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  1. if i use this options when i try to submit a file i see there is options which i still can upload the file and also in the view i see some thing like you dont have permisson to download this file .. im not sure if there is soneone have asking this before or not .
  2. hello i would like to use the download file for different propose which similar to classified everything is okay i just don't need the download file i need to disable it is there any way i can do this ?
  3. hello i have database which i created extra field to upload image and i need to show one or two image in the listing but it showing very small .
  4. hello i have created new database for article and when im admin i see what i posted but when im just a simple guest i dont see it . i checked the permission for guest all was set normal which they can see but i don't no what happen .. thankyou see this post when im as admin but if i logout the phot of the cat are not showing ?
  5. my host are not responsible according to them and they dont have any one experince to upgrade or fix this issue in ipb im still looking for help i try to fallow the link to repair but still dont fix anything ?
  6. i go to phpmyadmin but i dont no what i should do there ?
  7. i dont no how it get crashed but i would like to fix it by myself is there any article will show me how to do this ?
  8. Hello My Invision Community v4.5.4.2 and im trying to upgrade it to the lasted new version and im getting this error
  9. Im looking to create Arabic forums which i need Arabic new style design together with logo and the installing the Arabic translate contact me in private if you done any pervious Similar work .
  10. Hi Have you tested it? if everything is okay how to change the url ?
  11. i dont need the activity to be showing in the menu and i wanna disable from guest or member viewing them how can i do that ?
  12. im using the 4.5 so that bug still not solved yet ?
  13. Hello just purchase this nice applications and i have small Simple Questions 😀 the normal link are https://www.domainname.com/staffapplications/ my old applying link was https://www.domainname.com/careers so can i change it from staffapplications to careers ?
  14. in the database Category Menu i have Main category and subcategory the subcategory it show only 4 category the 5 it say And 1 more see the photo in the attachment how can i can show all the category ?
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