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  1. This is a follow-up to my previous post about converting a Vbulletin forum to Invision. How can I merge this new community? I will convert from VB into my existing Invision community. I want the members, avatars, posts, categories, and topics together.Fingers crossed 🙂
  2. Thank you @beats23! I wasn't aware of that. I appreciate your tip!
  3. I plan to launch a course and start a community around it, so I'd like to ask you, Invision people, if you plan to launch the Courses app for the Self-hosted version or if that's not in the plan. If not, can any 3rd party app help me deliver courses? I'd love to reduce the use of other platforms and keep everything integrated into one.
  4. Yes, this is a service offered by IPS. I want to know if IPS offers the tools so I can do it myself
  5. As there is an open topic on this matter, I add my message here: Is it possible now to convert a VB5 forum into IPS and then merge it with an existing IPS forum, last version? I would like to do it on my own rather than hire IPS staff.
  6. A quick update here: I managed to do what I needed using Zapier and my email list provider. Still, again, I would love to be able to do it inside Invision because, in my opinion, drip campaigns are great for (re)engagement and is a feature quite easy to code because most of the functions are there. By the way had an issue with configuring the Nginx rewrite rules so Zapier can access the API, as it forced me to dwd a htaccess file, which we know is useless on Nginx, but that's a story for some other time 🙂
  7. Thank you for your suggestion @teraßyte. Unfortunately, the alert system is not suitable for what I need, and it also doesn't send emails to users Well, I really need drip campaigns (and I remember that it was such a plugin many years ago), but the creator abandoned or didn't update to v4. So I will look into Zapier. Thank you both for your help
  8. Hello folks, I need help with something, and I think the feature I require isn't part of the Invision community but is very useful. I need a way to send a sequence of onboarding emails to the users who register. What would be even better is to send different sequences to different user groups. At Topgold.Forum, we have the following: Members (who can upgrade to 2 or 3) Premium members Company Representative (who can upgrade to 4) Verified Companies. I want to be able to send different onboarding email sessions with features, etc, for each of these groups at custom intervals. What solution do I have besides, I suppose, zappier? Thank you!
  9. I use the subscriptions module so users can upgrade to premium plans, and it seems there is a big issue. If the upgrade by paying the pro-rata difference option is selected, then the user upgrades for free from FREE to Premium, and it is not redirected to payment processors for processing payments. It works only with the charge difference option. Check attached
  10. Indeed, they can, but this doesn't mean they will do. Sure, some will especially the top 10 devs who make some money selling add-ons while others who do it mostly for helping the community will not bother with that. And I know it from the days before the marketplace was live.
  11. I just checked the marketplace stats, and with 59 mods purchased to date, I think I can have a word about this decision: For me, the marketplace was a great way to: See what new addons have been released and decide if I should install them on the community I manage. Keep up with the updates and install when one is available. These things will no longer be possible without the marketplace, and I will have to check ten different dev sites, install updates manually, etc. A major drawback for me. I don't have access to financials, but from your latest actions, I see that you want to focus on the enterprise customers that take a cloud-managed plan because that's where the money is. And also, enterprise customers only install a few add-ons.
  12. I would like to create a new widget area to place more widgets. How I can do that? In the picture below, you can see how I moved the widget area in the header outside of the container. I would like to create another widget area to place it in the container. How I can do it? Thank you,
  13. I would like to see real-life examples of communities using the Story addon. As there are almost 40 purchases, I'm sure a couple of community owners here use it. So please share the URLS!
  14. Update fixed it myself: In applications/basicpoints/modules/front/basicpoints/redeem.php I changed /* Setup min and max requests */ $minPointsRequest = max( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_basicpoints_redeem_min'], \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->memberPoints ); to /* Setup min and max requests */ $minPointsRequest = min( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_basicpoints_redeem_min'], \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->memberPoints ); I understand your logic because if the user has 3000 points and the min is 5000, he will not be able to send the request but if he has 9000 points and the min is 5000, but he wants to request only 6000 points can not do it because the script set the min at 9000 (because of Max function)
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