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  1. @Marc Stridgen Can you explain more or less how to do it?
  2. Hi, what CHMOD settings should be set for IPS folders and files to ensure everything works properly? As I understand, is it uploads folder set to 777? Also, cron task.php, and the rest?
  3. I offer template / styles creation for IPS and engine translation to Polish.
  4. https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor5/issues/14082
  5. Fair if you use all apps. If only from the forum, it's not fair.
  6. Question. Will there be anything new besides cleaning up the code, new editor, fontawesome?
  7. without incognito and cloudflare. BimmerTech - Forum BMW - Najlepsze forum BMW - Google Chrome 2023-07-26 17-37-55.mp4
  8. Grafidea

    V5 - Labels

    Currently, there is a lack of options for creating and adding labels with various content and colors that can be attached to a specific topic. Something like this but built in IPS and supported:
  9. @Matt As you know, a lot of people use mobile devices, and I hope that V5 will bring many conveniences and improvements in terms of forum usability. It seems to me that the majority of users visit the forum from their smartphones rather than from a computer.
  10. I tested and still the same problem. The window pops up from time to time and disappears, while in incognito mode after each refresh.
  11. The database also needs a major overhaul.
  12. a more modern look that encourages interaction.
  13. @Matt Will the email template also be renewed?
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