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  1. Good luck! Sucks when it happens. Did you try : define('RECOVERY_MODE',True); in constant.php
  2. @bfarber What is the location of the manifest?
  3. Really a good theme. @jcdesign I would just like to have the menu sticking at the top of the page. If you could give my a hand that would be great. Also, when hovering over sidebar categories on forum or others, the hover background is black and text dark grey, how do I change the text to a lighter color? Thanks Love your work on this. Steph
    Works fine on 4.4 too if people are wondering. Simple and needed plugin to see what version of every plugins you have.
  4. As far as I know rocket.chat is free is you host it. You can pay to use their server if you want.
  5. The background is light on the light and dark on the dark. Visit the site and change the theme, you will see.
  6. Take a look at what? I did not buy yet 🙂
  7. 2 pre-sales questions, 1) Does it have the option to have a sticky menu? 2) Are you working on a light version?
  8. https://coverfriends.org/landing-page/
  9. Hey I am also in Canada. Happy new year everyone.
  10. Go in my purchase in marketplace, find behemoth I the list, there should be a renewal invoice there.
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