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  1. Great feature. I would like to have a feature photo function for forum threads, similar to that in blogs.
  2. I read the discussion about Zendesk and I can live with the new system. What I really would appreciate is an announcement of changes like these - if possible in advance, at least with the release, together with the reasons for the change and what consequences these will have for me as a customer und user of your product. Thanks, Markus
  3. But maybe you can tell us if this topic is on your list for features/improvements?
  4. With an option to moderate changes I would start using the wiki functionality. I think this has a lot of potential.
  5. The slider is there after upgrading to 4.4.5 :).
  6. Check the "Who can see?" setting in the main Swiper slider settings. and when you add a slider, there is also another "Who can see?" setting to check it out 🙂 I checked both settings and selected my Admin Group. But the slider is not showing to me. I did this.
  7. Is it possible to use the slider only on forum home (that is my homepage) and not an all forum pages? And do I have to make any template changes? - I installed the plugin and setup a slider, but it is not showing.
  8. I bought and tried Social Stream but the widget has limited functionality and the normal stream is on a separate page. Are there any plans for an interactive stream as an widget, together with thumbnails and images, a bit similar to social media streams and stories. Or perhaps something like an automated version of Our picks - with the possibility to react directly. The homepage needs to be more dynamic and interactive. That was in 2015. Any news, is this still on your list, @Rikki?
  9. +1 for this - categories for blogs and also for posts in blogs.
  10. Is there any way to do this? - I have the same issue. My Site Name contains words that are often used in Thread Names and the Page Titles are very long.
  11. Google prefers parameter pagination: BTW: I lost a lot of rankings/traffic after upgrading to 4.4. - but this may also be caused by the last major google algorithm update. At the moment it is quite frustrating.
  12. What about pagination of blog pages? - I still get "/blogs/?page=2" etc. there.
  13. Now we have 4.4 and still no widget for the activity stream. I will probably give Social Stream a try but would still prefer a native widget.
  14. Thanks. A presentation similar to your SuperBlocks Plugin would be great (I use this on my homepage). Off-Topic: I informed the user and he has changed the image. Great source.
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