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  1. I bought a Sceptre U278W-4000R when it was on a fantastic sale price ($239) at Amazon, though it's no longer available apparently. My PC video card will only drive it to 1920x1080, but it does look a bit better than my ASUS VG-247 on the same card at that resolution. On my Macbook the monitor looks really good, though, and I love it.
  2. While we cannot provide support for old versions, in visiting your site URL I am seeing a problem that should be addressed. Can you please file a ticket to Support, mention this topic and ask that it be flagged to my attention? Thank you.
  3. We've added a temporary fix for now, and it's showing below the file description. (The format and placement may change in the future, but it does show the compatibility now.)
  4. To search Marketplace files, click in the search box in the upper right and choose "More Options" which will expand the menu, then choose "Downloads" as the search section:
  5. Those options will be available in the upcoming version 4.4. EDIT: My apologies, I misread what you asked. Members will not have the option to display or not display to Guests. That is an admin-only global option. The admin can choose to display or not display signatures to Guests
  6. A number of years ago, our State's Attorney General filed suit (and won) against a furniture outlet for just this sort of thing. Their prices were advertised as "Sale" prices for literally years. At no time was their claimed "Regular Price", actually a regular price. They were fined a substantial amount of money in the end, but declared bankruptcy and just shuttered the doors. No one missed them, lol.
  7. Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year to all. 😉
  8. That category is specifically to post tips you may have about running your community, as noted in the description about it, so I moved the topic to one of the appropriate sections for you.
  9. Yes, please feel free to make that suggestion in the Feedback & Ideas section.
  10. In the next release the Lens Model will be included in the full EXIF popup data (click the link to "View all photo EXIF information" and it will be there).
  11. Now there's a stroll down memory lane!
  12. Meddysong is correct, we do have two installations. You can eliminate the first 3 steps in your example by directly visiting https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/
  13. Quick thing to check... you said you "just" upgraded. Are all the Background Tasks finished? On the ACP main page you can expand the box to show if there are any still running. If there are a number of them still running, that can slow things down. Once they have all finished, though, the problem should go away. If it does not, then yes please file a ticket to support.
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