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  1. Hi @Pete T, do you know when its likely we'll know when this plugin is ready for 4.5 at all please? Many thanks
  2. I find its not that they're loyal to Tapa. They couldn't care less what it says, they'd just rather open a responsive app. The new invision app would be perfect if other features than just forums were accessible via it. Its good IPS seems to be going in the right direction.
  3. I totally agree with you. I suppose what I should've phrased better is how to culturally change the ways people want to browse your site. I've done some surveys with our members and it tends to show that they would rather have simple Apps to utilise even though i've tried to explain to them the amount of clicks they have to press virtually the same. Its never been about the speed, more about the accessibility. Weird, I know - heres hoping Web Push and a potential Webview App could satisfy our people.
  4. I can hear the frustrations and definitely agree with most of them as its a pain in the arse when it goes down alot, however it has been our alternative to the future of reviewing most sites - via an App. I think the biggest gripe i have with these apps is more around it all centering around just the forums when IPS has grew into something so much bigger. I'm assuming the IPS app in early testing right now only supports Forums too? I think if it is then this seems like a good shout many are in a chicken and egg state that people want to interact via Apps and other efficient (lazy) ways
  5. Hi @The Jimmo, just wondering when do you think this will be compatible for 4.5? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks @aXen | 1s2k, yeah I already have and they're continuing to progress it. I came here after they advised it could be this. Thanks for your help.
  7. @Marc Stridgen not sure where to turn if this is the case Marc?
  8. Hi @aXen | 1s2k i upgraded to 4.5 yesterday and upgraded the theme but unfortunately whilst the website looks fine the admin access is completed locked: I've raised a support ticket with IPS and managed to go into Recovery mode to diasble every single application and plugin that isn't Invision apps and its still doing the same thing so they are suggesting it is the theme that is now causing the issue of not being able to get into the AdminCP. Can you help please because I can't make any updates/fixes to anything else until i get this resolved and start enabling the
  9. Yeah, I updated to 4.5 in my hastiness because I purchased Commerce so I had to update the rest of the site. There a few random things happening but I'm raising support tickets with the major things. Fingers crossed there shouldn't be many large issues 🤞
  10. Sorry for being thick here but i'm struggling to see where i can change the blue default Primary NavBar colors?
  11. Thanks for this theme @aXen | 1s2k, just a quick question - where is the option to show whatever is in the right side feed for mobile? It shows on PC browser but nothing on the right shows on mobile.
  12. Hi @TAMAN, the theme has been working great for a long time now so I appreciate the efforts you've put in. After using it for a while can I make a few suggestions if possible? News Ticker - Would be good to be able to amend that without going into the AdminCP for quick, regular updates Overall Menu - Currently is at the top, however are you able to build in a sidebar menu with this? I think it looks great up to the point where you then have multiple applications available across your site that they don't fit. An example is below that it looks a little weird when you have more that
  13. Can I just check something...as an admin can I also create the teams at all? For instance without me in it? I find that as an organiser if you take the pain away from some people not as used to doing this sort of thing it massively helps - its why I asked a while back for someone to create the functionality of adding and removing members on events because again, behaviour of some means that you have to do that little bit of admin stuff yourself. If not, I'm going to have to find a way of doing it for them.
  14. Ouch. Toes are a nightmare. Why do they always want to hit the corners of sofas? Appreciate the update and apologies for chasing you down. Its only because I'm eager as hell to try it out and start talking about it (plus i said I was doing it throughout June, my bad 🙈) Looking forward to updating across the weekend then. LOLZ. I do see a need for it. Maybe what I see more though with individuals is the need for Leaderboards on specific activities that you could then link into a larger overall Leaderboard. If there was stuff like this for speed runs, time trials, etc. the possibili
  15. Looks like a neat addition @TheJackal84 for maybe the hardcore competitive types of communities but I personally wouldn't get much use out of it as it still takes the organisation of the actual games to happen more so than the visibility of a ladder. Any news on this update to the Marketplace? Was really expecting it last week based on your previous reply so allocated some time but couldn't do the setup I wanted to. Be good to know what day this week you could pop it up?
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