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  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/506-customization-requests/
  2. OK...in the absence of confirmation of my follow-up, I am going to assume that is what you are talking about - that will also be in v3.1.2 when I release it.
  3. Log a ticket with IPS support, that's how 😄
  4. After an IPS 4.5 upgrade, there is a Marketplace onboarding process where you can link your installed apps/plugins to their entries on the Marketplace. I'm out now - not my application, just trying to help out. Still advise you to log a ticket with IPS regarding your main issue.
  5. Custom = needs to be manually uploaded as you didn't link it to the Marketplace after the IPS 4.5 upgrade MarketPlace = needs to be installed via Marketplace
  6. If you are trying to install an update, and it is failing, then log a ticket with IPS support as they can tell you why it's failing. I'll throw a "possible" out to you - are you up to date on the renewals of the application? It's a yearly renewal, v3.4.1 was released in January...possible that you last renewed over a year ago?
  7. In your applications listing, is the Videos app shown as 'Custom' or 'Marketplace'?
  8. Quick follow-up - I think this might be what you are asking for: Application configured to hide content on topics in Forum A only, for Guests (for example) Guests can't view the configured content when viewing a topic In Forum B, User A creates a topic and then links to a topic in Forum A, which is then embedded. Guest can see the embedded content Is that correct?
  9. Could you elaborate on this please, for clarity? The application has settings to hide links, allowing differentiation between external links (off to other sites) and internal links (to your own site). The internal links functionality has an additional setting which can hide any embedded links (I believe that is what you are referring to as a 'small card') too - so if, for example, you had internal links and embeds hidden to Guests then when a guest reads a topic/post containing an embedded internal link then it is hidden to them. I think you are asking for a change to how this works,
  10. What's new in v3.1.1? FIX: Search results feature no longer causes search results to not show AT ALL when the feature is disabled.
  11. I've submitted v3.1.1 for approval to resolve that specific issue - if anyone has upgraded to v3.1.0 and needs the patch file to upload via FTP, send me a PM. @Olmyster - can I get an answer to my question from my response which I linked you to? I believe I am correct but would like confirmation - this feature is actually one that I built in to v3.0.0 originally but there was an annoying side effect which I couldn't figure out at the time so I pulled it from the app until a later point, so I can take another look for v3.1.2
  12. What settings do you have for the new search results functionality, as the activity streams are based on search results. Screenshots will suffice. Don't worry - just got home and tested it out and it's affecting activity streams even without the search functionality enabled....should be an easy fix. If you have FTP access to your site, I can give you a patched file...send me a PM if you do
  13. What's new/fixed in v3.1.0? NEW: Content in 'Preview' card is now hidden NEW: Content in search results is now hidden, if configured NEW: Content in profile activity is now hidden FIX: Ajax pagination no longer breaks the hiding of content MINOR: Slight language changes to remove some redundant strings
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