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  1. Thanks Marc, I have never been in there before so no I have not modified anything there. Here is the latest response from Mailchannels... so where and what templates do I need to add a "message ID" to? It seems that the only bounced emails are the ones that a member is "following" a topic? All other emails seem to get processed just fine.
  2. no, I don't think so, which templates would I check to see? Thanks
  3. My forum is getting emails bounced by "Mailchannels" whenever someone is following a topic and I of course get notified by my server host that has occurred. This was happening with and now with 4.7.16 Here is their support response as to why that is happening Is there any way I can correct this myself? Where would I enter a message ID and what ID number would that be? Thanks
  4. I just updated my test forum and my live forum to 4.7.16. The test forum shows no compatibility problems at all but on my live forum it shows one app has a compatibility problem with PHP 8.1 which I am running. both forums are identical so kind of confusing. The app in question is working fine on both forums, so the question is...what happens if I click the "Fix It" button? Thanks
  5. No error last night so all is good! 😆 Thanks again
  6. OK, thanks guys, I won't know if I fixed it until tomorrow as the error email comes in the middle of the night, should be no problem though.
  7. Thanks Jim, I changed the cron to the 8.1 on my server. Question both my live and test board have been set forever to...."Run Automatically with Traffic (Default)" in the ACP, is that still OK? Thanks
  8. I upgraded my test board from to 4.7.16 and during the night I am getting this fatal error email from my host and I am running PHP 8.1... Fatal error: The task was called with PHP version 7.3.33 while PHP 8.0.0 is required. in /home/casitafo/public_html/invboard4/applications/core/interface/task/task.php on line 39 So before I upgrade my live board I would like to get this resolved, so can somebody tell me what is going on? I suspect it has something to do with an application and not a plugin but which one? Thanks
  9. Never mind, I forgot I had to add it to the custom.css file!
  10. Does anybody know how to change the Unread/Read topic buttons? I have a custom icon/image uploaded to resources but it is not showing named topic_button.png which worked on but not on 4.7.16? Thanks for any help
  11. So, I have paid for support all these years and now when I need some help I get nothing. Thanks, IPS
  12. I have a single member getting the Your account does not require validation Error code: 2S129/4 message and member is going direct to forum not an email link and has been a member since 2014. I have also tried logging in as him and get the same message. Running version and please don't tell me to upgrade to latest version as I am not interested in doing that as I have had no problems with any other member with this issue to date. I can provide member login info to IPS support staff in a PM if needed. Thanks
  13. Any idea why a advertiser can not be contacted via email when their email address is a .net ? Throws a "an error has occurred" and no email is sent. Thanks
  14. I have contacted InvisionHQ with a copy of my Key and so far no response, so I can't answer your question. Thanks
  15. There is a problem with the "Classifeds" app as it is under the original developer Adriano who no longer owns it so how do we handle that? Thanks
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