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  1. @InvisionHQ Ckassifieds shows up twice in the mobile menu with beta 2
  2. @Fosters How can I change the position of the My Bookmarks in the user menu, it appears in the classifieds section and I would prefer in the content section?
  3. Pretty sure he meens go to your website front-end (what user see) log-in and click the arrow on the left side to add a widget.
  4. @Adrian A. Description says MySQL >=5.7 is required for this app to work, is it ok with mariadb, I know they have moved away a bit from drop in replacement, using 10.3.24-MariaDB?
  5. Sorry to say this is what I think as well. With that and marketplace time approval I am thinking of changing to something else.
  6. Just curious, cause I am crabby, but, is the issue 4.5 or the new marketplace?
  7. @opentype Thank you for the update for 4.5 This is one of my favorite mod.
  8. Sorry did not realize I was crabby, 🙂
  9. I am just saying they are working on it. Like it or not it will be done when it is done,
  10. It is in beta and you can download it from client area.
  11. @Davyc For my taste I like moviebuffs.movie moviebuffs.news moviebuffs.life moviebuffs.me As for @opentype plugins I am sure he will release and test once 4.5 final is release. I find people have gone a little fast on the beta. I am trying the beta for a new project an I have found that those work so far: SuperGrid, SuperDocs and Enhanced Forum Views
  12. Using latest beta of 4.5 and behemoth. I do not use slider and without it found the user menu to close to navbar. So added this to custom.css #elUserNav { margin-top: 10px; } Just wanted to share.
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