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  1. Gamification can be a powerful way in which you can encourage your members to provide content on your community. Invision community provides this by giving you, the admin, the ability to give award points and badges, based on conditional rules. Below is an example of these, where achievements have been gained by Matt, on our own community here at invision Achievements on Profile Achievement Rules Achievement rules can be set up so that on certain conditions, a users is awarded points and/or badges. These can be set up in the following location Members -> Achievements -> Rules Example Rules List From here you can set up an initial 'When' condition, such as, when a reaction is given, or when someone posts an item of content, and many more. There are then 3 other types of additional conditions that can be added. Location conditions - For example you may add "A Comment/Reply is posted" and add a location condition of "It is a status reply" so that this only applies to status replies. Milestone conditions - For example, given the 10th reaction, or posted your 1st post Type conditions - For example, the reaction that was given, was a "thanks" reaction Which of these are available will depend on the initial item selected Conditions You can then select the 'Then' item, which is what you wish for it to do when these conditions are met. In the following full example we have chosen to give the "10 replies" badge (discussed later) and 10 points to the user, upon then reaching 10 comments/replies. New Achievement Rule Ranks Ranks are titles and images which can be applied to a member upon reaching a set number of points on your site. These will show up within the posts of a member. You can set these up from the following area within your admin CP: Members -> Achievements -> Ranks Ranks List Once you are in this area, you will see the default set which will look something similar to the below. You can edit any of these with the pencil icon, or alternatively select "Add new rank" Adding New Ranks These will also show in the menu under your members name, along with the current number of points needed to get to the next rank Rank Progress Badges Alongside ranks, we also have badges. Where ranks are based on a number of points, your badges are something based on a criteria, or even something that may be manually added. For example, you may be giving a badge From someone who has completed their profile, or has made 100 posts. Below is an example of ranks and badges. Badges are created in the following location of your AdminCP Members -> Achievements -> Badges Badge List You can see a list of any badges you already have set up from here, along with create any new badges that you wish to You can create a new badge using the "Create New" button at the top of the page. Note you can also mark these as manually assignable, which is discussed below Badge Creation Manully assigning badges & points You can manually assign badges and points, as a moderator who has permission to do so in their moderator permissions. You do this directly from the post by selecting the menu icon in the top right of any post, and selecting to reward that member Rewarding a member You can choose a badge, and points to award if you wish. Optionally a message can be added for the member, which you can also show publicly on the post Rewarding a member If you choose to show publicly on the post, an additional section will be added to the post as shown below. Award on post Other Settings In addition to the above, there are of course other settings which go with these. You can tweak these settings to your liking, such as maybe disallowing moderators from receiving badges, or limiting the amount of manual items that can be given. Achievement Settings
  2. Its likely not related to the issues he is having there, but since you asked 🙂
  3. We've now got that escalated for you, so hopefully we should be able to get you a resolution soon
  4. Sorry you appear to be upset there. At the time of reading this, I hadn't seen your response to the ticket in question. I have just responded to that ticket requesting access, so if you can pick up on that, we can certainly take a look for you. The information I was giving you there was based solely on the images above
  5. We can take a look at this in your ticket as we go through. Note however this is not related to your issue. Take a look at the list, and you will notice there is actually a 3rd party item which is referenced before each of those. Thats what is causing this particular error.
  6. I'm very sorry you appear to be having issues with the software. I have taken a look at your ticket, and it appears you actually purchased priority support only last night. The priority support package means you would be assessed earlier in the queuing system, however of course that Would not have happened until it was purchased. Im not sure what is causing you downtime there, as from what I can see you have an issue with editing. Of course we can get that looked at for you
  7. As mentioned in your ticket, no upgrade was performed on your site by our support staff.
  8. The only way in which to do this would be to restore the backups taken before your upgrade. There is no way in which to revert a failed upgrade other than that. We no longer support the 3.4 series in any way unfortunately. However we can offer paid conversions from that platform. If that is something you would like to explore, please submit a ticket on this.
  9. If its any activity feed you are looking to switch off, you can do this from the module. Take a look at the guide here on module permissions. Its the content discovery module you would remove all the permissions from
  10. An important part of your forum is getting new members over to your site. Your existing membership will often be a part of this, and for this reason we have given you the ability to add invite sections to your sites, in which your members can use to invite new potential members, and, if set up, gain referrals from these. Invites The ability to invite members directly from the site is done via the "Tell a friend" block. When this is added people can email other potential members directly from the form, or selecting the share link will provide them with a link to the site (unique if referrals are switched on), and the ability to share to social networks. For more information on how to use the block manager, please see the following guide. Referrals Referrals are a system available with the commerce application, which allow you to give banner links to your members to use, and gain referrals for these. In turn you can, should you choose, give commission to those members if one of their referrals signs up, and purchases an item. You can read more about how to set up referrals in the following commerce guide.
  11. Please submit a ticket and include screenshots of your settings. We can then advise accordingly for you.
  12. When moderating content, it will often be a good idea to be able to add a staff note to that conversation, either for other staff only, or for your members to see. This can be done using staff notes. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/staff-and-moderation/creating-administrators-and-moderators-r31/ Any member who is a moderator on the site can use staff notes, provided they have permission for that feature. For more information on setting up moderator permissions, please see the following guide You can add a message by selecting the "Add Message" function, within "Moderator Actions" Add Message Option Once selected, you will be shown the form below, where you can select whether or not you want "public" to see this (if not only moderators can see these), the message content, and the color of the message. Add New Message Below is an example where we have added a bright red message to catch the attention of staff visiting that topic Message Example
  13. Thank you for your kind words, Davy. Always happy to assist where we can 🙂
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