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  1. Hi Have you tested it? if everything is okay how to change the url ?
  2. i dont need the activity to be showing in the menu and i wanna disable from guest or member viewing them how can i do that ?
  3. im using the 4.5 so that bug still not solved yet ?
  4. Hello just purchase this nice applications and i have small Simple Questions 😀 the normal link are https://www.domainname.com/staffapplications/ my old applying link was https://www.domainname.com/careers so can i change it from staffapplications to careers ?
  5. in the database Category Menu i have Main category and subcategory the subcategory it show only 4 category the 5 it say And 1 more see the photo in the attachment how can i can show all the category ?
  6. in the database if there is options when you creating new field you can select the display locations for example In the sidebar or In a separate tab that will be great 🙂
  7. any plan to get it work in database system or download ,gallery etc. ?
  8. is this also work in the database system ?
  9. Hello Please see this images i need to remove the info inside the circle but just keep the title .. how i can do this ? Also in the views database i need to remove the details that submited by other and the edited by ... ? how i can do that ?
  10. if single image will not show but if i upload more images it will show ?
  11. im looking the options that i can use the easy mod for editing the theme from where i can start using it ?
  12. Please from where I find it or start using the easymod ?
  13. after upgrading i notice issue in the logo size in my website so i go to the themes setting and Logo and i try to change the Logo Height but give me some messages any idea ?
  14. im using the block upload image and i uploaded image and add a text in Captions but it's not showing in the image any idea ?
  15. im trying to rebuild the sitemap so i try to run it manually and i receive this error Error: Class 'XMLWriter' not found (0) #0 /home/mysite001/public_html/applications/cms/extensions/core/Sitemap/Databases.php(233): IPS\_Sitemap->buildSitemapFile('1_sitemap_datab...', Array) #1 /home/mysite001/public_html/applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/RebuildSitemap.php(105): IPS\cms\extensions\core\Sitemap\_Databases->generateSitemap('1_sitemap_datab...', Object(IPS\Sitemap)) #2 /home/mysite001/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(47): IPS\core\extensions\core\Queue\_RebuildSitemap->run(Array, 0) #3 /home/mysite001/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin/system/background.php(87): IPS\_Task::runQueue() #4 /home/mysite001/public_html/system/Helpers/MultipleRedirect/MultipleRedirect.php(92): IPS\core\modules\admin\system\_background->IPS\core\modules\admin\system\{closure}(Array) #5 /home/mysite001/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin/system/background.php(139): IPS\Helpers\_MultipleRedirect->__construct(Object(IPS\Http\Url\Internal), Object(Closure), Object(Closure)) #6 /home/mysite001/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(90): IPS\core\modules\admin\system\_background->process() #7 /home/mysite001/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin/system/background.php(42): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #8 /home/mysite001/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\core\modules\admin\system\_background->execute() #9 /home/mysite001/public_html/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} any idea ?
  16. is it possible that i can set any type of group can post Articles and he can read his own Articles but not other Articles are posted already there ?
  17. is there any tutorials regarding the easymod since im not finding any ?
  18. is there any chance to get the right block work i think it's easy in my opinion but i don't no how.. ???
  19. just like this https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/ i need to add in the left side a few block that will be more organizing 🙄
  20. im using the 4.5 is easy mode there ???
  21. here is what look like i was trying to shift it down under copyright or if possible to change the color only for the footer where is copyright are showing since i try to change there is only for the background to be changed ???
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