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  1. Steph40

    Radical Tags

    Are you using php 8?
  2. Steph40

    Paid Listings

    I have not start my French translation yet, it takes so long and is so boring. 😞
  3. Steph40

    Paid Listings

    @Sonya*Will ths work or be updated to 4.6?
  4. Has anyone tried this with ips 4.6?
  5. I would also like something like compagnie directory. I miss the business near me that was in the app. I can’t figure out how to de that in pages or if it is even possible.
  6. Threadstarters are for forum topics which is already suported unless I am mistaken
  7. Just start with your addons like game, movies, books etc...
  8. It is not 3 words but 3 characters and it can be changed.
    This is just awesome, bought less then 5 minutes ago and love it! Easy to use and customize.
    Fantastic app from a fantastic dev. It looks so good I am using the default theme with this from now on.
  9. @Fosters Why is bookmarks in classifieds?
  10. Sure I understand and I can live without it. It is the icon for @InvisionHQ app Moods Here is a screenshot when I deactivate your menu app
  11. Yes and no. I am happy with those 2 being added but what about 3rd party apps that adds an icon to the default ips mobile menu but not in yours? Just a tought.
  12. Hey, Any progress on the mobile icons not showing from other apps? Thanks
  13. You can try https://codingjungle.com/
  14. Looking to buy this but I am in 4.5 is it compatible?
  15. Seems to be working fine now with that version. Thank you. Sure.
  16. @ReyDev I deactivated everything, plugins and app, then reactivated one by one and it works fine now, odd.
  17. @ReyDev I get the same issue when I try to access a topic, error 500, it works when I deactivate the app. Might be a conflict with another app. Will check and repost.
  18. @Martin A. I might have missed a setting somewhere but is it or would it be possible to add the map in pages with just postal code and not the full address fields. I have done it with adding a postal code to the profile page and it works but I can't seem to do it in the pages app. Thank you
  19. @ReyDev samething with Moods app from @InvisionHQ
  20. @ReyDev I am using: but the mobile menu is not showing the icon for the theme switch. don’t know if you can fix, I know it is related to another app but wanted to mention it.
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