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  1. It works beautifully, to the dismay of those who would try and circumvent our daily limits muwahahaha
    I had a previous review on here for 3 stars as there were some bugs, but happy to say as of version 1.2.0 everything is working great. The notifications in the front end were a great addition and the way the system works is just brilliant. Must have application when you have a site with limited daily content to certain member groups. Inevitably many will just make another account to get around site limits. Or even worse, trolling accounts. Anyway this is now a must have and I could not thank @CodingJungle enough for fixing the issues and improving the application. Great Job! 🖖
  2. @CodingJungle I wanted to pop in and say GREAT JOB on fixing the duplicate members app. It's working better than ever, I can not thank you enough. I came over to update my review on the file listing and it's not letting me. Need to upgrade to 5 stars. EDIT: I sent a report in to IPB about not being able to edit my old review and they fixed it. 5 stars well deserved!
  3. Hi, I have noticed that this plugin causes a mixed content message on my site IE the padlock goes away on the address bar. This is due to the discord server image. Is there any way to locally cache the image so it can be served up over https? Ignore please, my fault I didn't add the s to http in the settings
    I have been a longtime user of @onlyMEs other slider app Featured Content and loved it, but this is on another level. Excited about the continual development as well. As other's have stated service is excellent. Actually did find a bug right off the bat. I had a patch in less than an hour after I purchased the plug-in, which is ridiculous. So great product, fairy tale service, buy it....now
  4. Is it possible to get a refund on the downloads + app. It wasn't cheap and I've been waiting for it to get fixed but I've never used it for more than a few hours.
  5. @CodingJungle I tested the Report this file fix, while it lets you put in a description for the report it goes to an error 500 screen once the report is submitted. I know it was a quick update, was it tested?
  6. Have you been able to duplicate the issue. Would be sweet if it worked again. It used to drive sales when it worked right.
  7. I meant a different system than IPB, I was about to start the move until I read Jair101’s post. So back at square 1. I may just have to setup a local test environment and attemp the cleanup there. I’ll watch this thread just Incase there is a better solution.
  8. IPS support was little to no help, 9 years in and first level help is strictly there to frustrate you enough to go away. I’ve only had results when I get 2nd tier techs or better. But anyway I’m just glad there is any kind of solution. I would still love a tool to audit. Sure automation is great but if anything ever goes wrong or gets missed your stuck with bloat. I just wish my downloads folder wasn’t 500gb. Come to think about it I may not have enough space... ever wish you got started in a different ecosystem?
  9. I just got done trying to talk to Marc via a support ticket. He did say the moving directory idea would work. So I guess that’s our official solution.
  10. Has anyone tried this, I have a ton of bloat in my download section which has tens of thousands of files in it. Support is convinced that no tool is needed. If anyone has a solid solution to this bloat problem I would gladly pay if needed.
    It has great potential but unfortunately it's got a bug, I had to uninstall it after just 1 day. When you click the report this file link you don't get a text box, instead it just repeats the file description. Kind of a bummer for $35 hopefully the author comes back around to fix the bug sometime soon. Edit this is now fixed so I updated my review score.
  11. Two Bugs, Two Apps Using Downloads Plus I have come across a bug, when enabled when you click the Report this file link instead of the text box to report what was wrong it just shows the file description. Text entry box is missing. When I disable the plugin "Report this file" works properly again. I have this issue as well, its better than nothing I just have to check it each day and do everything manually
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