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  1. Sorry to @James101 for delay in getting the issue resolved - got a work callout on Saturday evening, had to go to a "dark site" customer and been off the grid as a result (don't be an IT consultant, people!!) What's fixed in v1.1.3? Modifications to support some new Post/Postcontainer template structures in IPS 4.5 Fixed issue with the 'Topic message' settings not resulting in a display of the message in IPS 4.4 and IPS 4.5 This update is currently pending IPS approval at this time. Yes, this is a plugin to display an awareness message to other users, and no
  2. Thanks for the details - I've tracked the issue down to occurring with the "Posts" 'Where?" settings for 'Above the post content' and 'Below the post content', and the "Topic" 'Where?' settings. I'll take a closer look later this evening, see what has changed between 4.5.0 and 4.5.2 (version 1.1.1 was released and compatible with 4.5.0)
  3. Same as last time - provide login credentials, give it the permissions I need in the ACP (see the PM)
  4. It was caused by your theme last time - uninstall/reinstall the plugin.
  5. That is referring to the following: Not too bothered, always a concern though when the test page shows out of date information hehe
  6. Careful with that - it itself is out of date, with some recent versions of browsers not listed, and it flags up later versions as 'out of date' too...example:
  7. Then offer up more...how? Why? The 'what' needs more...give it.
  8. Add ability for IPS to make me coffee!!
  9. My comment was aimed at the person who I specifically replied to, who cannot see that item because it's on the client lounge...hence "renew your license then" If someone publishes something in a forum you can't view (example: the contributor's forum) then you will see the message. If you, specifically, cannot see the item I linked to then raise a ticket with support because you should be able to see it. Anyway...back to my lasagne.
  10. Renew your license then 😄 - the person the comment was aimed at will see it, so all good.
  11. If you are running IPS 4.5 then yes, you should wait. If not then it's up to you when you get it.
  12. @Adriano Faria mate, get this logged as a bug asap.
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