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  1. @RoleplayUK Seems like $this->_item is null, because the trophy or medal the app's trying to load can't be found. As a temporary fix, you can try wrapping the offending call in an if statement to check if the trophy or medal is loaded properly. On line ~245 of applications / trophies / sources / Trophy / MemberTrophy.php, try replacing: public function getItemImage($class = '', $sizeForFa = 2, $addTitle = FALSE, $menu = TRUE ) { return $this->_item->getItemImage($class, $sizeForFa, $addTitle, $menu); } with: public function getItemImage($class = '', $sizeForFa = 2, $
  2. I'll see what I can do. EDIT: If anyone wants to respond to this post with any info on a bug they're experiencing I can let you know if we encountered it and if so how we remedied it. I'd love to share everything we've patched altogether, but I couldn't tell you where the original author's code stops and where ours begins.
  3. @RoleplayUK We're running the latest version of this app on 4.5. Many issues, but our in-house development team fixed them on our copy. Would be great if the dev would follow through with their promise to fix the app. Keen eye for noticing, by the way.
  4. Any plans to integrate ModCP notifications? For example, when someone makes a report it could ping our moderators within Discord.
  5. Thank you so much for removing admin session IDs from URIs. This change brings tears to my eyes.
  6. Our members specialize in making mods for Grand Theft Auto V. One of our members uploaded a hand-sanitizer mod for our members https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/files/file/680-dev-germ-x-travel-bottle/
    Kinda late to the party but I can confirm that it works for 4.4 just incase anyone is wondering :) Overall it works exactly as it should :D
  7. Just a suggestion, would love to see a notification option for reported content :)
  8. Little confused here. We installed the plugin but where do we go to set up the 'support' button? It's currently enabled but do not see anything in the acp or in the main user's end. Thanks!
  9. We contacted DawPi to make a custom plugin for us and was able to keep his word on the time frame. Not only that but he also kept us updated every day with the status of the job. After he finished our plugin we noticed a small bug and fixed it within 30 minutes. We are glad that we choose his service!
  10. Does this work for subscriptions too? We have been looking for something that allows users to purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else. Thanks!
    You would think that IPBoards would have this by default as I am pretty sure that 3.x.x had a feature like this but sadly it does not. Overall, this plugin does exactly what you think it does and works great! If you are wondering if this works for 4.4 look no further because it does as we just tried it a few hours ago. Thanks for the great plugin @Adriano Faria 👍
  11. Disregard just tried it with IPBoard 4.4 and it works! Thanks!
  12. @Adriano Faria Does this work with 4.4? Interested in getting this :)
    Ooops! Forgot to make a review on this. We have been using this applications for almost 2+ months now and it is exactly what you think it is. This truly is a great plugin and addition to any owner of a community wanting to take payments with crypto. Thank you for this great plugin!
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