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  1. Videos Support

    @Phil7789He used to have a plugin for copyright removal of is paid file on his devfuse.com website, I bought it in 2012, I am not sure if he still sells it.
  2. (NE) Dice Roller

    Nice job, looking forward to it.
  3. Classifieds System

    Another suggestion I would love to have the ability to charge members to bump their adds.
  4. Downloads Support Topics Tool

    Absolutely necessary plugin for me. Created over 360 support topics in less then a minute.
    Works as describe. wonderful addition to a site with lots of files.
  5. Can we get some love for Commerce?

    I like that idea.
  6. Can we get some love for Commerce?

    May I add better ads management like selling ads per day, weeks, month etc instead of just per clicks or impressions.
  7. Advanced Stats

    Super app, nice and easy to install and use and great support from the author, as usual.
  8. IPS Rules Application

    @FGN Try this: In the path write: mronecall in the Mapped to write : https://fungamingnetwork.com/profile/2-mronecall/ You can leave Url Protocol to automatic Hope it helps.
  9. QOTW: Name the one thing you cannot live without

    Well besides the air, food, wife and kids, I have to go with the internet.
  10. Linkfavicon - Supporttopic

    That is all I see too.
  11. Linkfavicon - Supporttopic

    @Fosters Thank you for the last update, fixed my issue with Babble.
  12. Download is fine for me.
  13. Group Collaboration Badges

    Thank you and have fun!
  14. Linkfavicon - Supporttopic

    That looks awesome!!