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  1. This is already available using the ACP notification settings..
  2. Simple terms: Fill this out (and click the SEARCH button at the bottom): There is the results of the search...use the filters, click the 'Prune members found' link:
  3. Yet, here I am helping you - if you don't like that fact then feel free to ignore me.
  4. I said 'Prune members found'.....did you do a search? If so, you will see it.
  5. @Jordan Invision could you get this moved to a more relevant location, as it is nothing to do with the marketplace or the products available from there. Pretty much, yes - pay money, download package, upload to your site, run the upgrade (if necessary) But there may be other caveats - but never used a nulled version so no idea.
  6. You won't have access to the below linked item, but it is seemingly fixed in 4.6:
  7. Do some more testing on your side using the developer console of your browser, and monitor the local storage item highlighted below....while I've been typing this, it has save MULTIPLE times (note the topic ID is used in the 'Key') Found a bug? Log a ticket.
  8. No worries...my testing indicates that there is just too much Ajax stuff going on that will still trigger the script on an ajaxcomplete event, and then you've got the preload functionality of the video/audio too. I've got some spare time early next week to have a look at reverting the functionality to the backend and dropping the JavaScript method...shame, but it is what it is. Hopefully have a new version out for end of next week.
  9. Please, no, or else we'll be here all week.
  10. It's reproducible on desktop too - exact steps are: Create a new topic Enter the title Do not go near the editor field itself Attach an image - do not click the attachment to add it to the editor field Click 'Submit' As nothing has been manually added to the editor field, the code to check the editor field doesn't run as there is nothing to check in there...it's empty until someone adds something, which is when the code runs. The image is never added to the editor - it's added AFTER submission, in the back-end. Probably an easy resolution - disable the 'S
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