-do list is to automatically close issues that are stuck for more than X days, but since there's a manual workaround I haven't been in a rush.
  13. From the newsletters screen, click the "Manage Content" button from the menu on the right. There should be an option at the top to Publish. Keep in mind that this will distribute the newsletter to all subscribers.
  14. A new version has been pushed to the Marketplace. It contains a fix for this issue. Is there anything in your system logs? Have you tried manually publishing the newsletter to see if any errors come up?
  15. New version uploaded to the marketplace. Changes include: Multiple issues with unsubscribe links. Fixed. Post before register was not working correctly. Fixed. Clicks are now tracked as unique vs total clicks. Multiple issues with tracking stats. Fixed. Disabled advertisements were included in the newsletter. Fixed. Are you sure this is with regard to this application? Daily digests are part of IPS and the notification settings are related to that. If you have a newsletter configured to send out daily, that would be this application. Please confirm.
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