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  1. Of course, that's absolutely possible, but the point here is that i don't want to mess with the template all the time, but get it "fixed" in the main release instead. I use IPB because i want something i can rely on without the need to code, change or modify it all by myself and then fix it up again after every single IPB patch manualy. So having things works natively is always the best way to go. @Adlago Yea i noticed. I also noticed that in hundreds of topics (especially older ones) chrome (and google webmaster tools) reports performance issues on any posted image a
  2. Sounds like you're just trying to annoy a handful of people who're not kind by nature, and end up sacrificing the patience of the kind majority.
  3. Yes please, the impact can actualy be quite extensive. Please also add lazy loading for the "Ranks" system which allows image uploads. ?app=core&module=membersettings&controller=ranks forums/admin/?app=core&module=membersettings&controller=ranks They're also missing lazy loading. ~
  4. It's not pointless, information is good, but it's most likely their also part of their business. They're trying to inform/annoy you until you get that money floating back in. I would prefer that the message pops up just once until dismissed, so i know if there's anything important going on. That would make more sense.
  5. You never bothered to read the main thread, obviously. I've never asked for png to webp conversion with double savings for backwards compatibility, but for webp upload possibility and being actualy recognized as an image. What you're talking about is an entirely different story. This was never supposed to be nor become a debate, you're just offtopic. Learn to read, accept the future.
  6. Might be rare case for you. For me it isn't. It really isn't. Just because cloudflare is the perfect solution for your personal project doesn't mean that it fits everyone. Is it great overall? Absolutely. But it's not perfect. Cloudflare might be great at optimization, but it doesn't KNOW nor SEE how the image looks like. As such i prefer personal compression for optimal results. A machine doesn't understand images nor art. At least not for now. In my case, Cloudflare only catches those pieces i haven't optimized myself. I can save more space with personal optimizations where i wa
  7. Cloudflare isn't capable of xxx to webp conversion in a dynamic website environment. For example javascript. Accessing the image directly might work, but Cloudflare has lots of issues when it comes to dynamic content. This has nothing to do with the fact that not all images are optimized, but because Cloudflare isn't capable of handling certain cases. CDN is always a great addition to automation and optimizations. But it doesn't allow for much flexibility. And how exactly do you think i'm saving processing power or storage, when i'm uploading a 10mb png vs a 5mb webp? What h
  8. It doesn't work flawlessly for all image types in every situation. There are lots of cases where it simply doesn't work. Been actively using it since quite a while and it doesn't solve the main issue, which is that invision doesn't allow upload of specific image types as an actual image. It also doesn't allow us to optimize the compression, not globaly nor per image. First step should always be to fix the actual problem, and not look for the quickest workaround. AV1 (AVIF) is just another great format that's not supported by invision, however it's a younger format. Originaly a
  9. It wouldn't really consider it being 2 things. Since webp, webm and mp4 (and anything else you may want to add) would all need to be added at the exact same spots. Yes webm and mp4 would require seperate handling, but the "locations" you've been asking for are all at the same spot. So you would save time by implementing them both together eventualy 😉 In any case, looking forward to any of it. Cheers.
  10. Yes, absolutely. Directly linking it within the editor works just fine, just like with webp. Also uploading into the editor works just fine, that's great. But you're missing out that we can not upload it as an "image". How about webm as: - Profile picture - Bug Report "image" upload on your custom PAGES - Cover Photo - Forum Icon - Grid Card Image That's what you get: What i'm asking for is, enabling mp4, webm uploads in all IMAGE locations and simply generate fake GIFs using: Just like Twitter, Giphy, Instagram and all the other big players do. <vi
  11. Thanks for hearing me out, appreciate it. Hope next to webp ,both webm +mp4 is being considered for "image" uploads in form of faking GIFs as well! Please note that: Twitter and Co. are faking GIFs as looping MP4 or WEBP videos since quite a while. Video format compressions are simply superior in any way. And a user can't tell the difference. Here's an example of a twitter post which has been uploaded as a GIF and shows as such in the bottom left corner. And here's the actual source as a mp4: https://video.twimg.com/tweet_video/EjB_QLaXYAEvrOB.mp4
  12. Regarding WEBM and MP4: https://web.dev/replace-gifs-with-videos/ It's so much better than gif, would be amazing to have support for these.
  13. 1.) Display webp as image instead of attachment (handle them just like all other image types) 2.) Allow webp as image upload option in all areas (Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Forum Icon, Grid Card Image, Pages when posting content and anywhere else that i've missed) Repeat the steps for .WEBM (would be lovely since video compression is in most cases superior to animated images such as GIF and WEBP) Would be really great to be able to be able to upload video format types in all the mentioned areas (Profile Pictures, Cover Photo, but especialy Pages) 3.) Add
  14. Exactly, uploading webp as an image simply isn't handled as such. Back in the days with IPB3, we were able to easily define custom file support for uploads. From what i can tell, IPB4 doesn't even give you that option anymore?! webp should be clearly added at least as an option for image upload. Of course there are other implementation options like profile pictures, thumbnail compression and so on. That would be amazing of course, but we're simply lacking the very basics already. As of today, IPB simply fully ignores the most likely best lossless and lossy image type in exis
  15. Why are invisioncommunity devs so blind for webp? It's not like it requires any other extra work, since the compression of webp is already existant by nature. Simply allowing webp by default shouldn't be the biggest deal, or is it? It's already widely accepted by all major browsers, so there's no excuse on that anymore, especially not since you dropped IE support yourselfs. But still, every request and any conversation about webp have either been put down, or ignored. Could we please get an explanation why you're so anti-fast-web? I'm honestly wondering why is that.
  16. How is webp still not a thing in IPBoard? Google basically forces you into webp with optimisation recommendations.
  17. How about adding the option to, rather than use fontAwesome integration directly, instead you allow us to upload the .svg files instead. In 95% of all cases people will most likely not require more than 5 different custom icons. And we cann still download the svg files. This would help with performance and will also fix the problems with the e-mails.
  18. awesome! works perfectly fine
  19. Thank you for this great extension! However there are some things that are bothering me. 1. Does not show live-info on registration form like the official fields That means that after hitting registration the users will be returned with an error message rather than giving live feedback 2. Error message can not be modified which always states: This value is not unique, please enter/select another value. Would be great to edit the message accordingly based on the selected unique field And adding that little red icon would also be nice to match the official errors
    Not the easiest installation or configuration process, but definitely worth it!
  20. - Frontpage View, would be great if we could add date and text to the first rows rather than just showing images. I love the design, but the lacking text makes it hard to engage people to open the article. I'm now using the category view for my users instead. - Category View has issues displaying properly on Internet Explorer with Desktop sizing. Smaller window widths (tablets/smartphone) looks fine.
  21. While the custom profile fields currently allow for a maximum length setting. It does not allow us to set a minimum length at all. Not even for the Password field... I think it would be great to add a Minimum Length option to all fields which currently support the Maximum Length. That would be: Code Email Adress Password Telephone Number Text Text Area URL I personally would require it to be used for the Text field, which allows me to set the minimum length of a username used on registration. (SSO integration) Since IPB 4.x co
  22. @Nathan Explosion I noticed a bug. The icons are included in mails, but they don't display there.
    Not super-easy to setup since it does not exactly describe on which tag you actually need to use. However it works just fine once i've tested all the settings through. (Taking a look at the pictures would have explained a lot, but i didn't :P) But i've noticed that, even though it's included in E-Mails, which is great... it does not actualy display it properly there.
    It works, but it's only very basic and could use some improvements. 1. Does not show live-info on registration form like the official fields That means that after hitting registration/save the users will be returned with an error message rather than giving live feedback 2. Error message can not be modified which always states: This value is not unique, please enter/select another value. Would be great to edit the message accordingly based on the selected unique field And adding that little red icon would also be nice to match the official errors: 3. Unique ch
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