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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Davy. Always happy to assist where we can 🙂
  2. This guide has been put together to give a general direction on how to improve the performance of your site on a self-hosted environment. However, while we make continuous performance improvements at a software level with each release, most issues such as this are the result of an underperforming, overloaded or misconfigured server. As a software manufacturer, our ability to troubleshoot this is limited and your host has the best tools and access to the most resources to troubleshoot the issue for you. We would recommend that you consult with your host and if they identify an issue with t
  3. As Azure AD uses OAuth 2.0 for its connectivity, we can set this up as a login method using our generic OAuth 2.0 setup. The below guide shows a basic setup of Azure AD, with a standard Invision Community setup. Before you continue, this guide assumes that you already have an Azure account and organisation already set up. If you do not yet have this, you should go ahead and ensure you have this set up first. Setting up permissions The first thing we will need to do in order to get our oauth setup working, is to create the relevant permissions within Azure. Within y
  4. A great way in which to monetize your community, can often be to sell subscriptions to your members, in exchange for Benefits around the site (or indeed off the site). The commerce application allows for this with a simple subscriptions system. It is important to know, this is meant as a walk through to show example of use. More extensive guides on commerce, and its features, can be found under the Suite Applications section on the left of this guides area. Introduction In this guide we will be creating a subscription system for our fictional site, that will allow our mem
  5. While the Invision Community suite allows for many popular login systems such as facebook, google, twitter and more, there will be times you need to integrate with another platform which is not on the list by default. If the system in which you wish to connect to supports OAuth 2.0, then you can integrate simply by adding the relevant details into your AdminCP. Setting Up In order to set up set up a new OAuth 2.0 login, you would simply visit the following area within your AdminCP. System -> Settings -> Login & Registration -> Method From here,
  6. Selling advertisement space on websites, is one of the oldest methods of generating revenue for your site. However this can still be one of the most effective in many cases. Our commerce application allows you to sell specific locations on your site to advertisers for periods of your own choosing. Selling Advertising Selling advertisement space to your visitors can easily achieved within Commerce by adding a new product within Products. See the Commerce products article for more information. You will be able to set an expiration period for the pro
  7. Hello, This is a different issue, as you are on your own site there. If you submit a ticket, we can certainly advise.
  8. Your client area on our site, is your area in which to manage your client licences, interact with support, make any payments, and generally manage your account on the platform. Below is an overview of the various functions of your client area. Client Area Overview Manage Purchases (1) On first logging into the client area, you will see the "Manage Purchases" section. From the screenshot above, you can see there are 2 items present (one cloud and one self hosted license). You can manage any of these items by selecting the button on the right. Once y
  9. When starting a new community, one of the first questions that is often asked, is how to get the site to look the way you wish. Below we discuss the various tools you can use in order to achieve this. It should be noted that this guide is intended as a brief overview. Links are provided to guides with further information. However you can find more in depth topics in the "Themes and Customizations" section, on the left menu. Themes First of all, we need to know what a theme is. A theme is a set of colors, fonts, layouts and more, that changes the overall design of your sit
  10. This guide covers the various areas of our billing system, within our client area. Answering various common questions we are asked about purchasing items, and managing billing items such as addresses, credit, and payments. Orders Section Once you have logged into the client area, you will see there is an order tab in the menu, as shown in the screenshot below. Orders Every order/invoice that has ever been on your account, can be seen in this area. As you can see at the top, there is an order that has not yet been paid for a renewal. These can be paid by
  11. Applies to self-hosted customers only This guide on changing of URL, is related to self hosted customers. If you have your own domain, and you are looking to use this on our cloud platform, please see the following guide Licensed URLs Before we continue through this guide, a brief explanation of how URLs work may be beneficial. Each license entitles you to installation on one URL only. On installation of the platform, your licensed URL is set, and will show within your client area, next to your license. Set URL In addition to the main
  12. Within the IPS Community Suite, there are several routine maintenance tasks, which need to be performed at regular intervals. You can see these by looking in the following location of your AdminCP. System->Settings->Advanced Configuration Here you will see a "View Tasks" button just below the task method selection. As you can see, various tasks are run at different intervals, and are important to keeping your site running as designed. Items such as sending out digest emails, updating your leaderboard, and general cleanup tasks, are all tended to through this system.
  13. Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to run through the basics of creating your own calendar sections of your community. Note that this tutorial is intentionally basic in nature, and intended as a guide to "Get you going". More guides can be found in Suite Applications -> Calendar, within the guides area. First Open When you first install the software, there is 1 calendar create by default. This is the community calendar, which your members can enter into. Stock Install Deleting Existing Calendars First of all, lets get rid o
  14. Introduction In this guide, we aim to give you a jump start on using the blogs application, within your invision commuinity suite. We will go through the basics of how blogs work, and just how easy it can be to tweak settings for you and your members. First Open On first installing blogs, the blog tab is empty of any blogs/content. By default, all members of the site have the ability to create basic blogs. Therefore they can create their own blog, and create their own blog entries within them. Empty Blogs Area One or more blogs can b
  15. Introduction In this guide, we are going to show you just how easy it is to get up and running, with your own downloads section, using the downloads application on the IPS application. This guide is intentionally built to show you only the basics of how to get up and running. You will see further guides within the 'Suite Applications>Downloads', which show more in-depth detail. First Open On first installing the software, the downloads area will show with no categories, and look blank similar to the below image. The first thing we are going to want to do here, is
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