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  1. Mark H

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    Now there's a stroll down memory lane!
  2. Mark H

    This site - unlogical navigation?

    Meddysong is correct, we do have two installations. You can eliminate the first 3 steps in your example by directly visiting https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/
  3. Mark H

    IPS 4.1 is extremely slow

    Quick thing to check... you said you "just" upgraded. Are all the Background Tasks finished? On the ACP main page you can expand the box to show if there are any still running. If there are a number of them still running, that can slow things down. Once they have all finished, though, the problem should go away. If it does not, then yes please file a ticket to support.
  4. Mark H

    Support Keys

    Yes, if you ask for our corporate IP Addresses in a ticket, we are happy to provide those so you can whitelist them.
  5. Mark H

    Move 4.x forum from /forum/ to ROOT ?

    For assistance with this issue, please login to the Client Area using your customer email address and file a ticket to support. We'll be glad to assist further.
  6. Mark H


    One more important point to remember.... APC (and, I think, some others?) make two basic types of UPS's. One type has a true sine-wave output and is more expensive, sometimes considerably so. The other basic type is a "stepped" wave output. If you have a high-end PC power supply which has its own digital signal processor (DSP) you do NOT want to hook it to a stepped-wave UPS, you need one with a true sine-wave output. Some power supplies with good DSP's will tolerate a stepped-wave UPS for a short period of time, but it still risks damaging your PSU. (I'm in that boat, unfortunately, having found this out only after I bought my APC Back-UPS XS 1500 and having a Corsair AX-1200 in my desktop PC. Since I only ever use that desktop when I am sitting at the keyboard, if I have a power failure I immediately shut down, and so far have not had any problem.)
  7. Mark H

    need to renew license....

    Yes, you can change the registered URL for free once per renewal period (6 months). Subsequent changes would incur a change fee in most cases, but if all you do is go from http to https, for example, just re-enter your license key in your admincp and it will auto-populate with https if that is all that has changed.
  8. Mark H

    Add social log in to Register page

    That appears to be a bug, and I've added it to our internal list to check. Thank you for pointing this out.
  9. Mark H

    What tier of IPS suite is commerce available

    If you've purchased the Plus 40 package or higher, it should be part of the installation already, yes. (But if you upgraded your cloud package from the Standard 25 to the Plus 40, we'd need to install Commerce for you. Just fie a ticket to support if that's the case, and we'll be glad to assist.)
  10. Mark H

    Can you market Zeigler's Souse?

    Would that be sung to the tune of "Edelweiss"?
  11. Mark H

    Better Administration of IPS.Connect

    While I do appreciate the thanks, it's Marc S that helped you on that ticket.
  12. Mark H

    Uuum Lindy....

    Oh this should be good.....
  13. Mark H

    Want to upgrade forum

    You would need to login to the Client Area using the email address and password which was used to purchase the software, then file a ticket to support. If you do not remember, or do not have access to, that email account, then please send an email directly to accounts@invisionpower.com who will be able to assist you further.
  14. Pffft. Kids these days with their fancy computers.
  15. Mark H


    You would first have to upgrade to Board version 3.4.9, and also purchase the Commerce application (if you have not done so yet), called Nexus in v3. You'd need to file a ticket to Support so that we can get the correct version 3 files to you. Then you'd install Nexus, and import the Subscriptions from it. The first time you visit the Nexus app in the admin panel, you will be asked if you want to import them. (Make certain you choose to do so, as you are only asked once.) Once that is done, an overall upgrade to version 4 can be done, and those existing subscriptions will be preserved. We can also perform the upgrade to version 4 on your behalf, once you are on v3.4.9. There is no charge to do so, just request it in your ticket.