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  1. We've noticed something that might've helped somewhat in terms of how people use events. When you put up a recurring event, you can RSVP on them, like recurring meetings in MS Outlook, or other applications. However, unlike all other Calendar events or appointment type systems, if you can only make a few of the occurrences, you can't just click the ones you can make and Decline the rest. Its either all or nothing. Also, once the first occurrence has been passed, you then can't make any amendments to it anyway. I currently put up regular weekly events, and sometimes it does help putting them up separately because it pops up as a 'new' event, but ultimately i'd prefer to do it the above way on many occasions and just can't given the way that the functionality works. I'm not sure if this was the expected design as Calendars elsewhere seem to work the opposite way e.g. cancel or decline a single occurrence. I know the Calendar can be an under-utilised application but there is definite legs in it with finer things being tweaked.
  2. @Adriano Faria we're about to do our next mini racing league in 2-3 weeks so I just thought i'd ask if you think the idea of getting this one in is possible when you start looking at this application at all? This one would be doing it very similar to F1's ideas of each race giving a number of points out and we may even do one where it totals the points up after each round per team/constructor.
  3. Thanks for the reply Jordan, yeah i'm sure someone could build a certain thing to help the display. Whilst we're thinking out loud 😄, I suppose i'm trying to think of clever and creative ways to do it in house. In then helps us all learn a little more about the core product rather than going for a paid option if you see what I mean. I'm thinking another possibility is create a block that has the blank columns as part of it perhaps? Essentially that gives you a sudo-row but within it, 2 or 3 options to stick blocks within it using the easy drag and drop feature?
  4. Good to know this exists as I wasn't aware of it, looks clearly a great solution that meets the needs. Would clearly appreciate an alternative to this in the core to save spending out for additional plugin but definitely a good alternative. I wonder if there is a tactical way of doing this within existing core functions? Looks like a bespoke 'Follow List' could do the trick but can't see a way to maybe add separate 'Follow' lists?
  5. I've not come across a setting as far as i'm aware. When working with Pages especially and you have more than one column, for devices such as mobile, it reads the first column top to bottom, followed by the next column top to bottom with the side bar on the usual right hand side coming last. For Desktop users, the columns very much help break up the page so you're not looking at something really huge across the entire screen. However it then can really impact the idea of how you want the site to be viewed on another device that essentially concatenates the page is a different way to your expectations. I would love for the ability to dictate per page how the view works, and if it can row by row rather than column by column so you have greater flexibility for your viewers looking at everything from different devices. One workaround from what I can see is creating the same block from scratch twice and then toggle the Visibility. However, this can cause some serious overhead times. Potentially some core templates that are set up in the way to help different concatenate would be extremely helpful to all core users?
  6. I can understand that view. Makes logical sense that if you build in Apple, everything else follows if you looks at previous years Applications in the market. I think we all have subtle different goals and I probably should've phrased it like 'the app we all want to show off everything at our websites, at an affordable price'. We all also probably have different goals as some websites are businesses where others, like ours, is for the enjoyment of a community (non-profit). Apple's prices are a little steep compared to Android - £99 per year for Apple vs £25 one time fee for Android, that's the last time i checked into this anyway. Fees all add up, and i'm conscious when i find the next person to carry the torch can sustain the cost alongside the effort that comes with building communities. I have started to understand a lot more about how people interact these days on their phones in our community and useful tips on here. Its not all solely about the forum application any longer, it is one core application of many that people want so I don't think you need a fully fledged App anymore that saves your website. TapaTalk's inability to show anything more than walls of text in their own way wasn't overly helpful and people miss tons of great things. I genuinely believe just an option to stick it as a homepage on their phones alongside push notifications so stuff is popping up at them whenever they're out and about is ideal, people are fundamentally lazy these days so rather than just accept it, you have to evolve and adapt to your surroundings and their behaviours as best as you can. Many thanks for your input above @Dean_, I think putting money into some solutions if its your hobby is absolutely fine because you do it for love of what your hobby is to you. My above reply to Brady though is trying to say there clearly is a line where it shouldn't be ridiculous money.
  7. This would help no end. A universal option across the applications that create content would be absolutely amazing. Especially when time is a finite resource these days and sometimes you want to put something up at a specific time but you know you won't be around to do it at that moment. I imagine most people that work alongside their community as a hobby or/and second job it would be critical to their efficiency and possibly a huge wellbeing impact for people.
  8. Yes, totally appreciate that. I mean anyone with the iOS/Apple system is essentially a lost battle really then. Can't have your own branded mobile app, no push notifications, or homepage push it sounds like. I've done TapaTalk but even they can't offer an iOS solution and its only for the forum section, which misses out on all the other good applications you've enabled/bought. Btw, this isn't a slight at IC at all, more so at the fact there seems to be a lack of options when it comes to Apple and their products. It seems to be only the gold-plated solutions that are always in a significantly higher price range for most individuals and no tactical/MVP options out there. What would you suggest as some good alternative strategies to the Apple stance Dean? Be really good to know how others combat this. I think we're lucky that most of our existing members and their friends have shifted towards Android more and more over recent years.
  9. I've been trying to do this for a few years and I used TapaTalk own branded App in replace of this (which is a shambles btw) so I am absolutely looking forward to 4.6 and mainly because of this. This should mimic what an App does anyway so I'm expecting communities that have lots of people viewing them via mobile more so to be overjoyed at this update. I would probably expect people to request some support in terms of how to push an option to the user to make their website a Homepage on their phone once we get 4.6. It's certainly what i'll be looking into so you won't need to spend huge amounts of money supporting your own app that would need dedicated experts to build and maintain.
  10. I won't argue with that. I'm just trying to show the potential other side of the coin we may have to consider - and any improvements here should always be seen as a positive opportunity to shout home about rather than just keep hidden. After all, some badges can be 'hidden rewards/surprises' alongside well-known ones. That's what makes achievements a great addition with a great potential.
  11. I've been trying to emulate a kind of 'Gamerscore' for a few years now but its not quite worked out as I couldn't get it to work exactly how we wanted it to with some of the 3rd party resources here. I'm absolutely delighted this comes part of the core product now as we need more reasons to incentivise and create some buzz for members as they are giving up a part of their day, even if its for a few minutes, to spend time at your home. I'm really looking forward to things this could open up and maybe link to additional stuff as mentioned above such as MemberShop, etc. I can see how you got there after the conversation you had about this so appreciate the transparency. Playing devil's advocate with this, no one wants to create the issue of people 'breaking the system' however, a part of Gamification is that in itself. Even if you don't publish it, people will then push to find ways to understand how it is being done and then you can end up with unintended consequences on your website. I think its down to each individual Admin/Owner to work out how they utilise this with their members. If you have the right types of people at your website already then they'll adopt how you want it to work. I certainly want to be transparent and honest with people on how they 'Level Up' - otherwise potentially the adoption rate won't be as successful as how people want it to be. And @Jordan Invision, great little video! 😄
  12. I've started to really try and understand our family/community where we are and embrace and adapt what we have whilst taking them on a journey. For me, I've noticed people don't want to be forced, but they love the choice of what medium they like to operate in. These days we have to consider Facebook Groups, Twitter responses, Instagram shots, WhatsApp groups and Discord rooms. Rather seeing the negative that we can be at times split between too many mediums, its about how you set up your Invision website and explain how things work. Happy to share my ways i've worked i far, I class our Website as the 'Home' of our family/community. Around that, we operate in quick instant chats around the 'Home'. Its okay that people use what is comfortable for them to use. Along the way, you help show them what they can look at between the instant forgetful messages they do all day every day. WhatsApp and Discord is prevalent in our place, but there's a few things you can do to remind people why they are all together in the first place. Invision for me, is way more than a Forum. When I realised this, it then can change your viewpoint on how things go in your community. My constant message to people is that its a Home (or website), not a forum. Any interaction should be valued, whether its a post or a visit to the Event Calendar to say they are attending something. Step back and broaden your horizons so you don't just look at Discord as the Forum killer. You can use a few applications and integrations to change the way things are perceived. You have to stick to your 'Home' mentality but by not forcing people to close what they use and ask them to use both or multiple parts for multiple reasons gives them more choice and the all important control they want. We are all privileged they set foot on anything you create. You don't have to cram your website with lots of other stuff but giving them choice around just posts is the way to go in this world. Evolve or get left behind. @SoftwareFactory's Brilliant Discord Integration can be used to remind people of all the things they are missing. Push notifications is a big deal breaker these days so using Discord as a sudo-website notifier helps hugely. New topics, events, articles, images, quizzes, etc. It goes on. @opentype's simplistic yet intuitive templates for Pages are hugely powerful to keep your members coming back to see stuff and interact. It helps step by step guides, that no instant messenger service can do, not even discord with pinned messages as no one ever knows where the pin is (AND you can use the above discord integration to push notify people about a new guide or instruction that it is up) @Adriano Faria's multiple features as applications can give you separate spaces to give your Home and most importantly members the choice to interact with more stuff around the place. Quizzes is one of them alongside Calendar enhancements is another. I suppose this is all on the proviso that you look outside the forum feature and seriously consider Pages from here. In my opinion, it is the greatest and most powerful application they have created now. So much more can be completed with all of this - and this is without using 'Clubs' at all. I personally think if you keep everyone together as a family under one roof it makes everything prosper even more so, rather than split a community down to what is happening already on multiple platforms. Tl;dr - Embrace and evolve your Home. Everything can work with what the Members want alongside seeing your Invision part of the puzzle be healthy and active. Be more than just a Forum.
  13. Yes, absolutely widgets because it would be great to share these as part of Pages you can create and also potentially homepages as it would catch the eye of people as the tables are quite cool to look at imo. A quick view of the table in a widget and potentially things like latest games played perhaps? When people check up on things like this in IRL, they would check latest results, latest table standings, maybe even a team to highlight with their latest results perhaps? This makes the community person/people feel valued that their team has some highlighted content too. We've got a league running right now for fun in our community so I can offer some feedback that i've had to work around and has caused potential hiccups along the way? Initial feedback so far that we could all do with to make this application even more usable: Mobile View - If the team name is bigger than 4 or 5 letters it crosses over the Games Played column in a portrait mode. More people check via phones for a quick glance through the day so may need slight tweaking to make it fit Amending results - this is HUGE. I'm taking extreme care to make sure the results are right because if I type in one result incorrectly and choose the wrong outcome there doesn't seem to be a way of changing that result at all. Could mean all of the work created weeks before is wrecked by one slight slip when clicking an option Number of teams in a league (round robin) - its weird enough I have to use the american terms for these formats 😄 as in Europe (and most other places) this is when everyone plays each other. We had 13 people willing to join in this time round, which meant I had to create N/A teams in 3 spots. I also created 'Test Members' for each one as you can't be in more than 2 teams in a tournament (concept sounds right but it doesn't help if you're setting it up and adding teams in to the league/knockout system to get it going). It should allow me to create a League format with 13 teams or whatever the number is - alternatively at least start the tournament when I have had enough entrants at any given moment could be a good shout. Each team in this league is just one person - so creating tournaments that could just be the member themselves would've been ideal. Feedback previously from others suggests they would want this too. So we could do with the fields such as picture, team name, etc as Optional or one large option to say is this a team or an individual? That's it so far but if you wanted to see it live and how its looking let me know @Adriano Faria and I can drop you a link. Outside of these types of tournaments, the only other one we're running but manually is a league format like what Formula 1 do where theres one race per week and you need to capture places and dedicate set points to places. Again all in one type of league. I actually think the logic in this is easier than the above as you aren't working out fixtures but just adding points totals up. Let me know if you want further updates on this too as this could be a superb tool to create and view on this type of software.
  14. Anyone here been able to set up a feed for the tournaments at all? Really want to create a block like most apps have a standard one already created but this one doesn't seem to have it. Any thoughts at all?
  15. Super news that @Adriano Faria seems to be picking this one up! 🤩 I was hoping that some enhancements could be made at some point around existing functionality could be extended. More specifically, when trying to create knockout tournaments and league (classed as round robin) tournaments, usually we don't have a set number for the league or knockout. League wise it feels straightforard to have whatever number you like because we have a league running with 13 but i can't now fit it into it because I can only select 12 or 16 teams and I must fill them. Equally, knockout wise, Iwas hoping that if you don't get the full numbers to get to equal numbers the functionality wants e.g. 7 instead of 8. Couldn't one have a Bye at all? Hopefully this is pretty logical and just by extending existing functionality would allow a greater number of existing and new people to use this fantastic application.
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