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  1. Just keep in mind, after Thursday.... ... it's Friday... then, it's Saturday, Sunday... (what!?) 🕺
  2. Woohoo!! That's awesome. Thank you @Matt and thank you @Esther E.! 🙂 Now one thing I'm still unclear about: will there be a way to merge different tags into one single tag? For example if I have topics that are tagged with the following tags: workaround Workaround workarounds work around bug workarounds Will there be a way to merge all those into one single 'workarounds' tag?
  3. Great. On my forum, we've been using tags differently though. My forum's topic is music production. People come to ask for help with their music gear. I've started tagging topics intensively since I discovered the "Relative Topics" widget. So I have tags for: Specific audio plug-ins Specific audio hardware (audio interfaces, synths, pedalboards, drum controllers etc...) Specific error code messages Specific issues ...etc. That way if someone comes and says they have an error code #48 on their Mac, I tag their post as 'error code #48' and with a single click I can find all the threads that mention error code #48. If they have an issue with a specific audio interface I add the tag for that audio interface and they can quickly find out info regarding their audio interface such as compatibility with various OS versions, driver link etc. If they have a specific issue like "audio cutting out" I add that tag and they quickly find all the threads were others have reported that issue with solutions, or workarounds offered. So as you can imagine that can amount to a few hundred tags quite easily, and the number will keep growing as new gear or new issues or error code numbers come up. Is there a specific reason for that? I mean from the feature set as I've seen it described in your video and your original post, I can imagine that it would work quite well for us even though we have narrow tags. Maybe I'm missing something though? But for example I can see how someone with the a specific piece of audio hardware would be happy to find a page with all sorts of discussions related exclusively to their piece of hardware. And there are at least a few hundred pieces of hardware that exist (although I have honestly no idea exactly how many tags I'm currently using on my forum). I can also see a benefit in Google indexing a page that lists all discussions related to one specific piece of hardware. Do you think I've been going about this the wrong way and our tag use will now work well with the new tagging system? I can imagine other forums would want to use tags that way, for example a cooking forum would want to tag individual meats, veggies, fish, nuts, cooking techniques, countries or regions, wines, type of event, etc... or for example a car forum would want to tag individual car make/model, etc?
  4. This new tagging feature looks really amazing. It looks to be everything I wanted, and even more! 🙂 I really look forward to experimenting with it. My community uses tags intensively and has hundreds of tags though, so that members can easily find threads related to a specific topic. Is there a way to handle that in the +Add Tags pop-up menu? Can I search for the tag I want to add? Ideally, I would start typing the first few letters of the tag I want and only tags starting with those letters would show up, just like it's working now in v4? Also I would really love the capability to merge tags.
  5. Does Invision Spam Defense look up emails in the stopforumspam.com database? I regularly detect spammers who post on my forum, and when I look them up stopforumspam.com I find records for their email that predate that user's registration with that email address on on our forum. Here's a new user who successfully registered just 1 hour ago: She posted just now in a topic that is only 3 hours old. I found entries going back May 23rd on stopforumspam.com : I looked at the Defense Logs and that last user had a response "1".
  6. Ok thanks. It's not a big deal, I'll have to be more careful next time.
  7. Thank you. I tried that but couldn't find them. In the forum it simply says they're unavailable:
  8. By mistake I've removed the attachments from a post. I was editing the post and clicked the little black cross at the top right of the attachments. I thought that because I didn't save the post after removing the attachments, that wouldn't actually remove them, but I understand now that that isn't the case, the attachments are gone. Is there a backup somewhere or are they just lost? Thanks!
  9. Patch installed, issue solved here as well. Thanks a lot for the super fast reactivity on this one. 🙂
  10. Up until yesterday, notification emails from my site would be shown in mail clients as coming from "Name Of My Website". As of yesterday, they've started to show up as coming from 'noreply@invisioncloudcommunity.com' instead.
  11. I would love the opportunity to be part of this alpha test phase.
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