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  1. Hello, Just a note that the plugin is now broken as of yesterdays IPB update. Would love to get an update so we can reactivate your plugin. Seems to cause a ton of javascript errors that make the forum unusable. Thanks
  2. Yes indeed, an out of date plugin. Sorry about that... Since its months between times when I dig through the technical side of the forum on top of all the software platforms I deal with, I overlooked the obvious. Issue is resolved, thank you.
  3. Follow up... This is a huge one but my forum is not allowing new posts. *Edit: I just tested with the IPB default theme and see the same issues so seems to be a forum issue. Will follow up with them.
  4. Hello, Suddenly seeing some issues after upgrading IPB today. Noticed there was an mdPanel update so I Installed that as well, but didn't seem to fix the issues. I have yet to do a thorough audit, but here's the obvious issues I spotted: Main menu is no longer functional on mobile Manage blocks menu no longer functional on mobile Our Picks (renamed on my site as 'Spotlights') is no longer displaying on the forum index (was set to be the first content block above forum listing) and is displaying incorrectly on the actual Our Picks page. Even the menu in the Admin s
  5. I didn't see a topic like this posted anywhere so thought to kick it off and share some recent observations and thoughts that I'd assume would be very interesting to a community that is focused on building online communities... Though I think it would be hard to argue how social media all but stole away the audiences from private / directional online communities found on forum systems, it's been very interesting to now observe what I believe is the decline of the social media era. Obviously social media will not disappear in the near future and who's to say if a new platform or perhaps a
  6. Going to bump this. Recently I had an expert come in and evaluate my site (shop, forum, etc) and they brought up a very interesting point regarding the sort order of posts. The younger generation that grew up on social media and often represent the most active users online, grew up only seeing content in reverse chronological order. Though I personally like reading things in order and have always viewed it that way, the younger generation has not. They've grown up on social media where the newest content is presented first and you can then dig deeper for the older content. Admittedly thi
  7. Hello, Wondering if this plugin I still available and updated to the current forum software? Recently I had one member mention that they don't come on to the forum often due to eye strain. Was surprised when so many others jumped in and expressed the same sentiment. Obviously on desktop you can over ride certain styles and increase font size as you wan't but with most the internet connecting via mobile (75%+ in our case), there's no simple way to do this in most mobile browsers. Very much wish there was a way to develop of use a white boxed version of a dedicated forum app, but for now it
  8. Thanks @TAMAN, For some reason when uploading an image, its not showing up. Any suggestions?
  9. Hello @TAMAN, Wondering if you can please post the default Swiper Slider code and / or links to any instructions on the code you can enter for this that calls the default classes? Accidentally deleted the sample code and can't seem to figure out the formatting / markup you used for the demo. Thanks!
  10. Hello @TAMAN, As you know via DM, I've recently upgraded my forum and MD Panel theme. Shortly after I got a few complaints regarding a change that occurred within the thread pages and wondering if there's a setting that might affect this or if it was a change to either the forum or theme? At the bottom of threads, where it says "go to topic listing" it used to also have the forum section name. Then on the other side where it says "go to next unread thread" it would have the thread name underneath. Honestly its been so long since I dove deep into code or templates that I can't re
  11. @Adriano Faria Was interested in purchasing your plugin, but seems its not updated to the current Invision version? Can you please confirm if it functions with v4.3.5 of the forum so I can buy? Thanks!
  12. Just an update in case anyone has an issue in the future regarding support status badge colors... I just heard back from IPS Support and the option to edit the badge color can be found in AdminCP > Commerce > Support > Settings > Statuses. You can change the color and other settings for each status. In regards to the signature of outgoing support ticket emails... You can set a signature by clicking the 'my preferences' ticket at the top of the support requests pages in the AdminCP (Where you're looking at the list of support tickets).
  13. Nice! I'll give that a go. I did open an IPS support ticket to ask about it.
  14. Hi @TAMAN But if both the active and resolved tickets have the same class then this badge is the same color. I noticed on teh actual IPS support system that the status' are different colors to make them easy to identify in the ticket list. Possible? Will ask regarding the signature. Thanks!
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