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  1. There is no built in feature member in Ipb a.f.a.i.k. Are you using a cutom third party plugin/app for this?
  2. Miss_B

    Topics Library

    There were no plans for subcategories, but I have made a note of it now for future releases.
  3. What is it precisely that you want to do? Have a look at this link for quering/accessing the database. To use tables to pull and display info from a database table, have a look at this link. Hope it helps.
  4. Miss_B

    Topics Library

    I do not have a live demo of it yet, but you can view it at my test forum. I have sent you the info in private. I can also send you the info in private if you want to take a look at it. Please let me know.
  5. When you log in to the Client Area, on the lower right corner you will see the Support link. Please see the attached screenshot. Regarding the bug that you posted at the other topic, as mentioned there, it has been fixed and it will be included in the next release.
  6. Miss_B


    Were you able to solve this?
  7. Version 1.0.1


    What does it do? Do you want to draw attention and spotlight your favorate and most valuable topics in your forum? With this app you can do just that. You can select a topic and add it to a new page permanently, or for a certain number of days. This is an excellent way imho to present some of your best information to your community. Permission will remain intact. i.e. members will see only the topics that they are allowed to. Categories You can add categories from the app 's Categories page. Categories can be enabled/disabled and you can organise them by dropping and dragging them in the desired order. Permissions Permissions to view Library and add topics to Library can be set from the app ' s setting page in the acp. Notifications Whenever a topic is added to the library its author will receive a notification. They can enable/disable it from their notification settings. Widgets Most recent library entries can be displayed as a widget. Member History Members adding of topics to the library will be logged in their member history section. Moderator Log Whenever someone removes an entry from the library, it will be logged in the moderator log page. Log Prunning You can prune older entries autmatically based on their entry date to the library. You can also remove all entries in one go from the App 's settings page.
  8. Can you please create a test account for me at your forum so I could have a look at this?
  9. That is strange. The permissions seem ok to me. When you say that guests can not read the forum, you are talking for particular forums and not the forum as a whole, right? Because if the latter, you should also check Can access site permission for guests. If not, the only thing that I can thing of as to why this is not working for you, is because of a third party plugin/app.....
  10. I know that. As it happens, I do speak a bit of italian. Anyways, what I meant is, if you go to Groups section in your Admin Panel and then click the permission icon, how are the settings set there? Can you post a screenshot of that area?
  11. What about the permission under the Guests group, how are they set?
  12. I have coded a plugin that will do that. Should you be interested you can view it here.
  13. Where dd you purchase your hosting plan, at Ips or another company?
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