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  1. Block for activity stream

    I can't find one.
  2. New: SEO Improvements

    That is right - if it is a question. But not every article without comments contains a question.
  3. Block for activity stream

    No. That is only the activity stream as homepage, not a widget/block. I still hope for 4.2...
  4. Does VigLink Work Currently?

    Any news about this? Has anyone made good experiences with VigLink?
  5. IPS Community Suite 4.1.18 Available

    And still no answer . Also in I can't see anything.
  6. IPS Community Suite 4.1.18 Available

    Where do I see this?
  7. Needed: Save Draft Button in Editor

    Same here. Users already complained about it, because they get old drafts, also in private messages.
  8. Block for activity stream

    Any news about this? To show a stream on the homepage would be really great to show especially new visitors how active the site really is.
  9. I like the idea but many users don't use first and last name, but a nickname. That should be considered with a possible solution.
  10. There are no circles in the block/widget (for example for a portal page). Threads with unread posts are bold, but you cannot directly go to the first unread post.
  11. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Yes, now it works again :-).
  12. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Yes, it's the same here (standard theme).
  13. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Yes, footer works, thank you. But now on desktop there is a duplicate - breadcrump and footer (I would like to have breadcrump on desktop, to show at he top of the site). Is it possible to show in footer on mobile devices only? - And left of the header in mobile view would be great (but white icons instead of the black ones in other positions would be needed). Footer desktop: Header position mobile:
  14. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Any plans to show the social icons also on mobile devices? - For example in the header or in the footer? - Or is this already possible and I missed a setting?
  15. Emoji

    Works fine - thank you!