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  1. An application should gracefully handle any condition that can be received from user input. A user visiting this URL directly should not be causing our error reporting system to notify our staff team of unhandled exceptions. We have thousands of confirmed cases of real users loading these pages. I don't think the "how" is important, really. If a scenario is necessary: user A loads an index page that references user B, admin deletes user B, user A views user B's info and faces an exception which should be handled. - It's good practice to set a title on any route. Popups may be viewed directly by clients that do not support AJAX. Also, these routes show up in public search results. I can directly view them with a quick Google search. Bad UX. Thanks!
  2. Attempting to load the "info" view for an invalid user ID throws an unhandled exception. The error is arising on L145 of `memberstab/modules/front/memberstab/main.php` due to the call to `followersCount` on the "loaded" member. This functionality should either return guest information or handle the case with a proper error. Adding a check for a non-0 `member_id` after loading the member remediates the issue. Repro: with fURLs enabled, navigate to "/membertab/members/?do=info&id=0" The "id" parameter's value can be any non-registered user ID. Also, please set a title for that route. Thanks.
  3. Any news on official support for WebP delivery?
  4. Try out the following settings: > Memory limit = 512M > Max execution time = 60 > Post max size = 24M > Upload max filesize = 16M > Max input time = 300 It's all too easy to think that just continuously increasing the above will yield better results, but file uploading uses "chunked" uploads, where the file is effectively split into a lot of smaller sections. Turning these settings down tells the system to make more chunks, which will hopefully help your issue.
  5. As @EmpireKicking referenced, line 107 of extensions/core/MemberSync/Item.php should read: \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'trophies_memberdetails', array( 'member_id=?', $member2->member_id ) ); @Fosters This fixes the error when merging accounts.
  6. Line 52 of "global/profile/table" should read "{$medal->awardedCount}" instead of "{$trophy->awardedCount}" as it does right now @Fosters. Medal counts are currently not displaying properly.
  7. @RoleplayUK Seems like $this->_item is null, because the trophy or medal the app's trying to load can't be found. As a temporary fix, you can try wrapping the offending call in an if statement to check if the trophy or medal is loaded properly. On line ~245 of applications / trophies / sources / Trophy / MemberTrophy.php, try replacing: public function getItemImage($class = '', $sizeForFa = 2, $addTitle = FALSE, $menu = TRUE ) { return $this->_item->getItemImage($class, $sizeForFa, $addTitle, $menu); } with: public function getItemImage($class = '', $sizeForFa = 2, $addTitle = FALSE, $menu = TRUE ) { if ($this->_item) { return $this->_item->getItemImage($class, $sizeForFa, $addTitle, $menu); } } Hopefully that'll stop the errors from appearing. Keep in mind the trophy or medal that can't be loaded won't appear on postbits. @Douglas Glover That functionality already exists in the app. Can be found at example.com/trophies or example.com/index.php?app=trophies&module=items&controller=index , unless I'm misunderstanding.
  8. I'll see what I can do. EDIT: If anyone wants to respond to this post with any info on a bug they're experiencing I can let you know if we encountered it and if so how we remedied it. I'd love to share everything we've patched altogether, but I couldn't tell you where the original author's code stops and where ours begins.
  9. @RoleplayUK We're running the latest version of this app on 4.5. Many issues, but our in-house development team fixed them on our copy. Would be great if the dev would follow through with their promise to fix the app. Keen eye for noticing, by the way.
  10. Any plans to integrate ModCP notifications? For example, when someone makes a report it could ping our moderators within Discord.
  11. Thank you so much for removing admin session IDs from URIs. This change brings tears to my eyes.
  12. Good day, Sorry for the delayed response. Not having any internet at home has been quite inconvenient. Anyway, our PHP-FPM timeout is the default (or whatever Plesk has it defaulted to), though the PHP Max Execution Time is set for 3000s with an input time of 2750s. PHP-FPM max children is set to 50. We've switched from PHP 7.3 to 7.4 in an attempt to see if it was configuration headache and it's resulting in the same error. I'm not sure if I explained the issue correctly, but this is basically the tickets we're seeing more often: I've checked the error logs from the ACP and all I see are: 2S119/1 Something went wrong. Please try again. [IP REDACTED] /index.php?/files/file/638-4k-sast-pack/&do=downlo… Dirty Dan 07/11/2020 12:00 PM 2S119/1 Something went wrong. Please try again. [IP REDACTED] /index.php?/files/file/638-4k-sast-pack/&do=downlo… Dirty Dan 07/11/2020 12:00 PM We're also seeing an uptick of "2S119/1 - The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information." errors as well. I've checked our server's php & apache error logs and can't find any errors associated with the user's IP address. So I'm starting to get really perplexed. Thanks again, - Mike Systems Administrator GTA Police Mods
  13. Hello everyone, After looking through support tickets we have several users report to us on occasion that they have an error message that says "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file.". We do not have any restrictions enabled on the site for downloads. The error goes away eventually after logging in and out (sometimes waiting 20-30 minutes). Nothing alerting in Error Logs or System Logs. Any idea on what could be causing this? Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/E82NngC.png Kind regards, Ray
  14. Good day, Please forgive me if this is the wrong area to post thing. As of late, we've been seeing an uptick in users reporting to us that their downloads get to something like 70% and then will fail with a 'Error - Forbidden' message from their web browser and when they try to get the file again, the site tells them that they don't have permission to download the file. This used to be a rare occurrence, but it's been picking up (with 4 reports in the last 3 days) and our usual advice to users was to log out, clear cache/cookies, and log back in. Which we assume fixed their issue as we'd never hear back from them, despite us asking to provide a link to the file(s) they were encountering issues with. However, as this is occurring on a more frequent basis and I can't seem to find any sort of error logs generated by our users' IPs when they report the issue. This has become quite baffling and as I'm not quite 100% familiar with IPB's inner workings. It's proving to be a pain to track down the headache and nip it. We have 27k+ users and I don't need to start getting hundreds of tickets when this 'glitch' really starts becoming an issue. So any advice/input would be much appreciated. Thanks, - Mike Systems Administrator GTA Police Mods.
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