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  1. 265,000 hospitalized, and 12,000 deaths. And we didn't know then, what we know now. The measures we are taking now make sense.
  2. It's the percentage of COVID cases that turn serious and require hospitalization. Swine Flu did not present that risk, or at least the risk of serious complications was much lower.
  3. One of the main reasons "everything is closing" isn't to prevent the disease from spreading (we're past that point), it's to slow down the speed at which it spreads, so that the healthcare infrastructure isn't overwhelmed by tens of thousands of cases that turn severe, and fill up all hospital beds that would be needed for those with medical emergencies other than the virus. This makes sense.
  4. Has it affected me? Yes and no. Many here know I'm in that age group which is "at risk". (I'll be 65 in 2 months.) Since I live alone and work from home, and have no one that I have to care for other than myself (and the cat), self-isolation is simply not a problem. I have about 3 weeks of food in stock if I ration it a bit, 2 weeks if I eat normal amounts. And I've switched to using Amazon Fresh for food supplies. That really does negate any need to go out. Besides, I have no social life anyway, lol. Will I be going anywhere I absolutely do not have to go? No. There's no sense
  5. My 2 cents worth..... keep the RAM you have in-hand. Buy the parts you actually need to complete the build, then build the machine. Once you do, don't look at parts or systems for a minimum of one year, because you will always find a "better deal" the day after you buy.
  6. Please file a ticket so that we can investigate and possibly reproduce this.
  7. This is an old reply, but the answer is still valid. 🙂 Please submit a ticket and make note that it's for the IPS community, including your OS and browser specifics.
  8. Mark H


    @Fael Please be sure to login to our community using the same email address you used to purchase the software (or a Cloud package). You are showing as a Visitor (non-customer) under the email you used to create this topic.
  9. Please reply to your ticket in the Client Area. Thank you.
  10. Those prices are insane. 😮 (But then I'm remembering $20 concerts with top rockers of the day from the 70's, lol.)
  11. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without, and most of it looked rather blah this year for some reason, so no purchases for me. Maybe next year.
  12. I believe that should be addressed by "Moderation", up to and including the step which @day_ mentioned.
  13. That's correct, it's not a setting in which you can use regex. The help text below it shows the typical usage but without allowing the space character. If you wish to allow e.g. a-z, 0-9, hyphen, space, underscore, and period, you can use: a-z0-9- _.
  14. If the speed of your non-QVL RAM is well below the limits the mobo can support, try it and see. But if it's right near the upper limit, I'd always go with RAM that is on the vendor's QVL list, personally. I've always used listed RAM simply because I don't want the possible headache.
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