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  1. i have done everything when i go to the landing page that i created it's keep loading all the time.. i have done uploading the landing file to the room and i changed the url so why it keep loading ?
  2. when i try to upload the xml i see this error show .
  3. which file i should download . im using 4.4 ? Xenon Landing light theme ips cloud ready.zip Xenon Landing light theme.zip
  4. Yup you have the right now to say this it was my fault .. i didn't hear this when i have almost 5 page of conversions with you in Private massages how i wish if you tell me that time something like this.
  5. I hope people who see this problem only from one side to put themselves in place when the judge hears from both sides and then judge if the person was mistaken or not We all make mistakes and learn from our mistakes so as not to be repeated Above all, I spoke with RADStudios to design a Custom template for the company and the whole interest was in in the Home Page Design aka (IPage) even commensurate with the company's site If you look at the talk since We started at the beginning I was remind him of the "Ipages" Home many times and this shows that my interest was all in Home (Ipages) and this is natural thing for each company Long conversation was between me and him, but taking what is commensurate with it and leave the rest, which is not to his advantage a key point of which I am basically I want a Home Designing As everyone can see that The last question I have had in a October 2 The question was "If You Remove it in The Home It will be apply in the forums also ??", but his response was surprise , "Yes Sadly" which i confirmed that i get failed again I challenge him he come up with any reply back to his last " Yes Sadly" I'm ready to stretch out and buy all compensated templates that display in the store and distributed to all existing members for free . but what he did is that he ended the conversion by him self You ware very nice dear @RADStudios by asking me "Then we'll call it a done job?" can you please tell me where is my reply to this one.. ??? i was trying to be very nice even when you send me on OCT 3 and replayed to you on OCT 5 a few days after Whew Hit me and cried before me and complained The Arabs famous example by (Imam Ali bin Abi Talib) While minted folks right from wrong just the people of falsehood they are right
  6. after posted that topic the guy refund the money already ...
  7. who is that people not serious ? since you posted here i think you mention it to me before i Discuses to RAD weeks ago i was talking to someone which he get from me 500$ and i did not even see a single screenshot he done . https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/421188-after-removing-the-custom-sections-i-thought-i-was-the-last-person-get-scammed/ And RAD was Asking for 20 and i told him that i will pay him 50 and i could pay him even more then that but i was worrying he may not deliver what we need so i was just going to Surprise him with my double payment if he deliver what we requested and i could give him even more work .
  8. See like what i said stop doing your own translations and understanding which you are trying to convince people that you are 100% perfect and right which you completely deliver what i have requested and that is not true the conversion between you and me was long which you split what you need and by the way this attachment was also in the conversion and the header which are in the top where it said Register etc
  9. Well bring me a single word i said that "Stealing Someone Website" we never gonna Do that with our company and just carefully with your own translations and understanding you ask me that you will do the design for 20 $ or 25 not sure and i paid you more and there was even a remaining if you deliver what we wanted we and agreed then i could pay you the remaining balance that you never asked me
  10. Im not sure if this conversion has added or not .. but it is going to show that he ended the themes by him self
  11. it seem to me like you already have read the whole conversion so just reply me where is the IPages that get customized and he already was giving a sample of admiring website just reply to this one and dont go to the end of the conversion that is not fair if you would like show right .
  12. Simply My first request and the most important is to customize IPages so show me what you have done with IPage to customize it ?
  13. im having almost same issue my forums are installing in subdomain which i can't bring the ipage on the main domain it have to be subdoman.site.com/page
  14. I am sure this question has been asked a thousand times and if i do search in this forum i will find a hundred thread and if you do in google you will find a millions of Questions already asked in many different site such xenforo ,vbulletin ,SMF,phpBB "joomla bridge" i dont understand how hard to creat joomla bridge for IPB since im not a Developer but people always searching for a good way of income $$$$ so why there is no joomla bridge ? is it really hard ? or what ?
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