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    Read That Topic/Announcement

    @Adriano Faria Was interested in purchasing your plugin, but seems its not updated to the current Invision version? Can you please confirm if it functions with v4.3.5 of the forum so I can buy? Thanks!
  2. Just an update in case anyone has an issue in the future regarding support status badge colors... I just heard back from IPS Support and the option to edit the badge color can be found in AdminCP > Commerce > Support > Settings > Statuses. You can change the color and other settings for each status. In regards to the signature of outgoing support ticket emails... You can set a signature by clicking the 'my preferences' ticket at the top of the support requests pages in the AdminCP (Where you're looking at the list of support tickets).
  3. Nice! I'll give that a go. I did open an IPS support ticket to ask about it.
  4. Hi @TAMAN But if both the active and resolved tickets have the same class then this badge is the same color. I noticed on teh actual IPS support system that the status' are different colors to make them easy to identify in the ticket list. Possible? Will ask regarding the signature. Thanks!
  5. superaven

    mdPanel - Material Design inspired IPS theme

    I'm new to Invision Community after leaving Xenforo and vBulletin before that. So far, I'm really impressed with the platform and there's a distinct different to the level of consideration and effort that goes into IPS in my opinion. This being said, I feel I got extra lucky coming across this mdPanel theme. The default theme is great, but mdPanel is next level. You'll see in teh demo that it isn't just a color tweak and a couple slight CSS changes, but rather a very slick translation of the default look and feel. The mobile / tablet version is great, but I'm particularly impressed with the desktop version. It's really awesome, but don't take my word for it... Go look at the demo. Beyond that, @TAMAN has been amazingly helpful. I feel as a new user of IPS, I'm likely asking a lot of really basic questions, but he's answered all enthusiastically and has been a tremendous help. Besides being helpful and polite, he really has been *Johnny on the spot* about it and has been very quick to respond to inquires. I'm very pleased so far about my decision to move forum platforms, but mdPanel and the assistance of @TAMAN has made the process extra easy. 5 stars for sure.
  6. Hello @TAMAN, I have two additional questions before I think I'm done tweaking my theme... The first is a theme question, the second is a general question. Hoping you might have the answers to both. How do I edit the CSS for custom colors on the support ticket status? Seems both "In Progress" and "Resolved" status use the same class: .cNexusSupportBadge How do I create a default signature for the support desk replies? Would like to add some helpful links and a note to all outgoing support desk emails. Thank you!
  7. Hi @TAMAN Maybe you can assist with explaining what the following color choices affect? These are the last of the ones I can't figure out and searching the forums hasn't provided any clues either. I know a lot of them affect many elements, but if you would please give me the main ones (if there are many). Thanks again! Front-End Colors - Data item background: Status - Data item background: Info - Data item background: Warning - Step Badge Custom Widgets - Widget title background Widgets & Titles - Secondary title bar text
  8. Ah, makes sense now why I wouldn't be able to see them... Several are dependent on a certain feature being activated. Really appreciate the help @TAMAN, I owe you a stellar review of your theme. Will get to it asap.
  9. Here's some examples... I can see the description on the left is color coded, but no idea what it represents. Data item background: Status, Data item background: Info, Data item background: Warning are all items I haven't been able to locate and thus have not chosen my own colors for. Makes sense that some of these would represent many items, but there's nowhere that sort of clues you in to it? Seems crazy that this would all be a matter of trial and error.
  10. Another question... I just posted this to the general forum, but is there a cheat sheet or guide to help a person that is editing theme colors in the admin CP, to know what elements they affect on the front end? Some of the names in the admin CP for frontend colors aren't so obvious and I cant seem to figure out what's what to a lot of these even after setting a loud color and exploring the front end.
  11. Unfortunately it was just the front end pages. I guess I'm a dummy for not insuring I had a backup or versioning system in place. That said, can you recommend anything beyond manually copying or downloading the theme? And no, this issue only affected the active default theme that I was working on. There was a copy of my theme that was a week old that at least got me halfway there. Better than nothing.
  12. But how do I pull the colors from the original (the good version that I left the window open on)? Besides using the inspector panel to look at CSS, I'm not sure how its done. To clarify... I have several browser windows open of the theme before the issue. All front end pages, not the back end. If I create a new version of the theme and open the editor of the new version, how do I relate elements on the front end with the editor on the backend? Is there a cheat sheet of some sort that describes what relates to what? In teh editor, it'll say something like "Moderated Light Background" but when viewing the CSS class its almost always something entirely different that would be hard to guess.
  13. Honestly I'm scared to even try. So, I'm still holding out hope but assuming all those variables are stored in the DB and the last backup is out of date. I still have a bunch of browser windows open, but thinking when I view the CSS file, its already loading the borked version. @TAMAN Yes, the more I look, the more it seems to be an IPS issue and nothing to do with your theme. Just coincidence that I also happened to update your theme a bit before it happened. I do have a detailed support ticket open and am waiting now to hear back on it. So discouraging... Literally was fine tuning the last few colors and looks like I just lost a weeks worth of work. Bummed.
  14. So more discovery... When viewing CSS on the borked version almost all the values for hex colors are a hash character (#). Additionally there's other code in there seems to relate to that special character: box-shadow:0 1px 1px htmlspecialchars( '#', ENT_QUOTES | ENT_DISALLOWED, 'UTF-8', FALSE ), 0px 1px 5px htmlspecialchars( '#', ENT_QUOTES | ENT_DISALLOWED, 'UTF-8', FALSE ) inset ; I'm guessing that the last color tweak I did, I must of hit the hash instead of the number "3" and it triggered a flaw of some sort that made me lost all of it. I have a ticket open with IPS support but think I just uncovered a major flaw with their editor.
  15. Just realized that even the mobile version is gone. Not showing the same view as desktop. Wondering if this could somehow be related to the theme upgrade I'd done earlier today?