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  1. Don't know why he is not responding as he logged in here a couple of days ago
  2. Guess I need to get a refund for my renewal fee I just paid? InvisionHQ has not checked in here since May 29th and has not logged into his own support forum since April 30th
  3. Adriano, Will 3.2.0 work in 4.3.6 ?
  4. Question - The photo display is an option correct? Can set in ACP if not wanted? Thanks
  5. Thank You! Much better being able to see the deleted adverts in the ACP (not only in the "Deleted" tab but also crossed out in the "All" tab). The counts are now accurate after soft deleting from the front end also.
  6. 2) The Main categories COUNTS on index As reported by several users, the counts for main categories on index are showing 0 since the upgrade to the new version of Classifieds Did you fix this bug ? Tx Strange, I have the latest IPB and the latest Classifieds and my counts show just fine
  7. I have complained about this for a very long time now, submitted bug reports and it has never been fixed. I removed all the email contacts in the classifieds and only use phone numbers or the messenger as I was tired of getting all the emails sent to me instead of the seller.
  8. You should really update your "Manual" and the "Read Me" that comes with the app as they are way out of date. The manual should include directions for "Upgrading" the app also. Thanks
  9. No, and I have been asking for this for a very long time now 😣
  10. What I would like to see is the current BUGS fixed-- The email system to contact the seller does not work correctly some language strings wrong The days to expire on the front end do not match the ACP days to expire Deleting an ad in the list view with the IPS checkbox does not delete it in the ACP AND The sellers location should be on the list view also and not just the ad itself (very easy to add by the developer) There should be ACP "switches" for things like "ask a question" if the admin chooses to not use that etc I was one of the very first beta testers long ago when Andy Milne originally developed the classifieds so have been "around the block" with this app .
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