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  1. 1 year 13 days.

  2. Bottom line IE any version has come to EOL. END OF LIFE.
  3. Exactly, this is a test output to any current updated browser as in If you are testing with any updated browser version you will see the particular message
  4. Follow the example update buttons and it will come to a yellow and orange striped box Read the comment inside. Remember at this point you are just testing the script.
  5. If the idiot insists on using IE11 here is a script to try. <script> var $buoop = {required:{e:-4,f:-3,o:-3,s:-1,c:-3},insecure:true,api:2020.09 }; function $buo_f(){ var e = document.createElement("script"); e.src = "//browser-update.org/update.min.js"; document.body.appendChild(e); }; try {document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", $buo_f,false)} catch(e){window.attachEvent("onload", $buo_f)} </script> Found here. https://browser-update.org/#install
  6. Hmmmmm, From where I am sitting this new theme looks one hell of a lot like this.
  7. The move from Ripon to Saukville was and still is a total disaster.... If I ever need to move again I will hire the 3 blind mice and Dr. Dolittle.

  8. Spent more Ca-Ching on this move than was planed. Lost even more on what was left behind.

  9. Unless I am wrong, from reading on this product it appears that it is for education purposes only
  10. One very good reason for real names. The only thing I did require in the beginning were real email addresses which ended up to be to confusing for most.
  11. Well here we are. A total turn around from friends to followers. Yea @Lindy and a few others are going to attack this but when it comes down to it people quit looking up profile because who wants to be a follower in the first place. People like making friends and yes some like adversaries as well. But who truly wants to be known as a follower or worse yet a statistic. Profiles were meant to be a mini members introduction and information page. One member could look into another's profile and see what information they were interested in. A choice could be made at that point whether or not
  12. Personally It can disappear now or preferable 2 weeks ago. The whole aspect of Facebook has changed drastically from its beginnings to present. I agree with @Aiwa where good old fashion debate has been flushed down the toilet defamation and overall nastiness. I to once had a large friends list.... Then I started really looking it over. My account slimmed down when I removed about 400 people I either never Knew Or just don't remember. The Crap that people will allow to spew from their keyboard is totally ridiculous and not worth the time reading. To be honest the only real reason I keep my
  13. Damn it is a good thing I don't have to comply to the Austrians BS.... SIIYAA... In other words Stuff It In Your Austrian Arse!
  14. Damn, I always knew there was a reason for my agoraphobia! All kidding aside. If it wasn't for this bit of mental diversion I would probably be going insane being cooped up.
  15. Hey @Lindy, The first part Yes Sheryll is doing great. I keep pushing and driving her nuts to motivate her in her PT to waste no time to get strong enough to kick my ass. I will give her the chance... ONCE. I have a few appointments coming up where It will be in my best interest to keep. So I guess its a coin toss. Not sure what the big deal is with the cardiologist.... I have 2 ex-wives and a few old girlfriends that all agree.... I am heartless... Hmmmmm.....
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