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  1. Will it also be possible to create and edit tables with the editor, i.e. will there be corresponding menu items in the editor to add or remove columns and rows so that every user can cope with them? That would be very interesting for the page module.
  2. Please try again now, it should actually work, but I have entered the data again.
  3. I have updated the access data. I have reinstalled it on a separate domain to rule out the possibility that it is a problem with a plugin.
  4. Hello, there are no background processes running and rebuilding the search index has not solved the problem.
  5. I have another problem. If I have a public club in which I create a database for club moderators only, then anyone (including users who are not members of the club) can read the database. If I revoke the rights in the ACP in the database permissions, they can no longer access it, but they see it permanently under unread content in the activity feed.
  6. Based on this topic: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/477933-club-database-permissions/#comment-2968746 It is possible to create databases in clubs, which is also pretty awesome. However, it would be important if only club admins and club owners could create entries. Imagine you have clubs for different clans and every user in these clubs could create database entries (e.g. as news). That would quickly become pretty uncool. Why not let the club owners decide who can create content and who can't? Best regards, Vakarian
  7. I have just tested it, unfortunately it does not work. I have a user in a group who only has the rights to see the database and to read its entries, but no write rights. The club member can still create entries.
  8. Thank you for your answer. Would it be conceivable to make this feature available on the Club Permissions as well?
  9. Hello, I think these databases in clubs are really very well done. However, there is currently a bit of chaos because really every club member can write in it. Is it possible to set it so that only club moderators can write in it? Or let the club admins choose who can write in it. Kind regards, Vakarian
  10. Hello, several users among us use RSS feeds to display news, for example, in Discord. Unfortunately, many of them report that their feed readers display everything with a lot of blank lines. How can I solve this problem? The blank lines are not present in the feed link, but an RSS validator also indicates this.
  11. Hello, I have a database with multiple fields of the type "Editor." I would like to transfer all the Editor fields to a forum topic when it is published, but only one field is being transferred. Is there anything that can be done about this? Problem 2, the search function only considers the main field and not the other fields of the type "Editor." Can that be included in the search? Best regards, Vakarian
  12. Sorry really the demand, I have not quite understood it yet 🙂 So with communication errors can not be checked if it is a spammer, is not there then sent anything?
  13. So if I disable this option, no personal data will be transferred to IPS? I was a bit puzzled about this option: Action to take for communication error? What exactly does that do?
  14. So is it possible to upgrade to V5 without converting the license? That sounds good, although the new package is also a fair deal and I am really thinking about it.
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