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  1. Collapse forums list in fluid view

    Possibly...if it collapses them by default:
  2. (NE) Mention list enhancements

    Asked via the review system (last time I will be responding to a question in there) What do the icons represent? As mentioned in the description of the plugin, they represent the options that have been chosen by the person in the list for their notifications. Inline, by default, is a bell (look at the top of this site....bell = notification list = inline) and email, by default, is an envelope (explains that, I think) Where do these icons come from? As per the settings, they are font-awesome icons. Refer to http://fontawesome.io/icons/ for the full list. If someone has inline notifications for mentions enabled then, by default, a dark bell is displayed (fa-bell) and if disabled then, by default, a light bell is display (fa-bell-o) If someone has email notifications for mentions enabled then, by default, a dark envelope is displayed (fa-envelope) and if disabled then, by default, a light envelope is displayed (fa-envelope-o) How do I change them? Use the plugin settings and replace the icon reference in the relevant fields. And don't leave off the fa- otherwise it won't display the icon....I may guard against that if people make the mistake too many times.
  3. (NE) Mention list enhancements

    Version 1.0.0


    Plugin which enhances the information available in the list of names generated when using @mention functionality Option to show account's online status. Option to show icons showing the account's notification settings for "Someone mentions me in a post" i.e. email & inline includes ability to manage the icons for enabled/disabled status of those settings (uses Font-Awesome) Option to show name of account's primary group. includes ability to show group as plain text or as formatted in group settings. Ability to exclude certain groups from the list, as well as exclude banned and validating accounts. Compatible with IPS 4.1 (tested with and IPS 4.2 (tested with 4.2.0 up to 4.2.4) Plugin hooks in to the core->global->editor->mentionrow template NOTE: if you require support then please post in the provided support topic. Do not use PM and do not use the review functionality.


  4. IPB 4.2.4 permissions bug

    Log a ticket if you think you have found a bug.
  5. Option to сhange notification sound

    Take a look at /applications/core/interface/sounds in your file system.
  6. (NE) Dice Roller

    version 1.0.5 released, fixes the following issue: Fixed issue with topic creation throwing an exception Version 1.0.4 is back in place, due to other issues with 1.0.5
  7. (NE) Dice Roller

    version 1.0.4 released, fixes the following issues: Unable to save settings when 'Allow dice to be quoted' enabled Replying to a PM resulted in an 'Out of Range exception' when the plugin was enabled. Fixed issue with database prefix.
  8. (NE) Dice Roller

    Thank you - and it was indeed inspired by that topic. Had a little 'coding block' on another plugin and needed to change my thinking away from that one for a short while, so jumped on this as a test. I don't believe a review can be posted without purchasing, however.
  9. (NE) Dice Roller

    Support topic for (NE) Dice Roller
  10. (NE) Dice Roller

    Version 1.0.4


    Plugin which makes an optional or required dice roller available for use within topics. Resulting dice roll cannot be edited, as it will appear outside of the main content of the post. Administrator controls.... Forum(s) within which the dice roller is available for use. Group(s) that are allowed to start topics that make the dice roller available for use. Number of dice and number of sides per dice (using comma-separated list) Content and appearance of a message in first post of a topic indicating that a dice roller is in operation. Content and appearance of the result of a dice roll. Whether a quote of the result of a dice roll can be performed. Topic starter controls.... Whether the dice roller is in effect or not (option can be edited if mistake made) If enabled, whether the dice roller is optional (poster chooses to roll dice) or required (all posts will roll the dice) Poster controls.... If dice roller is set to optional in a topic, then the poster must enable a 'Use dice roller' option prior to posting. In event that administrator has enabled 'Merge concurrent posts', this plugin doesn't adhere to that setting. As a result, multiple rolls in a row can be performed by a poster. Plugin is compatible with IPS 4.1 (tested with and IPS 4.2 (tested with 4.2.0 up to 4.2.3) Background: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/440227-rpg-dice-roller-plugin/


  11. Image Options - Title and Alt Tag, URLs, etc.

    This is probably a confusion on what 'title' means - as it says in the dialog box, it is for accessibility which will put it in the Alt for it to be able to be read for accessible browsers. Others have possibly seen a 'title' before due to the use of figcaption. Put the following in to a text file and save it as .html and open in a browser - see which 'title' is shown straight away and which one is shown when you hover over the image.....is it "banana" or "That's Aerosmith up there"? <html> <head> </head> <body> <img alt="title" title="banana" src="http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/lyricwiki/images/8/85/Aerosmith2.jpg" /> <figcaption>That's Aerosmith up there.</figcaption> </body> </html> So the request could really be "can you please allow us to put captions below images?" and "can the 'title' option please show upon image hover?"
  12. Banned Members... Are They Really Members Just Like Me?

    What group? He has 2,500 banned members who are in groups such as Members or whatever. In older versions of IPB, a banned user was moved to a Banned group. Back in 3.4 (I think) this behaviour changed - a banned user is now flagged as banned, and stays in their group. Upgrading from a version where the Banned group existed, to a new version where it doesn't results in those Banned group members no longer being a member of a Banned group....they are still banned though, because they are flagged as banned. Result: Joe Bloggs is used to seeing 'Banned' as the user's group. They now see Members or whatever....instant reaction: Oh, they've been unbanned. What to do? Move those flagged users back to the Banned group. But that can't be done easily en masse - it's one by one. In an ideal world either: the advanced member search in the ACP would have an option to find banned users, and then you could move the resulting search results to a Banned group (just like it does in 3.4.x with the 'Member Status Filter' option which was removed in IPS 4) the member list in the ACP would have the ability to select all users....which would mean that you just go to the Banned list, select all and then move them (again, possible in 3.4.x and not possible in IPS 4)
  13. (NE) Hide replies from guests

    Apologies for lack of presence in the last few months - been 'off the grid' for a while due to personal issues. I'm a little behind the times with IPS versions now so just need to get my license renewed and get myself back in to the swing of things to refresh my head.
  14. (NE) Hide replies from guests

    No - maybe at a later stage (you are first person to request it)