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  1. I suggest you ask elsewhere, as this is a support topic for my plugin.
  2. It works fine for its purpose, which is to allow your Google Adsense configured login to bypass csrf protection.
  3. Already dealing with this one via PM with you - please read the PM. And to cut off the confusion - I said "for future reference" report issues to the support topic first.
  4. This is a setting which can be applied by the IPS developers to the code they have created to provide a matrix
  5. You don't. So much better than a little click of an image...thanks for the comment.
  6. What's the confusion Mr 13? There is a setting for matrix items (which is what those grids are) and it isn't implemented by IPS in several of their own matrixes which will show the column header when someone hovers over a column....so if the header is not visible then the column header could still be seen. It's easier for them to toggle that to true instead of false.
  7. Alternatively, implement the following on the matrix items: showTooltips = TRUE;
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Plugin which will display a 'Preview' button below the editor on the comment form and/or the 'New Topic' form in Forums. This button will invoke the existing preview functionality provided by IPS via a button in the Editor toolbar Background:


  9. I don't but you asked for a use-case and I provided one, just playing devil's advocate.
  10. I remember doing some JS code that would work with that plugin that is now no longer on here - I'll dig it out and see if it still works, and see if I can put something together here.
  11. What's new in v1.2.7 Addition of controlsList support for <audio> tag, to allow disabling of the 'Download' option in the player Added setting to disable right-click functionality on the player, to stop displaying of the browser context menu (requires javascript, so if javascript is disabled in a browser then it will not work) v1.2.7 is supported with IPS 4.4 only (v1.2.6 is still available for IPS 4.2 & 4.3)
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