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  1. Just to put it on the record....I am not currently wearing any pants. I am also hoping that this bus gets me home before the police car behind us catches up.
  2. I am not going to build functionality in to override the use of Font Awesome on the board itself - it's staying as it currently is. I've got an update of the plugin which I will be releasing which will tie in with how the emails currently work, which will required manual intervention to upload the icons in PNG format (via FTP), and a minor edit of the email wrapper. Once that is released, I am then going to convert the plugin to an application so that uploads can be done via the application instead (to support those who cannot use FTP)
  3. Not yet. If you hear nothing about it then it's purely because I haven't looked in it - when I do, and I make a decision, then I will update here.
  4. If only there was a guide on how to do this.....
  5. Read the support topic ...already reported, and will be resolved when I figure out a way of avoiding it. If you find an issue, use the support topic.
  6. I'll look into it, but I am not providing any guarantees that it will end up in the plugin.
  7. As previously stated: No, as IPS strip HTML from content for display in the search results.
  8. For clarify - it currently hides content if the user viewing the content is a member of the groups chosen in the plugin settings. Am I correct in reading that you would like to be able to hide content if the post has been made by a member of a group instead?
  9. Can you clarify the request, please, as it's confusing what you have asked there as the plugin already hides content depending on group membership.
  10. Adriano - my 'live' test site is still running 4.3.6. I can give you access if you want to test the plugin out yourself.
  11. OK - thanks for that. Yep, current model of the plugin wouldn't support that but I can see a way I can build it in. Let me get this new version (2.0) finished, and then I can add that functionality in at a 2.1 version.
  12. Ah, sorry....it appears I misread your previous post (blame my glasses, need some new ones) I read this "support multiple dice rolling like 2d6? " as "support multiple dice of the same type" (Example: 1-6,1-6.1-6,1-6,1-6, as used in Yahtzee) Could you explain what you mean by '2d6'? I'm not a dice player myself, so no idea what it means.
  13. This is an optional update - if you do not use Downloads then there is no need to upgrade to this version. What's new in v1.2.6 Downloads - addition of support for displaying the player in the description of a Downloads submission. Use-case: Allows someone to upload a shorter 'preview' version of their main video/audio submission, and have the player displayed when the Download is viewed. IMPORTANT: this addition doesn't provide a method to allow the display of a player instead of the 'Download this file' button, so do not purchase this plugin if that is your intention. This is the only integration I will be doing with Downloads, as I do not own, nor plan to own, a license to use that application. This integration was easy to achieve with the use of an IPS demo to check the app/module/controller being used when a Download is being viewed.
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