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  1. Thank you, worked like a charm! 🙂
  2. Please add unhide all content feature for user in admin panel.
  3. That will be great, thanks!
  4. Thanks, but user have like 8k posts 😞
  5. Hello, I managed to hide all content from a certain user. Now user changed his mind and wants to return to our community and wants to unhide his content. I cannot see UNhide all content options. Is there a way to do that. Thnaks in advance
  6. Hello, out of nowhere when you create a topic forum starts to think ~20 seconds. When you reply it is instant. Server load is fine load average: 0.73, at peak times. We didn't change anything on IPB or server configuration. Checked MariaDB DBs and they looked ok. IPB 4.1.12
  7. Yep, Nathan, i guess i will do that.Thank you !
  8. Thanks Pete, this is kinda strange. The idea was: 1. Install 4.1.12 2. Import DB 3. Upgrade
  9. Hello, currently i have version 4.1.12 installed i want to upgrade to latest, but first i want it to do that i lab environment. Where i can download 4.1.12? I client area i can only see latest version. Thanks !
  10. Hello in my board we have thousands of unapproved posts. It will be useful when mod/admin click on unapproved posts icon, and see all the posts that are unapproved to have "Select all" button. Now i have to click posts one by one, that is very time consuming.
  11. I migrated to 4.1 last week and some of users complaining about this too.
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