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  1. That would be even more great if clubs does supports Pages app
  2. Joined Price for Wiki Markup For Pages and Infobox buttons are now 30% Off ./.
  3. IP to article comments

    Comments just like Posts, should have IP addresses as well.
  4. Top Content Poster

    Yes It's Worked. Thanks Adriano
  5. Top Content Poster

    I try to restore 1.0.1 version and this time, plugin's sidebar management item appeared again.
  6. Top Content Poster

    Week / Month Probably all tabs due year and all time tabs have users with more article than those recently submit unapproved articles. --- I'll tried to uninstall plugin/install again. but this time I don't have Top content poster section anymore in Sidebar management. Try cleared all cached with support section. but didn't work.
  7. Top Content Poster

    Hello, Unapproved items still be counted in the list (Pages articles)
  8. Top Content Poster

    Hello, I have restricted some User Groups, so their content be awaiting for approval. plugin count these posts too, I mean awaiting for approval contents is also being counted in the list. while these posts are not being seen by anyone except moderators. Also it would be nice, if hidden posts also deduct from lists.
  9. Trophies and Medals

    Great APP and more Importantly, Great Support from Developer. Thanks @Fosters
  10. Wiki Markup for Pages

    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin make your Pages application ready to use some of important "Wiki Markups" Some of Markups can be using: [[article name]] or [[article name|test title]] markup for linking to articles. it's support Blue Links (if article by the name exist in category) and Red Links (If the article by that name wasn't exist in category. so red link are redirected to create article form, which is Title field automatically filled by the none-exist article by the name) All red links after creation, automatically turn into blue links in every place in category. Create Section headings with: ==H2 Section headings== and ===H3 Section headings=== Section headings automatically create Anchor box menu for contents as well. Create Templates articles so users can substitution in another articles by this markup: {{template:templatename}} List of all accepted markups are listed inside of package. Also "Wiki works Plugin" can be Perfected by "Infobox Buttons"


  11. Back in 3.4, there was a very useful options, that we could create pre-defined Tags per Category/forums. almost everywhere. one specific forum or categories (Gallery, Download, IP.C) could define own tags, prefixes... Now all pre-diefined tags should be create in Posting setting and as a global configuration. it means for sites like us, with so many cat/forums we should have more than 400 tags in that section. it's not works as helpful as before. IPS 4 Tag system have very great changes compare to 3.4 but removing per-forum / per-category setting for Tags is cause a bad headache.
  12. Ground Control

    That plugin you mean Pages Category Images? So you suggest I buy that plugin too, for using the same images in Pages template?
  13. Ground Control

    I still waiting for this one. It's really needed. To use images in Pages templates, I kind of hoped ground control would be work like this one.
  14. Version 1.0


    Making Your custom Profile fields looks like Mobile Notification in the PostBit area. This styles won't affect to your default or custom PostBit style. just make your "Custom Profile Field" looks like Mobile Notification.