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  1. First and foremost, Yandex market share is aprox. 50% in russia. Almost as big as Baidu when talking about world wide searches. Both Baidu and Yandex are a big deal in their respective country. Bing aprox. 3% worldwide. Still big. There's nothing compared to google when it comes to searches, that doesn't mean we should leave everything other than google in the void. Secondly, it was a simple example of a much broader issue regarding "not valid RSS elements". There are many many services that use custom elements and Yandex being one of the bigger ones. I'm not interested into implemeting Yandex Turbo Pages, i'm interested into having the possiblity to support custom RSS elements/tags as shown in my original post.
  2. Still no possibility to handle Yandex Turbo Pages or any other custom RSS system with the current tool set without modifying the source code. Please let us create custom tags.
  3. Would be great if we could create stackable achievement groups. A great example would be "Member for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... years" So they either replace the prior achievement entirely, or they visualy stack/layer on top of each other. Also, the achievement icons should be enlarged in the "Badges" overview when visiting a profile. The numbers are way too small to be in the readable spectrum for many human beings.
  4. From what i can see, there have been no further updates on this plugin since my initial review. 2. I've already answered that in my review, yes each field individualy.
  5. Someone here is fearing to missout on dark theme sales. This would be a great addition, and has become standard for any great web service these days. For example right now i'm almost losing my perceptual vision because i'm on this website.
  6. Allow HTML posting for admins, then add the appropriate HTML code to post a normal image in the source. It's a chore but seems to be the only workaround we have. I wouldn't allow this for normal users though. (Security) There should be an easy way to post as many images as we want, as easy and quickly as possible with or without light box.
  7. Would be great if there's an option to remove the redirect_hits counter that's currently "hard"coded into the default theme (forums->front->index->forumRow) The counter seems to be a very specific use case, and it would be lovely to be able to easily remove it without modyfing the theme on every update.
  8. Yea, why would a 16 years customer complain about a product. Everyone should just keep their mouths shut and look how the company runs its product into the ground. Hell no, i want to see things get better so i actualy can continue using it. Got a proplem with that? They've been doing many many bad design decisions in the past, and are most of the time working on content no one ever asked for. And i'm not saying new features are bad, i'm just saying that they never focus on actual practical customer issues that have been reported years ago. But they don't, they keep ignoring us but continue taking our money. It's a great product overall, there's no reason to move. But at the current state, there's a good reason to stop paying the subscription or at least pause it for a longer period.
  9. You forgot: "In 5 years from now." And yes, i mean it. Maybe they do, but they don't care. There are hundreds of community posts screaming for improvements but they couldn't care less. You're better off preparing for your funeral than waiting for a patch that adresses long standing issues. They simply don't have a big enough team to work on whatever they want + plus community requests. 5.x may address some issues, but you're better off not betting on it. Never take their word, there's still a ~3 years waiting list of other promises. But what you can expect is another new re-design as usual. Because new looks and marketing sells best. Let's just cross our fingers that at least some of the underlying ancient code gets updated a long the way.
  10. Because there are smart people out there who can get easy faeces done in a matter of minutes or even seconds, unlike some other devs around here. If you've ever worked in an open source git project then you would be aware how well it works. But that's an entirely different story. This has nothing to do with customization, but with getting their faeces together and offering a proper product. Customizations only require additional overhead for months on end on the customer (or a plugin which is lots of additional work), rather than getting something so trivial done within 1 or 2 patch time-frames by invision. They have a subscription based model and ask for a substantional amount of money from each customer. So it's not too much to expect a decent patch policy rather than a "fix it yourself" mindset. And it can't get any easier than this. (There are many similiar topics that would be benefitial and easy to fix that are sitting ducks for years) It would be fixed faster than reading through this nonsense topic that would not have been required if it would have been implemented properly in the first place. I guess i'll miss out on the next year of the subscription. It's just not worth it looking at the micro patch notes and still missing out on all the community requests. I assume they fired most of their devs years back, because updates have been stagnating in the past 4 years.
  11. Another update and this simple thing still has not been adressed. Feels like 1/2 a dev is working on the subscription based IPB these days.
  12. Latest update broke your Legend News system css for dark mode:
  13. I would like to add that there are many great and well known RSS feed markups that ask for custom elements. One example is the Yandex Turbo Pages https://yandex.com/dev/turbo/doc/rss/markup.html We're lacking the flexibility to do anything at all with IPB's RSS system.
  14. One single line is all it needs my fellow devs: "purpose": "any maskable"
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