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  1. @InvisionHQStill have not heard a response from you with our issue... We are still having issues where the club owner (even when disabled) can create HTML blocks. Anyway you can look into this? This issue was reported months ago now.
    What can I say... This theme truly is the best theme I have used in over a decade of using IPBoards. Not only does it have great features with customizations, but the developer/author of the theme answers all of your questions in a quick mater via PM. If you are having second doubts or concerned about purchasing it I can say without a doubt you will not regret it. Thank you @aXen | 1s2kfor your support and for continuing to work on this great theme!
  2. We are using Behemoth Theme made by @TAMAN. Also using the Edoba theme too which is having the same issues. I would really like to use this at our community but I am unsure how to fix something like this. Yes, JS is working properly. We even tried it on the default IPB theme. During our test we tested the default IPB theme did have better colors for the icons for stats but the downloads remained the same. Could it because we have downloads fields? http://prntscr.com/rmq9zf
  3. We are getting this issue http://prntscr.com/rm91ug when it comes to showing downloads. Also the icons for community statistics are pretty hard to see when you have a dark theme: http://prntscr.com/rm98xl
  4. I have used this for over 6 months so I may be able to help you with the first two questions, third question I am not too sure (not tested to that extent) 1- Yes it applies to existing users (have tested) 2- No it is not auto removed. However, when you create a trophy (for example let's say you make one for the 100 messages), while creating that new trophy there is an option to select a different trophy to remove (in this case the 50 topic trophy). So yes, it can be auto removed as long as you set it up correctly. Picture: http://prntscr.com/rlq5ol P.S: I have also tried looking into automation rules myself too. It appears to me that the dev may be inactive? No response in days. I am sure Fosters will be able to explain more when he has time. Just thought I'd help you out :)
    Great application! Works exactly how I imagined it to work as. One thing I could recommend is to add the ability to restrict those who have x amount of active warning points from applying. I think most people can agree that they do not want to hire someone who is a known rule-breaker ;) --- 5/5
  5. Is "Automation Rules" no longer able to be purchased permanently? Was looking into purchasing it 🥺

    This is a must need for any community that uses the IPB downloads system. Trust me when I say that this will help your file submitters from getting slammed with repetitive questions. It will even help members not ask questions in the reviews/comments section as much too. I am surprised that IPB does not have this built into the core haha. Once again another great application from Adriano 👍 5/5
  6. Update, so after about an hour of waiting to see if the system would upgrade the account it still has not. We even verified to make sure group promotions are enabled for that usergroup. As well as logging in and out several times. Not sure what could be causing this issue, any other ideas? @Fosters
  7. I will go ahead and give it a shot. Thank you Fosters. Will respond in a few minutes. And looking forward to future updates! Thank you
    This is a must for any gaming community. Our community revolves around the downloads system so we have used this to notify users of new uploads. Also we use this for staff too, for example when a new support ticket is made. Examples: http://prntscr.com/rlc360 http://prntscr.com/rlc3i1 As an extra layer of security, we have also configured this so that users must link their GTAPoliceMods account inorder to see anything on our discord (it even syncs the user's display name too, that way you know who your talking to) Example: http://prntscr.com/rlc4et This also works great with VIP members. For example, when a member purchases VIP we use to make them create a support ticket so that we change their discord role. With this application you do not need to do that anymore, you can actually go into the usergroup manager in the ACP to assign a IPB usergroup to a discord role. As long as the member has their forum account linked it will give them the role that the admin sets. Example: http://prntscr.com/rlc70k Overall the only thing (which I have let the developer know) that I wish to see added is an option to notify us on discord when a new report is created that way our moderators know right away. ---- Once again even if you do not have a gaming community but you use discord this is a must for all. So many options and the developer is always here answering questions. 5/5. ~GPM
  8. Yes this is the default group promotion. Do you mean have the members logged in and out? I don't think we tried that actually. Could that be causing it?
    Thank you Adriano! Great plugin, works as advertised!
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