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  1. To delete an ad it is in the top right panel, see pic
  2. I just realized that validating members are able to post before being approved by the admin (which the board is set for admin approval). I don't want this happening, how to stop this using Thanks
  3. I should have said "cover photo" not profile photo?
  4. I have members uploading giant profile photos and no matter what I do they stay full size. I have copied the photo and re-sized it, deleted their original photo and re-uploded the smaller version and they still stay full sized. Does this relate to the above problem also? Thanks
  5. Since upgrading to 4.5 I am seeing posts with shading of the text and usually from text copied from other websites and pasted into the editor. How do I turn this off? (see pic) Thanks
  6. No, nothing in the system logs. Also most images in the folder have a long string of letters and numbers before the image name that I previously uploaded, but the new ones I just uploaded for the missing ones have only the image name itself?
  7. Can someone tell me where the resource images are stored on the server (which folder)? Strange thing happened last night, about 15 of my "custom" images disappeared from my theme. In the theme manage resources the image code was still there but the images were gone and a blank/missing image was in their place? I had to delete those missing images from the resources and upload new ones to the custom folder. Thanks for any help or why this would have happened? EDIT: found the folder - uploads/set_resources (but still a mystery as to why they disappeared?) I did run the "Something is not working correctly" in the ACP yesterday could that have deleted the images?
  8. I took care of it-- ACP> Themes> your theme> type “mention” in the template search bar core> global> editor> mentionrow Delete the whole page or comment out - no more mention tags!
  9. Nathan, I just purchased your plugin to be able to turn off the "mentions" you showed above but it does not appear on my installation (see pic)? Thanks
  10. Well, there is nothing there (see pic)
  11. I searched but could not find the answer - How to turn off the member tags in posts? Thanks
  12. Yes, that is exactly what I mean, works fine with cursor but not with finger
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