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  1. Thanks for this theme @aXen | 1s2k, just a quick question - where is the option to show whatever is in the right side feed for mobile? It shows on PC browser but nothing on the right shows on mobile.
  2. Hi @TAMAN, the theme has been working great for a long time now so I appreciate the efforts you've put in. After using it for a while can I make a few suggestions if possible? News Ticker - Would be good to be able to amend that without going into the AdminCP for quick, regular updates Overall Menu - Currently is at the top, however are you able to build in a sidebar menu with this? I think it looks great up to the point where you then have multiple applications available across your site that they don't fit. An example is below that it looks a little weird when you have more that fit the bar.
  3. Can I just check something...as an admin can I also create the teams at all? For instance without me in it? I find that as an organiser if you take the pain away from some people not as used to doing this sort of thing it massively helps - its why I asked a while back for someone to create the functionality of adding and removing members on events because again, behaviour of some means that you have to do that little bit of admin stuff yourself. If not, I'm going to have to find a way of doing it for them.
  4. Ouch. Toes are a nightmare. Why do they always want to hit the corners of sofas? Appreciate the update and apologies for chasing you down. Its only because I'm eager as hell to try it out and start talking about it (plus i said I was doing it throughout June, my bad 🙈) Looking forward to updating across the weekend then. LOLZ. I do see a need for it. Maybe what I see more though with individuals is the need for Leaderboards on specific activities that you could then link into a larger overall Leaderboard. If there was stuff like this for speed runs, time trials, etc. the possibilities could be great for individual competitive fun.
  5. Looks like a neat addition @TheJackal84 for maybe the hardcore competitive types of communities but I personally wouldn't get much use out of it as it still takes the organisation of the actual games to happen more so than the visibility of a ladder. Any news on this update to the Marketplace? Was really expecting it last week based on your previous reply so allocated some time but couldn't do the setup I wanted to. Be good to know what day this week you could pop it up?
  6. That's a great update to hear and see it this quickly. Looking forward to updating in a few days and seeing how this bad boy works! 😎
  7. That is brilliant, thanks for getting back so quickly. Really can't wait to use this now! Looking forward to the update 😄
  8. Just bought the app and excited to use it. Hoping to give it a proper use very soon and some feedback @TheJackal84 🙂 Unfortunately come across a major sticking point at the first hurdle which someone asked quite a while back and you mentioned you'd be adding it but not sure when. I run and organise tournaments and grouping up, but in order to create a tournament I have to be in a team before I can create one. Created a test team with me in it to start creating one and its asking for me as a team to enter it? I geniunely believe I won't be on my own with this, as a lot of people like to organise tourneys for their community rather than being in a team. Yes, i'll hopefully play in some but clearly not in all of them and the only way to get people involved is to create the tournament firstso it can be promoted. Really hope an update can be done soon on this as its a dealbreaker for me and i'd expect future backers too. Apologies it feels slightly negative as I've not had chance to use any of the features yet. rest assured i'll be updating it with a review when I can get everyone to use this. I've noticed you're a damn good developer so fingers crossed its an easy update to make.
  9. How do I find out more on how to do this @Joel R? I think the right language with your audience is extremely powerful. I also think that rewards, no matter small or large for loyalty and returning members are a critical tool that you need to figure out for your community. I think that as much as you hopefully grow larger as a community with new people joining, you must never forget your loyal existing members. Its something my IRL company believes in so it makes sense that it applies to this kind of culture too - Treating Customers Equally, new and exsiting.
  10. Yeah, just did and it still won't show. However I checked the IPS default and it does show on there so I believe there may be a fault. One thing that does show now though is the Members Shop in the menu so it is just the Points on the profile.
  11. Hi @TAMAN, any reason why the Members Shop Points won't show the points on the members profile? On default themes it shows the points but on your Dreadnought theme for some reason it won't and the settings are on.
  12. Yeah, I wish there was a simple way around this but I can't see a short term solution to it. However, that Add to Homescreen is a great idea. Can I ask would it show up any notifications/updates at all on their phones?
  13. I'm having issues too and screwing a little as quite a few people use our own app via them. If you don't use this, what else do you use?
  14. Hi - Was this fix included in your November update @The Jimmo?
  15. Hi @The Jimmo, any news on the update regarding the 'It only shows "1" all the time at the week view' issue? Thanks.
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