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  1. hi michael, will this app be updated for the new IPB version coming soon?
  2. this cost me $127 in sendgrid fees, luckily it was picked up by one of my team on monday, otherwise it could have been a bigger story
  3. @opentype Not sure if this has been asked, but can this be enabled only on commerce pages or set urls? having this on the main forums we will get a barrage of questions relating to cars. Just need to have on our membership page
  4. Since 4.4 I cannot seem to get sticky note images to appear on the stickies, even past ones, when i re-enable the images do not load.
  5. Hi Guys We are using Pages and forums for our site and we use supergird for displaying the news posts. I was looking at blog software and I am trying to establish the key differences to blog and a cms page where we can let chosen members right a blog/article. It all looks very similar and I would be interested to hear the pros and cons of each? thanks
  6. I will go along with the mobile friendly side of things.
  7. what worries me about Giphy is that if 10 years down the road they do a photobucket trick and then suddenly your community is full of broken GIF images. I decided that I would disable this feature in fear that it may not last. I may consider it for one section such as general chat if it can be configured to choose where Giphy is enabled.
  8. I would really love shipping address too. We send membership cards our to our subscribers My ideal list would be MemberID Member Name Shipping Address Expires
  9. we used it for many membership subs. however, one code works across all. no way of restricting it
  10. I am already using this pop up, it is great. but just need the form to allow brand new members to post a question. I guess the only way is to create a drop down menu and when this is selected they get send to the form page See link below https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/320-client-lounge/?do=add by adding the ?do=add at the end it will allow them to post directly from there. But ideally I would like them to be able to do that within the pop up. But this workaround will help for sure!
  11. Ask a question pops up for new logged in users or anyone browsing the front of the forum, get a small modal asking if they would like to ask the community a question. They would then choose the category section (in my case car model) and title and post box, they then post their question. This would then get submitted to the correct section and they would be sent to the section that the question was posted in. Also notification by email saying they have had their question posted by email/inline. 80% of my new registrations do not post, or older members struggle to know how to post.
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