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  1. You can wait for @Adriano Faria or check out
  2. @Adriano Faria Seems the image I put for an application is showing up only in the post but not on the app main page.
  3. @aXen | 1s2k It is ok now that I have added categories it work just fine.
  4. @aXen | 1s2k I got something funky going on with the Download app, it shows to guess phone size to guess, tablet size to logged in users and full with to admins.
  5. My icons where 64x64, I have resized them to 50x50 and it is much better.
  6. Grid view seems a bit off compared to invisions grid view. Yours: Invisions:
  7. @adm.net It does look slow, if you just got it working and use cdn it could take a bit of time. What are your server spec? Lazyloading with pagespeed?
  8. @adm.net What app do you have installed. It won't work with cjmenu.
  9. Only way I am aware of would be to use pages on a page with custom html and this :
  10. I was thinking of that for retirement in 3 years but maybe I will start sooner 🙂
  11. Well I am a grade 5 and 6 teacher and I am now off for 2 weeks, so that is a change. I have a trip planned for the Baltic in august with princess cruise, will see what happens till then, the plane is paid, one excursion is paid but only the deposit is done on the cruise itself. Took 5 years to have enough money for that.
  12. @Feneroin It is not a plugin, it is an app so you need to go to application to install. I is a .tar file.
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