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  1. I send to you the latest version of this resource for Pages 4.4 with PM
  2. This is strange, I'll do the same and investigate why you get this message.
  3. Unfortunately new rules for IPS Marketplace allow just one file to be submitted in that category, so there is no way to upload new 4.4 version, which it was 2 file submission. it's possible to download older version through changelog, but no new version for older version is allowed. Please renew your access to resource, so I can send new 4.4 version to you with PM.
  4. New Version was under review and it is accepted now. What's New in Version 2.0.0 First IPS 4.5 Release CSS Update
  5. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, will be fixed in next update 👍
  6. Live Demo Please use this topic for support and ideas for Pages Legend Articles
  7. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Legend Grid Articles Is a Page-App-Templates Suite for Database, Listings and display pages. this version is created for IPS 4.5 only as just one plugin. can be install through ACP > System > Site Features > Plugins. after installation, Templates also will be added to Pages app templates. for 4.4 version, please send PM after purchase. Note: Usage of this product REQUIRED "Pages Application" from Invision. Note: This version exclusively created for IPS 4.5 // for 4.4 version, please send PM after purchase. FrontPage Demo / Listing Demo / Article Demo
  8. What's New in Version 2.2.2 Template Update --- @Poseidon2 This version will fix two bugs that being reported by you. however, you don't need to install, as fixed version already patched in your templates. 👍
  9. The best choice when you using IPS Wrapper is normally single column, then when you setting up your page contents with sidebar blocks, use blue area in the middle and right. leave top/bottom blue areas for global messages and horizontal blocks. Anyway for this one I need to investigate in your website. I don't see such problem happen in my tests when I use Legend news block. please provide me ACP access in PM.
  10. Hi, Please use one area for the support request. --- About review comment ... Thanks for bringing to my attention. It will be fix in the next update. I need a link for this but, I don't think you are using Pages legends page builder here. I think it's IPS Two column Page builder. regardless, Pages legend block seems doesn't have it's necessary CCS classes. Since you can see good result in first try and refresh make it broken, Use CTRL+F5 to refresh the page and see if it's works. It need to be tested in other browsers as well. In ACP navigate to Site Featu
  11. Hi, Glad you like it. yes I keep the design simple and just a few handful options for them. truth is there are so many template are included and similar design helped for some global options in plugin settings. so different design leads to perhaps different plugins and separate release then this one. therefore currently I don't have plan for it.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin will add two button in your community pages for Next Content (different from Next Unread Content) and Previous Content (If there is a next or previous content). buttons will stick in the sides of the page and have animation effect if hover to show more detail for next or previous items. like item's name and item's image. Note: Next Item and Previous Item is based on how IPS consider an Item is being updated in databases. Supported apps: Forum's topics | Demo Download's files | Demo Calendar's events | Demo Page's records (Require additional templat
  13. What's New in Version 1.1.1 CSS Improvements Templates Improvements. Add 20 New Template For upgrade, you need to upgrade Plugin file and Template file both.
  14. Block's height is a matter of block's settings. how many records, or if you choose to have description for them. but if you using Page Builder for you landing page, there is an option that helps to have more aligned design. It's possible. I will add new option for this in next release.
  15. Hello, Individual title sections in blocks is being removed from templates in favor of plugin's settings, which itself works with "Page Builder" Template. There you can name every section with or without custom links. Your Theme > Edit HTML and CSS > CSS > pageslegendblocks.css > find this class: .legend_GOT_ipsCalendarDate { background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8) !important; border-radius: 0 0 3px 0; } change it to: .legend_GOT_ipsCalendarDate { background: rgba(130, 130, 130, 0.8) !important; border-radius: 0 0 3px 0; }
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