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  1. Cool - if you have anything else like that for the existing native embeds that IPS supports then I can take a look to see if the source site has additional items that can be manipulated.
  2. Yes - you as the admin decide the size to use for new embeds They use the default that is provided to them.
  3. Known issue with this plugin when used with IPS 4.4.3 (possibly 4.4.x in general) - when editing and saving a post, an SQL error occurs relating to reportData. An IPS 4.4.x compatible version will be released once I've had some time to work on it.
  4. Assuming you've already double clicked the button and configured the permissions, if its not working then log a ticket.
  5. What's new in 1.0.7 added advanced settings to allow some control over the SoundCloud player displayed on new embeds.
  6. Why don't you tell them what endpoints it is that you want/need, so that they understand what it is that you want/need?
  7. Yup For clarification - are you referring to the content being displayed when viewing the 'Activity' tab on the profile? If so, I'll build something in to the plugin to handle that - in the meantime, modifying the permissions to view profiles would suffice.
  8. @AlexWebsites - I've had a think about your request and I've decided not to include it in this plugin, and will leave it as-is. There are a number of reasons for this decision, which I'd be happy to share with you via PM if you wish.
  9. @supernal I'll be in touch soon via PM to get you to try the new version out on my test site, and then once that is done I can throw the new version to you to update your site. Got a couple of 'real work' assignments to sort out first.
  10. Post ALL your code, not just the lines that are referred to in the warnings.
  11. Just to put it on the record....I am not currently wearing any pants. I am also hoping that this bus gets me home before the police car behind us catches up.
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