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  1. Did you ever figure out what was wrong? I am having the same problem with my test forum. Validate button goes gray but does nothing. Thanks
  2. Never mind, I logged in as the member and he had 50 messages in his inbox, deleted them and all is well! Problem solved!
  3. I have a member stating that his messenger inbox was full (I have it set to 50 storage limit) so he deleted all of his messages and the banner will not go away? Any idea what needs to be done? Thanks
  4. Adriano, Any update coming for 4.6? Seems to be working fine on 4.6 already Gene
  5. Upgraded just fine! Thank You!
  6. Sorry I forgot InvisionHQ had taken over the plugin and I actually have purchased it and use it and it still works fine on 4.6
  7. Looks like the author has not been on this forum in about 8-9 months so probably little chance of it being updataed
  8. Anyone with 4.6.3 having a problem with saving a entry in the language file using a copy of the IPS original? Does not seem to be saving any changes made. Thanks
  9. Just did the update and worked fine for me on 4.6.3
  10. Question--Does this work if Achievements is disabled as I am not seeing the Member title or is it because I am doing this on my test board and I had no previous member titles and I can't create a new one?
  11. Genestoy


    Still there in 4.6.3 🤔
  12. The only way I have been able to find things in the Marketplace anymore is to use the quotes "Limited Email Content" and click the downloads in the drop down, works every time for me
  13. ACP> Customizations> Themes> Your theme> </> > Templates tab Type postContainer in the search box above the templates tab forums> front> topics> postContainer add the word Posts on line 98 <i class="fa fa-comment"></i> {number="$comment->author()->member_posts" format="short"} Posts</a> </li> {{if isset( $comment->author_solved_count )}}
  14. Genestoy


    No big deal to me just letting them know about it as I am only using a 4.6 test site for now until all the apps and plugins I use have been updated.
  15. Genestoy


    When downloading the "Language" file in the ACP a large pop-up appears with a rotating circle icon and never disappears but the file is actually downloaded. I think IPS got a little ahead of themselves releasing 4.6 a little too early 😒
  16. Just tested and works fine in this location {{if $comment->author()->member_id}} <li data-role='stats' class='ipsMargin_top'> <li data-role='reputation-badge'> {template="reputationBadge" group="global" app="core" params="$comment->author()"} </li> <ul class="ipsList_reset ipsType_light ipsFlex ipsFlex-ai:center ipsFlex-jc:center ipsGap_row:2 cAuthorPane_stats"> <li>
  17. So, I see a change from the first "fix" a couple of days ago now you say -- so, it is important to place the new code after both </ul> and </li> ending the counters line. Which makes both the reputation points and the number of posts on the same line. Why can it not be like it was with the pic (where I had the new code originally)-- BTW I added the word "Posts" in the template
  18. I fully understand, just had not seen anybody asking about this particular one. I already have your kitchen sink and just today updated my test forum and just like the last major upgrade the acp will not connect to the marketplace to check for any updates throws the big red error pop-up and I don't remember what had to be done to fix it! Thanks again for your support!
  19. Will you be updating this for 4.6 or including it into the Kitchen Sink? Thanks
  20. To delete an ad it is in the top right panel, see pic
  21. I just realized that validating members are able to post before being approved by the admin (which the board is set for admin approval). I don't want this happening, how to stop this using Thanks
  22. I should have said "cover photo" not profile photo?
  23. I have members uploading giant profile photos and no matter what I do they stay full size. I have copied the photo and re-sized it, deleted their original photo and re-uploded the smaller version and they still stay full sized. Does this relate to the above problem also? Thanks
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