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  1. Any news on this? Did Wasabi get back to you?
  2. It is in the description https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/chat/
  3. Go to Marketplace - manage orders, all orders are there, renewal too.
  4. Did you read and listen to the videos? Basically, it depends but since the internet is faster there is less needs for amp and more needs to optimize website and integrate pwa. The guy in the first video is from google.
  5. Well I think I would much prefer pwa, read this: https://www.bruceclay.com/blog/how-to-implement-amp/
  6. For those with netflix their is a nice documentary about Facebook, Trump and Cambridge Analytica. The Great Hack
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jul/24/facebook-to-pay-5bn-fine-as-regulator-files-cambridge-analytica-complaint
  8. Got 4 phone charger at 2.1 amp cause amazon fire stick HD only as 1amp which causes random reboot. The 4 for 15$ also got a timex Ironman for 15$ delivered 🙂 Love prime shipping, rebates, videos and music
    Beautiful theme with lots of options and great support.
  9. @kmk It is an addon https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/store/product/47-copyright-removal-in-applications-sd/
  10. I don’t have that theme but knowing Taman there should be a palette tab in the theme settings
  11. Looks awesome! Gratz.
  12. Playing around with this dp44 referals system. Is this still valid for points. Looking at db it seems good.
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