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  1. This topic drove me to making one, kinda slick.... Rather than a fluent slide up like the old btt its like an automatic snap.... I just may keep it... I have to wonder though.... back in the day how many people actually used it?
  2. Anyone know how to revive a dead Seagate terabyte? 958 gigs of everything from Invision Power installs from 2.1 through 4.0 with all apps along with the early Nexus downloads not to mention a ton of psd files and other important stuff. I built a desktop clean airbox took it apart and found the pickups were bent.... At present looking for a doner tb with the attempt to bring it back. Then again Have no idea if any of the platters were destroyed. But it would be interesting to see what can be recovered.
  3. Les Paul was born and raised in the same city I came from. Waukesha, Wisconsin.
  4. All additional licenced applications are only available to that primary license. Example: If you purchase Pages and Blogs for Community License A you are entitled to those apps for that particular license. If you purchased Commerce, Downloads and Gallery for Community License B you are entitled to those apps for that particular license. Unfortunately Applications are not transferable between Community licenses.
  5. I'd have to find a way to keep it from my wife or it will be gone in the first 12 hours.
  6. Ahh but the answer is as clear as the gray in my beard my mogul friend... Just look deep into the black hole
  7. I have 4 APC older models that I will not part with. Just like the Energizer Bunny they just keep on keepin' ON!
  8. Speaking of Dark days... He gave me nightmares in 4.0 of a globalTemplate.phtml and CSS rules crawling under the bed, coming out of the closet then slipping through the cracks in the walls.... But I came up with a fix for that.
  9. Wow you found one after Lindy lost his hair....
  10. Are you Sure????.... Kidding. Funny I had quite a few extreme modification between my 4.0 to 4.1 and 4.2 themes. But if you say so I can't argue....
  11. Actually @Charles was just a wee bit mistaken in the time line. 4 years ago 4.0 was introduced. In 2016 4.2 came out with a new framework. 4.3 this framework was improved upon. So no it is not quite 4 years. Are you saying anyone with absolutely No Knowledge of the IPS structure should be able to create a theme or a plugin for their site or to sell? Hmmmm.... I see Support going into Over Time. As far as IPS not being open source and a paid platform.... This is correct. If they were to go with open source files as with a Bootstrap frame work for example there are GPU guidelines and permissions to consider on how these frameworks can be used legally as well. Most open source projects strictly state you can use them free of charge and also state you are not to charge for their use.
  12. Kidding Right? Have to be.... All the above can already be done with the templates and CSS as it stands if you are willing learn what and where to modify. But I guess for some it's to much like work to get a theme, plugin or app to work well with others. As far as a tool in the ACP to remove unneeded CSS. Be careful of what you wish for. It will only take one broken CSS rule to destroy many areas if you don't have a clue to its full function. And as far as Bootstrap frame work. I worked 6 months on a project for a guy I Knew built around this frame work. Never again. You know the type.... Those that turn on a computer and go to the internet and think its a whole staff of munchkins inside their computer with a notepad, typewriter, 35 mm camera and Bell and Howell projector feeding them information. No clue at all the written code behind the scenes. Don't get me wrong Bootstrap has found its place and it is a great framework but to be truthful I can't see it with many of IPS apps primary or 3rd party. Well that is my 2 cents worth. Now to go and take my anti grumpy medication.
  13. Well @Matt, Don't worry. One day after you hit the 60 mark you will be saying my mind's eye says I am still 30!
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