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  1. Question is, can moderators moderate when using the Invision Communities app? thanks
  2. Hi Paul, do you have any examples on how to do this?? thanks
  3. Hi guys I recently upgrade from 4.4.5 to 4.54 and now have the following image links, i now noticed the urls are not forming properly https://www.x-x-x-x.com/forums/topic/7722-memes-funny-pictures/~fileStore.core_Attachment~/monthly_2017_02/FB_IMG_1488276319187.thumb.jpg Any ideas how i can fix this please. thans
  4. @Michael.J Still having same issue. Also when i went to update it says its already up to date, have you pushed out the update??
  5. Hi guys years ago i used to be able to group log ins from FB and twitter. Is this still possible with 4.5? Also need to group log ins from other IPB sites i have so when they log in for the first time they are put in to the correct groups. Is this possible? thanks
  6. we temporarily get round this by setting them to moderator approval, but this is for around 40 a day, if you get hundreds then painful.
  7. Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to connect multiple communities to one. For example if I used one as a hub for 6 other sites, is it possible if they logged in to the hub using their account details? cheers
  8. No Support? Maybe i should go for a refund
  9. I installed plug in and then set to whitelist only and then added UK and United Kindom and Ireland as countries to whitelist Then connected to a VPN via germany it successully said "Registrations Disabled" which is cool. When i disconnected back to the UK i then try to sign up and got the following see attachment
  10. hi michael, will this app be updated for the new IPB version coming soon?
  11. problem solved, php version 7.1 to 7.2 and now works.
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