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  1. You mean as "Pages block > Blog feed"?
  2. Considering that my IPS license was expired that time, it's now renewed and I believe purchase is available now.
  3. You can't purchase the file? Don't know why, I have Download button. I'll ask around about that.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Dropdown Navigation menu is a simple plugin to turn the default look of navigation menu, into a styled and customizable dropdown menu. Plugin works perfectly for "IPS Default Theme". Demo


  5. Version 1.0.0


    Enhanced Grid Forums is a plugin, mainly created to make a new look for forum's grid view option. this look are inspired from NeoGAF. Plugin also have some option for your Forums "Topic Listing" pages to display topics in Grid view (based on Legend news / Legend Reviews and Legend Profiles) Plugin Options: Forums - Demo Activate new Grid view look (requires first to choose "grid view" option for Default forum view) Option for grids background color Option for grids texts color Option for grids hover color Topic Listing - Demo Activate new Grid view look Number of grids per line Default background image for topics without image attachments Default size for grid images Option for grids background color Option for grids texts color Option for grids hover color


  6. I understand. If you decided to use them again, I'm up for looking into that. Image section uses more than one primary CSS classes, because it's like 40 templates. based on the template grid size (2/3/4 ... in one row) most of them normally works as display as cover, which is instantly can be modified (like full image in wider templates) based on individual needs. it's mainly designed for IPS default theme but I have experience with reported problems with 3rd party custom themes. even in these cases, I helped to fix their templates based on those custom themes. this is what supporting means anyway. I could do the same here or create entirely new templates based on your need. but it seems, you doesn't up to this and I'm respect that. 🙂
  7. It doesn't suppose to be terrible at all, and if you have image (or something Like Links of a live page ?!) about that, I can look into it. in other word, I should fix this imaginary problem.
  8. Again I need a link, But about the gaps, seems you didn't upload any Image as attachments to any of your topics. For this scenario, you can define and set an URL address in plugin's "Default image" setting. Support is open, at any time, if you want blocks and templates like the Demo. I hope you saw that before purchase the template anyway.
  9. In the first image, I don't have a link to the page with that block, but I can assume it's a "Post Feed Block" type? Post feeds are just display posts and comments the way It's display in the Demo Post blocks usually display "Just Posts", which means you may see your latest 5 posts of your community, all of them submitted in one Topic. However, What I see in second image, It's NOt a Post Feed block at all! It's a "Topic Feed Block". again i have no idea and i need links to investigate first, but if you want a Topic Feed block the way in Demo site: For create a block like that, you simply need to create a block as "Topic feed", instead of "Post feed".
  10. Based on your screenshot, you are using "legend_horizontal_club_cardmix" I assume? I tested it and two widgets seems separate enough. Even in your screenshot those sidebar blocks are separated. in term of how much it should be separate, legend_templates are working at best with each other. so if you want to match them with other templates, you need to make some customization in CSS. and probably CSS classes from both legend_templates and other one.
  11. I can't confirm this @JustHatched I have a topic without any image, a topic with image in post one and a topic with image in post 5 / all of them have relative display option in topic cards here. Please send me link and access to your site so I can investigate there.
  12. Unfortunately Pages app's template management wont work like overwrite old templates, so they will be placed next to the old ones. so yes, normally we should delete them then upload new set.
  13. Plugin and Templates are now updated. What's New in Version 1.1.0 CSS Improvements Templates Improvements. Add 20 New Template: Status Update Forum Posts Gallery album and Gallery images Download, Gallery recent comments Download, Gallery recent reviews Calendar Events 4 New clubs template RSS ...
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