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  1. How do I find out more on how to do this @Joel R? I think the right language with your audience is extremely powerful. I also think that rewards, no matter small or large for loyalty and returning members are a critical tool that you need to figure out for your community. I think that as much as you hopefully grow larger as a community with new people joining, you must never forget your loyal existing members. Its something my IRL company believes in so it makes sense that it applies to this kind of culture too - Treating Customers Equally, new and exsiting.
  2. Yeah, just did and it still won't show. However I checked the IPS default and it does show on there so I believe there may be a fault. One thing that does show now though is the Members Shop in the menu so it is just the Points on the profile.
  3. Hi @TAMAN, any reason why the Members Shop Points won't show the points on the members profile? On default themes it shows the points but on your Dreadnought theme for some reason it won't and the settings are on.
  4. Yeah, I wish there was a simple way around this but I can't see a short term solution to it. However, that Add to Homescreen is a great idea. Can I ask would it show up any notifications/updates at all on their phones?
  5. I'm having issues too and screwing a little as quite a few people use our own app via them. If you don't use this, what else do you use?
  6. Hi - Was this fix included in your November update @The Jimmo?
  7. Hi @The Jimmo, any news on the update regarding the 'It only shows "1" all the time at the week view' issue? Thanks.
  8. Great to hear as I think when people see how many they are off the top 5, etc they will be encouraged to post a few more considering the default view is on week. Also, thanks for the insight on the name change. Honestly didn't realise that! Many thanks for getting back to me.
  9. Okay. I'll wait and follow this thread. I'll look forward to see the update when you can.
  10. Was hoping this will be fixed in 4.2 update - sounds like its a common bug. Will this be fixed in your 4.2 update @The Jimmo? Also, are we able to amend the title of the widget please? Thanks
  11. Hi all, for a while now I've been trying to find a way to keep discussions active and keep the interest at the website/forum rather than outer social connections, such as Discord, Facebook, etc. What nearly destoyed us was Whatsapp because of the nature of many people now use Apps and want to get in touch with people easily. We are available on Tapatalk forums and we have the BYO app via Tapatalk but unfortunately it is extremely limited and the website via PC or mobile website is the ideal place to be because of the many features ithis IPS board has. With Tapatalk i've asked them about intergrating more features like Calendars, etc but they can't/won't which is a real shame. Has anyone had ideas to get around the new market of applications and trying to keep and increase traffic via notifications, etc? I know it was discussed years ago about an IPS app which was put to one side for now but is this the right time to look at it considering the amount of fantastic features we now have available? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi @Adriano Faria, do you think an update to this plugin will be up this week?
  13. A member of our forum has asked the same thing.
  14. That would be awesome, i've needed that function for ages! I will totally buy this as soon as that's done!
  15. This is needed more than anything other feature on Calendars! Especially to help people at start getting used to it and showing the true figures of how many will/did attend.
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