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  1. Create a Membergroup called "Banned Users" and remove these permissions. Then when you ban a member, also place him in this group.
  2. I use that Back to Top plugin by Vortex, but this is his site here... https://invisionfocus.de/files/file/74-back-2-top/
  3. Make it a Staff policy, and then fire them if they do 😄
  4. You might have to Edit the templates. I actually Edit my own [child] templates, and keep a written record of my changes.
  5. No, I see what you are saying now. For me, the none of the sidebar blocks from the topic-list page will show on the start-a-topic form page. However, any blocks on in the header and footer of the main page do carry over to the start-a-topic page, which is probably what you are referring to.
  6. @igniteyourfeelings - Thank you for this. This pointed me in the right direction. Ironically, the account I use regularly is has this Sub-Admin membergroup as my Primary Group and regular Administrator as my Secondary Group. Since my account was attached to the Sub-Admin membergroup, it was not allowing me to make any Edits to this membergroup. I had to remove myself from the group in order to get the option to Edit that groups AdminCP privileges. I'm used to Secondary groups permissions overriding the Primary groups restrictions. I just learned that when is comes to AdminCP permissions and restrictions, it works in reverse.
  7. This doesn't happen on my installation(s) at all. I have blocks on the topic-list page, but my start-a-topic form/page has no blocks whatsoever.
  8. Setting a future publishing date is only available to Administrators, and if they choose to allow it, also the Moderators.
  9. I'm just posting to follow this topic, because I don't think there is a way, but sometimes I am surprised by an answer. But as far as I know, you don't have that kind of granular control with your blocks. If you add a block to your Pages, it shows up on ALL those pages. If you add a block to Gallery or Downloads, it shows on ALL subsequent links under those apps. Likewise, any block on a topic shows on all topics, in one forum shows on all forums, etc. But, I am eager to hear I am wrong, so I will wait in anticipation 🙂
  10. I have a MemberGroup for the other administrators in one community. This group has limited AdminCP access. For some reason, however, they are not able to edit their own profiles, and I am at a loss to where to look to fix this. Under Groups, the "Can edit own profile" is turned on. Under the AdminCP access, I don't see a setting that would override this. Any ideas?
  11. If you just want to award "badges" that aren't connected to secondary groups, then create a custom profile field that only Staff can edit, and set that field to display with content submissions.
  12. Okay, that's what I thought. This is something that works in Forums but not throughout the entire suite. But when I read this topic's title I though maybe I'm missing something. 10 years with Invision and I still uncover something I didn't know once in awhile 🙂
  13. I thought this was built in. One of my forums is set to behave this way and I am not using any plugins.
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