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  1. Happy to see that you got it solved.
  2. As mentioned above, you will have to contact its developer as he can help you best with this. Do you have access to phpmyadmin? If you do, you can disable the plugin in question from the database seeing the fact that you can not access your admin panel. P.s. Did you check your server error log btw?
  3. Wehere did you download that plugin, here or at another site? I am not familiar with said plugin, but is it compatible with your forum version? Anything logged in the server error log btw?
  4. Do you mean when requesting one? Franky it does not matter much what it says in the title as long as you give a detailed description in the post. It could be something like this for ex: Need a plugin to extend viewing topics permission.
  5. I do not remember seen any such plugin. Have a look at the Marketplace btw. If there is such plugin, it will be there. If there is not any, you can request one in the request forum.
  6. Not out of the box. That will require a custom plugin.
  7. I am not sure I understand what you mean. Can you please elaborate a little further?
  8. Besides the upgrade, you have not made any other changes to the forum? Anyways, I think it would be better if you started a ticket at the Client Area about this.
  9. What theme are you using? Is it compatible with the latest version of Ipb? When you say you tried to regenerate the default theme, what do you mean by that? If you switch to it, do the reactions appear?
  10. What do you mean by verifying the display name? It already does that.
  11. If you ban the ip addresses they will not be able to see any content at all. However, you should note that it is very easy to change ips, so this method is not very effective.
  12. You can do that at Ban Settings->Add Ban Filter. And select Ip Address for the Ban Type list.
  13. You can upgrade directly to the latest version of the 4.6. series imo. Make sure to make a full backup of your database and forum files too prior to the upgrade though. And check the database backup to make sure that it is whole.
  14. Is there any error logged in about this which has more details? What happens if you log in as that member? Will you get that error as well? If not, then the issue might lie with the pc of that member. Maybe he did not clear the cookies and forum history. Anyways, I think that it is better if you can submit a ticket about this at your Clieant Area.
  15. You will not loose any data from the forum. Regarding installing the official apps please see below.
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