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  1. New update available: What's New in Version 2.2.1 Template Update
  2. New Update Available: What's New in Version 2.1 Templates Update
  3. New Update Available: What's New in Version 2.1 Template Update
  4. Hi Chris, As you well know, with Pages app you can do more than just making pages. you can create static pages, databases and categories for storing articles, records, photos... and also you can create individual blocks and widget to use throughout your community. Legend news is mainly created to work with Pages "databases". you can change the look in areas like Frontpages, categories and articles in your database. Legend blocks however is not about that. it's a series of templates for making widgets and blocks in pages app. for example you can create blocks in pages app for recent topics, recent posts, recent files and ... then use one of many Legend blocks templates at the end as their skin. then use IPS widget manager to drag and drop them in your front-end. sidebar area, top or bottom of your website. I hope it's help.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    PDF Viewer is a special "CK Editor" button, created for Invision community platform. with this editor button you can display "PDF files" through links in your posts or any other places that works with CKEditor throughout your community. Installation: In ACP go to Customization > Editor > Toolbars and click on Add Button > Upload "pdfview.zip" and Save Important Note: Usage of this plugin require to grant "post HTML" permission to user groups. Demo


  6. Black Friday 2019 - Up to 20% - 50% Discount and Bundle Options for my Products Check it out the deals! If you are interested in more bundles or discounts, feel free to send me a PM 🙂
  7. You should create blocks, with Pages app's block management and based on your block type, choose one of the Legend Blocks templates at the end. In your case, you should create a "Topic feed" block. in the options, I believe you have settings for number of topics and rate, views... as filters. You should pick a legend block template, based on your block type. different templates may work with different type of blocks (like post feed template for topic feed block) but it doesn't give you best experience. Glad to hear it. For topic feeds, template picks images based on "Attachments" inside of topic's posts. but you can set a default Image via plugin setting (plugins > legend blocks > Default image). this image will be display only to those topics that doesn't have any image attachments in their posts.
  8. Plugin and Templates are now updated: What's New in Version 2.2.0 Template Improvements: Add new settings. Change container width for each type of pages (FrontPage, categories and record view) separately. Choose position for "Sharelinks icons" in Record view CSS Improvements: More compatible with 3rd party custom themes.
  9. 1. If CSS lines wont affect, it perhaps because of caching. 2. I see, but I can't see any block. perhaps you restrict it's permission to view. 3. Current DB working fine. it appear you use template in another database? Anyway it's appear I have to investigate it further in your website. Please send me the details in a personal message.
  10. No, currently there is no background and text color setting for those cards, but I will make them soon in the next version. until then, use these lines in your "theme > custom.css" .legend_card_container { background-color: #1d1d23; } .legend_title { background: rgba(34, 35, 44, 0.5); } .legend_PageHeader { background: rgba(34, 35, 44, 0.5); } .legend_autor_stuff::after { border-bottom: 140px solid rgba(34, 35, 44, 0.5); } This page is not built by Legend News, I'm also won't see your block in anywhere. based on the manual have you create the block?
  11. You also can ask pre-purchase questions with PM. best to use support topics for just supporting a resource.
  12. Hello, I'm afraid "Legend News" doesn't have any stand alone widgets/blocks. it's give users multiple "templates" to use for Page's databases, categories and record views. it does have some "block templates" but they can be use when you create a block with Pages block management tools.
  13. Hi, 1. Yes, just like IPS default style, pagination exist in Front page and Category page. you can use IPS setting (Pages > Database settings) for the number of records in one page. 2. Yes, IF you choose to use it with normal IPS-Wrapper. in this case you basically can do anything just like when you do with IPS default style. For making Frontpage I also suggest to use this plugin.
  14. Hi, It seems you are using Mac for this test. I don't have mac for it so I send you a PM.
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