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  1. A log of the annoyances? If so, that would be the Tracker functionality already in the application.
  2. Yes, that is how the moderation CP works in general...you give permissions.
  3. @BankFodder@James101 I've got a new v1.1.0 of this coming soon, which will add the following: Annoyances can be handled via the Moderator CP, allowing you to give your Moderators the ability to 'annoy' users without providing them with access to the ACP Option to put an expiry date/time in place for any user annoyances that you have in place. While I'm at it, do you guys have any additional features you'd like to see with this?
  4. Right...I'm going to point the same thing out here as to someone else on another resource. This is no longer a plugin, it is now an application - as of the release of v2.x So check your applicatio listing - is the application installed? And if so, what version is it?
  5. Just one point, actually....you mentioned 'plugin' a few times there. This isn't a plugin - it is an application, as of v2.x. So, check your application listing..is it installed there, and what version is it?
  6. So let me get this right... 1) you don't have it installed 2) the marketplace says you do 3) it's therefore an issue with the application/plugin, and not the marketplace, according to the support guys LOGIC-A-GO-GO it is then! If you want me to figure this out for you, then provide me with full ACP access to your site please.
  7. In available releases, no - search the ACP for 'ranks' and you'll find the relevant section along with the setting that allows users to set their own 'rank' after x number of content items. Future releases - not 100% sure but I believe I read that this functionality is being deprecated in IPS 4.6, in favour of the new Achievements functionality.
  8. No idea what that is supposed to be conveying but here's a clearer statement for you: Unfortunately, "super-interest" doesn't pay the bills. When that 0 increases, and not by a increment of just 1, then I might revisit this but for now...that's it.
  9. The submit button is disabled, requiring the toggling of the field. OR... It's not disabled, but when the form is submitted then the field is validated...not toggled, no submission. That is the last of the new features... pointless continuing development on it.
  10. v1.0.2 has been uploaded and is pending approval FIXES None NEW Added a back-end validation check on the kindness field, just in case the user finds a way to re-enable the submit button without toggling the 'Kindness' field (if they do that then they're numpties, because it is quicker to just toggle the field than to workaround it) Added a setting to allow the administrator control over whether to disable the form's submit button or not
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