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  1. Is there any way to do this? - I have the same issue. My Site Name contains words that are often used in Thread Names and the Page Titles are very long.
  2. Google prefers parameter pagination: BTW: I lost a lot of rankings/traffic after upgrading to 4.4. - but this may also be caused by the last major google algorithm update. At the moment it is quite frustrating.
  3. What about pagination of blog pages? - I still get "/blogs/?page=2" etc. there.
  4. Now we have 4.4 and still no widget for the activity stream. I will probably give Social Stream a try but would still prefer a native widget.
  5. Thanks. A presentation similar to your SuperBlocks Plugin would be great (I use this on my homepage). Off-Topic: I informed the user and he has changed the image. Great source.
  6. Is there a way to deactivate the default Feature Photo for blogs? - A lot of my blog entries don't have an individual feature photo and I would prefer to show only the title of the entry and a longer snippet for these.
  7. Thank you both. I will look into it but would like it more if it is included in the software itself.
  8. I would like to see an option to add feature photos not only for blog entries but also for forum posts to show them as header-picture.
  9. Yes, it is legitimate interest - else you wouldn't be allowed to use the email at all. But also for legitimate interest the user has to be informed about the privacy policy and that you only save it to send him/her one single reminder.
  10. For GDPR compliance the user has to actively confirm that the mail address can be saved and confirm that he read the privacy policy.
  11. Instead of a pagination please give us an option to load more content at the end of forum threads and blog comments, like the "Load more activity" feature in activity streams.
  12. I described the issue here: Please let users decide if they want to show their blogs public to everyone and also search engines or only to logged in users.
  13. +1, this would be really helpful to reduce page load time. Or even better, the image schould be resized automatically for the use as feature photo, thumbnail etc.
  14. I just bought and installed the plugin. I will use it for blogs. Can you please add an option to use thumbnails with reduced file size for the images? At the moment the full picture ist used and my users often use big files that do not fit for my homepage. Also it would be great if the blog homepage badge would be a clickable link (similar forum links etc.).
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