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  1. Still waiting to hear back when possible. Thank you!
  2. @MIXOH This is very important, if you like something, a GET request will be made ( that's the type of the request which can be POST,OPTIONS,etc.. ), and there is a query parameter called "reaction" which passes a number, I found out that if you change that to 10 , it'll process the request and gives a superlike for that specific content that your request points to, even if that usergroup/user does not have permission to use that reaction
  3. The CJ Duplicate Member Logger is giving false positives when users connect or sign up with their twitter account... We just got a support ticket open saying that after they registered/added their twitter account they got a PM from us saying a duplicate account was detected. Just thought I'd share with you guys. Hope to see a fix soon. Thank you!
  4. @InvisionHQ Quick thing, for some reason if I disable the option to create custom blocks in the app settings it still shows. Also, I have disabled the ability for users to use HTML in their blocks but they can still do so...
  5. Also for gallery albums (not pictures but the album itself) ;) Thank you @MIXOH!
  6. @MIXOH We are getting this error on a certain file http://prntscr.com/qhdx6h not sure what is causing it. What is strange is that when I disable Advanced Reactions the error goes away... anyway you can take a look at this? Edit 1: I have switched themes, it's not the theme. As stated above when I disable your plugin the error goes away. Error in screenshot: [[Template core/front/global/reputation is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Edit 2: Member sent me this screenshot too: click here Edit 3: When I log in as the member, it shows the error however when I log in as my self it does not. In other words it only shows to that member... I think figured out the issue... The error is showing because the member has reacted to the content, and for some reason it will display that error message. The error only shows on the account that reacted to it. (So far I have only seen this error occur in Downloads and Gallery, no error is shown on topics). If I remove his reaction (admin permission from my account) the error will get removed from his side Probably a bug from the Advanced Reactions Setting Thank you!
  7. I have it enabled by default. Still no notification... Been like that since day one.
  8. @Fosters Just wondering if you ever figured out the issue on why it's not sending a notification when a medal is issued? Also, it would be nice to see a hyperlink next to the trophy/medal on who has said medal/trophy :) Thank you
  9. Merry Christmas! We even made our logo christmassy :D 🎄
    Adriano is always our go-to-guy for plugins/applications. His creativity and the way he thinks outside the box is a huge plus for him. In regards to this plugin, it works amazing! I highly recommend something like this if you like to keep your community organized and clean. Oh, Adriano also offers great support and is always listening to feedback/suggestions. Keep up the great work!
  10. Well the GDPR is enforced by the government (let's be real... you really think they are going to go after some small community? lmao) however, CCPA is enforced by the public. Meaning california residents can sue the "company"... Great video on CCPA which literally explains everything below
  11. @Fosters Sorry to bother you again, however for some reason my members are not getting an email nor notification when a medal is awarded to them. They are indeed getting notifications/emails for trophies, but not medals. Just thought I'd let you know. Thank you, GPM
    Great plugin and with awesome support! Hope to see more customization features such as adding a form, etc :)
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