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  1. What he's probably referring to is the way IPB 3.x and lower used to work Entering this: https://longurlmaker.com/go?id=1z8ji541ShortlinksfarZoff210renlargedShortlinks73UrlTearangyIsZgdd91010stretchURLZcoZuk3lankyURLCutter6b04stretchqTinyLink2c1bf105URLPie6highFwdURL690yFhURLetsSimURL18d03ycontinuedzlofty5TinyURLprolonged570RedirxremoteprolongedURLcutv200f1udistantloftyIsZgdURLvi1stretched0expandedwShortenURL401Ne1continuedxexpandedd3671NotLong5ShrinkURLdistant0693zURLPieDwarfurlMinilienSmallrlyc0spunZout6NotLongWapURLgangling54spunZoutBeamZtostringy110cNe1stringy0110YATUCURLPie5aURLC
  2. Remove the following from your constants.php file then.... define( 'USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS', TRUE ); "But it's not in there" or "I don't have a constants.php file" - report it as a bug then.
  3. Nope - nobody asked for further information on how to add the button, so I didn't provide the steps. Easy... In ACP, go to Customization -> (EDITOR) Toolbars Click 'Add Button' Go to the 'Custom' tab Fill it out as you wish (track down an apple logo in PNG format, maybe?) but adhere to the following: - "Use option" - turn this on - In the HTML field, enter the following as the code <iframe allow="autoplay *; encrypted-media *;" frameborder="0" height="150" style="width:100%;max-width:660px;overflow:hidden;background:transparent;" sandbox="allow-forms allow-popups all
  4. No, they don't. The 3rd-party I indicated, iframe.ly, do - for processing the embedding for you, if you go above a certain number of hits a month Not sure how you've managed to misconstrue the above information, and what I put in the PM, to meaning that Apple is doing the charging here.
  5. Because they support oembed ,and are natively handled by the IPS software as a result. Because it (Apple) doesn't support oembed - a 3rd party resource is required to do the embedding automatically, and that then needs to be integrated with the IPS software. It's an option, it might not be the only option.
  6. Here is what iframe.ly will provide for the link above, in conjunction with https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8963-ne-oembedservices-management/ The cheaper option (as iframe.ly could cost you a bit monthly, plus the plugin)...you've also pointed out that they provide embed code themselves - you can create a custom button in the Editor, add 'music.apple.com' as an Allowed iFrame Base for the Editor, and then take the URL...but it requires the user to click the Editor button, paste the URL, and then the viewer of the content to not have anything that protects against X-frames
  7. @breatheheavy send me a sample link via PM. A third-party embedding site (like iframely) should be able to do this, and I've been playing with adding this to an existing plugin. I can test it out to show you how it will look.
  8. @James101 - not seeing any issues on my local test board. The one scenario where I can reproduce an issue is with IPS 4.5 Beta, so a little stumped here. Could you send me your site URL, and a login for an account that is in your Members group please?
  9. Thanks - I'll take a closer look tomorrow morning.
  10. Testing completed - post message appears fine in all scenarios except one. Please provide a screenshot of your settings as they are now Please advise what version of IPS you are using.
  11. @James101 I'll be doing some testing later today; would appreciate getting at least a screenshot of what you have for your settings, please.
  12. Ok...that, on it's own, doesn't help. Give more details....what are your settings? What version of IPS are you running? Is this the default theme, or a custom theme?
  13. What's new in v1.1.1 addition of a css tweak to bring first paragraph in line with icon in the ipsMessage box to use this tweak, edit the nenewmember.css file and remove the /* and */ around the following item: /*.neNewMemberIpsMessage p:first-of-type{ margin:0; }*/ added option to configure in which forums the message is displayed
  14. @James101 for the moment, add the following to your custom.css in your theme: .neNewMemberIpsMessage p:first-of-type{ margin:0; } I'll be adding that as commented out entry in the nenewmember.css file for the plugin when I release a new version - it can then be removed from custom.css and edited in the nenewmember.css file instead.
  15. What's fixed in v1.1.2 Issue with settings saving incorrectly Issue with polls not hiding in sidebar widget What's removed in v1.1.2 Support for IPS v4.3.x
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