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  1. i gave fiddled witht he prefork a couple of times carefully.. may give it another go as our server is pretty big should be able to handle quite a bit. Cleantalk we have banned out certain countreis from registering, that worked a treat and now get very little RU and CN if any. But need to ban them out from the server completely. Will have a go this afternoon and see how it goes.
  2. ok bud.. i seem to have too many ip's and read they piggy back many networks including amazon aws. so its tricky. having 15 forums you can imagine they are everywhere, so need a proper solution. I have banned off ahref bot as well.. they are really bad for me. Just researching CleanTalk app which plugs in to the communties, noticed they have a firewall solution so may look in to that
  3. @dutchsnowden Hey bud, how did you get rid of the bytedance in the end?.. finding it hard to get rid of and causing me no end of problems. thanks
  4. thanks adriano.. amazing never knew that exsisted
  5. Hi Is it possible to block profile pages been seen by non members? Need to be logged in to view? thanks
  6. We use sendgrid and it's great. Much more reliable than phpmail or smtp. most notificatons arrive using sendgrid.
  7. I am also stumped why the marketplace or at least a directory of available plugins and apps is no longer available. Not like the older days when it was easy to find a solution to certain things within minutes. wish you luck in the future Martin!
  8. thats an interesting point, I will look in to this.
  9. Hi Nathan.. this looks great, can the text in the blue boxes be modified? Say "Please register or log in to view images"?
  10. Ability a toggle to hide all images from a particular group to guests and spiders/bots and replaced with a default image. Some images that can be taken from the net can be uploaded by members not knowing that some are copyrighted and it seems there are a few unscrupulous companies out there that look for particular copyrighted images then send small businesses or innocent website owners an invoice for usage, and are very persistant and some nasty. Can range from £50 to £10,000. These companies send lot's are legal worded letters and threats and can affect some website owners who are vulnerable. At least then google wont spider images so these companies cannot track them back. We recently got hit on one small image that has caused lot's of problems even though it was removed instantly. I am also seeing reports of spammers using images and the website owner is totally unaware, but still invoice for 1000's according to reviews on trustpilot. Please consider this option please.
  11. Qustion for the IPS team, can you tell me if Clubs are here to stay? we are considering setting up a community that will use clubs a lot. so I want to make sure that it's not going to be discontinued in 6 months time?
  12. Hi Marc.. thought not.. did try looking. This would be a good feature, not only to drive more registrations but to protect website owners. I have seen a guy get a 10K invoice before. Knowing that anyone can upload images that could be copyrighted (i.e pictures from the news websites) it's going to get worse going forward with these companies. I recently got an invoice which i am not even going to pay (tougher skinned) but the letters though our door are intimidating to the vulnerable. Please look in to it and consider it.
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