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  1. HeadStand


    If you explicitly sign up for a newsletter you should get it even if you turned off mail. Looks like I hard-coded it 🤦‍♀️ Why did I do that? Good question. 😬 You can edit this in the template. newsletters -> global -> content -> core.
  2. HeadStand


    That's not my block. That's an IPS block and is totally unrelated to the newsletter.
  3. HeadStand


    Not sure what you're referring to.... what editor?
  4. HeadStand


    They don't exactly work in conjunction. If a user does not check the IPS checkbox, they won't get my newsletter either, unless they have explicitly subscribed to it. In other words, if you set up my newsletter and you choose "default groups" who will receive it, only users with the IPS checkbox checked will get the newsletter. If they specifically subscribe to the newsletter, then they will receive it regardless of the IPS checkbox. Think of the IPS checkbox as a default and the individual newsletters as an override. So if ALL your configured newsletters are in your registration form, great! Now... what happens if you create a new newsletter? No one will get it unless they manually subscribe to it. I would not recommend hiding the checkbox. Instead I would suggest changing the language string so that instead of "send me news and information", it would say something like "send me other information" or... I don't know. I'm not the best with wording. I'm just saying that hiding the checkbox may not be the wisest solution. Tags are not supported at this time. I would love to add tags (along with a lot of other things), I just never seem to have the time...
  5. HeadStand


    No. The 2 are not related.
  6. HeadStand


    That's not mine, that's from IPS...
  7. HeadStand


    It's exactly where I said it was.... when you add/edit a newsletter, on the first tab.
  8. HeadStand


    I believe when you set up the newsletter there is an option whether to show it on registration or not. I'm not in front of my desk at the moment, but take a look... It should be on that form somewhere.
  9. HeadStand


    Let me know if you need further assistance. I'm out and about now, so I can't really check the code, but I can do that later.
  10. HeadStand


    That's been in there for a couple of years, actually. I think it even pre-dates IPS version 4! 😂 Should be an option in the notification settings. Let me know if there are any issues with turning that off.
  11. It's on my list, but it's not as straightforward as I had hoped.... I'll try to work it into a release within the next couple of weeks. Christmas week is usually fairly quiet for me as far as workload, so perhaps then.
  12. Yes, the text only version is still sent. The wrappers have no effect on that.
  13. I like it. I've made that change and pushed an update to the marketplace. It's pending approval.
  14. I'm not trying to be difficult, I swear. I'm just totally not understanding this request at all. Walk me through it. So let's say you have this ability here. And you create a dropdown field for size, right? So now... where does the field show up? Who selects the size from the field? Where does the selected size get displayed?
  15. Right... but what would it do over there? That's my question. That form isn't used for display, it's used to collect data from the customer. If you're looking to put things into the display... I would think you could just add it to the product description in the ACP? Why would you need the fields?
  16. I'm confused as to how this would work. Where would the field data be entered? Users don't currently enter any information for products.
  17. It's been submitted to the marketplace and it's pending approval.
  18. It's been submitted to the Marketplace and it's pending approval.
  19. HeadStand


    Are you sure you're running the latest version? I definitely fixed those issues. Please PM me with the messages from the system logs, if the issues are still occurring.
  20. Fix has been submitted to the marketplace for both of these issues. Pending approval.
  21. No, sorry. That's not what this mod does.
  22. HeadStand


    It's still pending, unfortunately. They kicked it back to me twice to fix some minor things to meet some of the IPS new requirements for marketplace submissions. The last time I resubmitted was Monday night. Hopefully it gets approved today?
  23. HeadStand


    It's been uploaded to the marketplace and is currently pending approval.
  24. 4.5 version was just pushed to the marketplace, it's pending approval. Keep an eye out.
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