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  1. @SoftwareFactory Is there a way to sync site users with their Discord user if they did not join via the site? Or Discord user with their Site user?
  2. Hello, I have several spreadsheets that contain data that I'd like to create a Pages database for. Is there any possible way to import/create database for pages from a spreadsheet?
  3. I do have member rewards enabled. I have checked every permission that I can find for Donations. This is all the permissions that I have been able to find. I've verified that all groups can view application and can make donations. Is there something else that I'm missing? If I log in as one of the members that's made a donation previously and group automatically upgraded; I don't see the box to submit donation. Is it because I am admin and viewing the site as the member?
  4. @Michael.J Is there a way to allow people the ability to make more than one donation? I have people that's donated before, but they want to make more contributions. If they go to the Donations tab; it doesn't give them the option to make another donation.
  5. Any possibility of listing random users in the Discord when using the widget? It currently just shows the same people at all times.
    Great addon. My members love having this feature to show their support to other members.
  6. How can I stop the file system move so I can change/correct the folders that I want to move files to on the S3?
  7. Hey Guys, I run a large download based site. I'm offloading my downloads, attachments, etc to an Amazon S3 bucket. I've set it all up and it's started the background process of moving everything. There is currently over 700gb of files that's going to be moved to the S3. Is there anything I can do to speed up this process? Can I manually transfer the folders via FTP from the site to the S3 then have Invision do it's thing to re-index everything? Or do I just need to let it go? At this rate it's going to take over a week to move the files. Thanks
  8. Is https://miniature.io/ not working with this addon? I have it selected, but haven't seen any thumbnails created yet... I don't see any options for setting API key or anything.
  9. Bah, it sure as heck is... Not sure how I missed that setting. Thanks!
  10. @Adriano Faria Is there a way on the links listing page to display the Description for the link instead of the URL?
  11. File showing no longer able to purchase and can't install updates. This file is not currently available for purchase.
  12. Circo

    Tip Author

    Any possibility of getting this updated for 4.5?
  13. Thanks. I'll give this a shot, but even your screenshot is confusing as well... the top says "No Files in Category".
  14. I could have sworn that there was an addon/plugin that allowed this in the past, but can't seem to find it. Is there a way to have the first Category in a download section act as just a Header? EX: Category Name 1 (Header only - No files) - Clicking on this would show files from the Child Categories under it or just show the Child Category headers/descriptions that are under it. - Child Category 1 (has files) - Child Category 2 (has files) - Child Category 3 (has files) Category Name 2 (Header only - No files) - Child Category 1 (has files) - Child Category 2 (has files) - Child Category 3 (has files) The current way is a little confusing... If you don't have any files under the main Category, but files in the child, it looks empty. There is no indication that there are child categories that do have files listed.
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