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  1. I was always convinced internet @Charles was an AI bot.
  2. I think you have it backwards, seems like your site is still running PHP version 7.3. Can you ask your host and confirm you are on PHP 8.0? I thought you were running PHP 8.0, but I could be wrong and best for your host to check. That's why I am confused on your error.
  3. I tend to try and transfer one folder at a time to Filezilla. So upload admin first, and then api, then applications. If I do it all at once the server times out and I get incomplete uploads. That could be the case.
  4. These errors are because you haven't finished the /admin/upgrade/ I believe. We are still trying to figure out the blank page you are getting when you run it. Ignore what you see until you finish the upgrade. Can you pull that error log that terabyte suggested again?
  5. That's good you meet the server requirements at least. Just wanted to get the obvious out of the way. Can you check your error logs again for new errors? Once we get passed that we can re-run the upgrade script to see if it'll proceed.
  6. Can you post the error logs again please? Did you ever restore the backup from the first try and disabled any third party plugins? Did you make sure your server was good before trying to upgrade?
  7. Looks like you need to continue the upgrade. What happens when you go to /admin/upgrade, can you continue it or is there an error?
  8. Haha. True, that! I was trying to be nice. I never really thought Xenforo was cool either!
  9. I wouldn't jump ship just yet, Invision has a lot of cool things they are working on. XenForo is like an old Prius, it was cool when it first came out, but now it lost the appeal but still serves a purpose. You need to think long term for your community. Invision has remained the most consistent community platform provider out there.
  10. I think as technology grows there are more points of failure. Reddit was down for me last week and I think Facebook had an outage not too long ago as well. Your 20 year old community was probably running a basic LAMP stack. Outages happen and they suck, but I am looking forward to some of the cool new features that a self-hosting wouldn't be able to do easily. Here's to uptime!
  11. Is there somewhere in the terms of the cloud service that states 100% uptime? Do you call your internet provider and ask for compensation when it goes down as well? If this was a consistent pattern of downtime, I would be upset. However, this is the first time my community has gone down and I understand it happens. The way I see it, I am paying for a service and if it continues to go down I have the option to look else where. For my internet provider, I don't have any other option 🥲. Hard to foresee unexpected downtime...
  12. Great! There are some hosts that provide automatic conversion service to .webp, it's server side. Some CDNs, too like Cloudflare can do this. Would love to see that as an added perk for a cloud user. Would love to see .SVG support for the site logo next.
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