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Hump Day: find the elf on a shelf hidden in this community

Message added by Jordan Miller,

Those who found the elf: @SeNioR- @Ryan Ashbrook

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Happy Hump Day, team! Can you believe we're only a few weeks away from 2022?

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I figured it'd be a great opportunity to get our community in the festive spirit. Since we've shared a lot of amazing platform updates and community management tips with you in recent weeks (pssst check out our blog posts!), I wanted to make this edition of Hump Day a little lighter. 

Your mission: find the elf on a shelf I hid somewhere in our community forum.  🤫 

Winner gets bragging rights and a shout-out! If you find it, drop a line in the comments (but don't reveal). 😏 

As always, here is a list of updates our dev team accomplished in the last week:

- Fixed a display issue in the admin control panel for RSS import badges.
- Fixed an issue where banned members were shown in achievement widgets.
- Fixed an issue where splitting multiple posts from a topic into a new one wouldn't update the search index properly.
- Fixed a niche issue when using Redis for view logging and the task runs before any views have been logged.
- Fixed an issue where the 'new products' block on the Store page may not show accurate stock levels.
- Added few missing language strings for email stats.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to create a redirect forum without setting a redirect target.
- Fixed an issue where search for templates did not return the correct results.
- Fixed an issue with submitting file links without uploading a file when multiple files are not allowed.


Happy hunting and happy holidays! 🍫 

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