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    Read That Topic/Announcement

    @Adriano Faria Was interested in purchasing your plugin, but seems its not updated to the current Invision version? Can you please confirm if it functions with v4.3.5 of the forum so I can buy? Thanks!
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    mdPanel - Material Design inspired IPS theme

    I'm new to Invision Community after leaving Xenforo and vBulletin before that. So far, I'm really impressed with the platform and there's a distinct different to the level of consideration and effort that goes into IPS in my opinion. This being said, I feel I got extra lucky coming across this mdPanel theme. The default theme is great, but mdPanel is next level. You'll see in teh demo that it isn't just a color tweak and a couple slight CSS changes, but rather a very slick translation of the default look and feel. The mobile / tablet version is great, but I'm particularly impressed with the desktop version. It's really awesome, but don't take my word for it... Go look at the demo. Beyond that, @TAMAN has been amazingly helpful. I feel as a new user of IPS, I'm likely asking a lot of really basic questions, but he's answered all enthusiastically and has been a tremendous help. Besides being helpful and polite, he really has been *Johnny on the spot* about it and has been very quick to respond to inquires. I'm very pleased so far about my decision to move forum platforms, but mdPanel and the assistance of @TAMAN has made the process extra easy. 5 stars for sure.