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  1. Can you provide me with a link to your site, and a login please?
  2. Most likely, yes. Provide a link to your site so that people can see the CSS that is being applied.
  3. @Janyour - I was taking a look at this one over the weekend and I've been unable to reproduce it with my plugin. Could you send me a PM with screenshots of how you have your settings configured at the moment? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for that - missed the notification on the question. All - I'm going to be releasing a new version of this plugin 'soon'. Been working on it for a long time, and just recently got back to it after having to take a break from development (the joys of glasses!!)....but the wait will be worth it.
  5. Thanks - I'm fixing a similar issue in one of my other plugins, hopefully at the weekend, and will release an update once done.
  6. Yeah, that's definitely more difficult....and my suggestions earlier fall over if it's a single emoji on its own. Back to the drawing board!!
  7. Do you mean this: or this: First one: .ipsEmoji:not(:only-child):first-child { font-size:48px; } Second one: .ipsEmoji:not(:only-child) { font-size:48px; }
  8. As already said in PM - yes, at a later point.
  9. I suggest you ask elsewhere, as this is a support topic for my plugin.
  10. It works fine for its purpose, which is to allow your Google Adsense configured login to bypass csrf protection.
  11. Already dealing with this one via PM with you - please read the PM. And to cut off the confusion - I said "for future reference" report issues to the support topic first.
  12. This is a setting which can be applied by the IPS developers to the code they have created to provide a matrix
  13. You don't. So much better than a little click of an image...thanks for the comment.
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