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  1. Steph40

    Bye Bye Google Plus

    what?? Did I miss anything?
  2. Steph40

    65th Birthday Sale

    @steve00 Happy birthday!
  3. I am not Joel but I can tell you the software is reliable the question is more is your host reliable. You have a bit of fine tuning to do to get it in inbox instead of spam, but that is not ips fault. I followed a few tutorials for my server (centos). I would give you links but on mobile now cause of power outages:(
  4. I agree, so many companies a so focused on marketing that they forget about user experience and make things more complicated instead of simpler.
  5. I did and regret nothing!!! Except I got the msi b450 carbon pro ac and that mobo is a beast, the integrated wifi is just fantastic. What a nice mobo with a 2600. Got it earlier today, took an hour to take apart and clean old case and zoooommm wow. Did not have a chace to check the overclock yet, will do tomorrow.
  6. Steph40

    Languages Flags on Board Top

    Works for me.
  7. Very close to pull the trigger on a ryzen 2600 with gygabyte b450 aorus pro wifi and 16gb gskills 3200. Already have an rx470 gpu, cooler master half and corsair psu with an fx-8350.
  8. Thank you for your answer, here is the result of what I have tried: so still not working, did I forget another setting somewhere? Just to clarify, it works fine in a full html page but NOT when using database.
  9. Steph40

    Learn Plus LMS (Learning Management System)

    Not many forum software have lms and now thanks to Josiah and his team, ips does, and it is a good one. Thank you
  10. Steph40

    Change Look of your Store

    Can you pass over the project to someone else to keep it alive please? (not me btw) Merci Stéphane
  11. Works fine for me.
  12. Steph40

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    What a pita that stupid bug, why don’ t they fix it?
  13. Steph40

    Feature My Club ( Support Topic )

    Thank you, I guess most use English.
  14. Steph40

    Feature My Club ( Support Topic )

    @TheJackal84 Hey me again, one issue with both app (feature file and club) is I can only have 1 language string for the title of packages, is it possible to add more I have french and english. Thank you Also can't find the Buy language string in acp.