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  1. Thanks. I went ahead and setup using DeepL for now.
  2. Just purchased this and trying to get it setup... I'm trying to get an API key, but just noticed that Google charges for this feature (unless I'm missing something). For anyone using this; what has been your costs for using this addon? Not quite sure if it's going to be worth it for me to continue with this one.
  3. @Sonya* Thank you for the information. I saw a setting somewhere to swap the sidebar... I swapped it, but now I can't seem to find that setting again. Where did I see that setting at?
  4. I think I figured this out... Changed thumbnails to unlimited size.
  5. Thank you for the fix on Ehren's themes. I've been messing around with adding news on my site. Is it supposed to be blurring the images? Or is this something with the image handling on my server? The images being uses are good resolution images and I would expect them to be nice and clear.
  6. I did some more searching... it seems that un-hiding content is a moderation thing, but I'm talking files that the user has uploaded to the downloads section. For instance; if the user is working on a new version, they want to temporarily hide the current one. Once they have done their corrections they want to re-upload and then un-hide the file. I don't understand why this would be a moderation thing; if the user is the file uploader and part of a specific usergroup that has permissions.
  7. I thought I saw this setting somewhere in ACP, but can't seem to find it again. Is there a way to allow only the uploader to view their hidden files if they have hidden them?
  8. This has been picked up and in the works. Thanks for the offers.
  9. I'm not sure if there is something like this that exists already... I'd like to create a section in my downloads that acts as an Early Access section. Files upoloaded to that that section would be there only for a specified amount of time before being automatically moved to their public category. Example someone uploads file as an Early Access file. They want the file to be Early Access for 30 days then go public after. After 30 days; that file is automatically moved to the specified download section. The uploader would need to specify the length of time the file is to remain Early Access as well as what the section the file needs to move to after the specified amount of time.
  10. That setting controls the "Most Downloaded" block which is different than the "Top Downloads" plugin. I normally have the "Most Downloaded" block turned off. The Plugin has worked fine in the past, but recently the counts seem WAY off.
  11. https://vpuniverse.com/files/ I beleive that it's your standard plugin block. ACP > Blocks > Create New > Plugin > Downloads > Top Downloads
  12. Hello Guys, I just noticed that my "Top Downloads" box on my Downloads page is not posting the numbers correcly. The box currently shows the same files and same number of downloads across the board (week, month, year, all time). The highest shows only ~800 downloads, whereas I have files that have multi-thousands of downloads. Something seems to have gotten reset on that box, but the files have the correct download numbers on them. How do I ge the "Top Downloads" to populate with the correct files and downloads?
  13. This looks like a great application and very helpful templates. I tried installing this application this morning. It did mess up my theme as well. It seemed to break breadcrubs.
  14. Yea! That worked. Looks like the only looming issue is the license URL. Anything you can do about resetting my license URL? I don't have access to the email that the system says it sent. It just needs to go from /forums to just the root URL.
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