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  1. For some strange reason I am not seeing the Push option still.
  2. No dice on my end. I have the PWA installed and I still do not see a push option. Realistically, is there anyway to set this enabled by default?
  3. This button alone does not trigger notifications. I have it on my home page, but there is no notifications that are being generated when someone quotes me, DMs me, etc. I have no capability to make sure that happens on my device.
  4. Mind guiding me to where in the notification settings they need to turn this on? They have added the site on their device. Is there not an easy way for a prompt to pop up for them to enable notifications?
  5. Hey there! No one is getting notifications on iOS even though I followed the Manifest items. What happened?
  6. I just purchased e-commerce to my plan. It was really the major item I needed. Paying 99 a month to get that would of been a tough pill to swallow. I would of had a hard time using the other items besides forums, pages, and ecommerce. Not sure if its good feedback but adding limited Ecommerce to that lower tier plan would make it a great value.
  7. Please remove. Was not aware I could buy other pieces I was missing on my self hosted.
  8. Is it possible to transfer my existing subscription to the cloud? I know there were some promos if we did it before. Really interested now.
  9. Holy sh*t. This is amazing. Awesome job team. Especially @Matt Finger
  10. I have to admit I’m super stoked to get my hands on this. Any ETA when we will see Invision 5?
  11. How would I go about adding my own site to the Community Hive directory?
  12. As a hobbyist of the product, I really held off on doing anything major with this product (beyond just renewing my self-hosted license to tinker). The reason? A lot of what my community requires truly requires plugins and convincing my demographic to visit a website over Discord is truly a challenge. Incentivizing things like that will always be a challenge unless web apps, as you guys showcased, become a norm. However, telling a younger demographic about web applications and how to get one on your phone so its like an app is unlikely to yield the results. It seems more and more other companies are leveraging forums (Discord being one) and finding ways to enhance their product while keeping it true. While your bulk customers have probably not leveraged the marketplace, it seems your vocal minority has. I do get a bit lost in what exactly losses you were experiencing beyond chargebacks. Thank you as always for your insight.
  13. Hey @Adriano Faria! Just renewed this plugin. Noticed that when using the Club block, the text under the club name is going beyond the box. See attached.
  14. So I dismiss them once and as long as they are fixed, they should not re-appear? Is that correct?
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