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  1. @Adriano FariaJust renewed and would also like the 4.6 fix please.
  2. @TheJackal84has left the marketplace and I don’t think anyone picked up the application. @Adriano Faria?
  3. Steph40


    Seems to work now, must have been a cache issue I guess.
  4. Steph40


    Hi @Adriano Faria I might have found a bug, initially I had it set to automatically create a forum topic and that worked well. I later changed my mind and decided that comments on the movie app where enough so I deactivated topic creation in all categories. Problem is, it is still posting topics when I add a new movie!
  5. Steph40


    Hmmm mine is showing tv shows
  6. Omg the update was approuved!!!
  7. Steph40


    Thank you for the update to 4.6
  8. I use the first one, it works fine on 4.6 even if its for 4.4
  9. I hope but I don’t think so
  10. still waiting on 1.01 approval grrrrr...........
  11. Do you use apps or plugins? some are not compatible yet. deactivate them all and see, it worked for me. Then reactivate them one by one and test to find the one breaking it.
  12. @The Britain Works fine for me on 4.6 and php 7.4 You can download it manually if you choose install and choose ips 4.4 from here not your website marketplace.
  13. I don't think it is included but there is 3rd party app that may help:
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