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  1. Wondering if the staff has any issues with those that are running the alpha to share links to their test boards? Obviously the selection of those selected to is limited, but is there a reason to exclude the rest of us from being able to poke around on the test boards of those selected for the program? Would seem to me that it would benefit everyone to have a second tier of testers where members of the community jump on some of these boards, play and report into those that were selected so that they can in turn distill feedback and activity to report back to Invision?
  2. Wasn't going to raise my hand with testing since I was the guy that rarely got picked for team sports or am the type to win sweepstakes or contests, but I'd love to test. In fact, I'd be happy to help someone else who gets picked test if that's an option. I'm just eager to take it for a spin and understand the new system and features and get a feel for how I might be able to make the most of it all. That said, we are now on a cloud subscription and was planning to upgrade to the next tear shortly after upgrading. I've also been running a forum since 1999, with most of the years being on Invision if that helps anyone qualify the decision to pick us to test. Just sayin'... Either way, I can't wait until we can relaunch with the new version and anything I can do to help with that - sign me up.
  3. Don't think it really has any ethical or legal consequence. To your point, @Jim M, we aren't charging them anything. We're just migrating them over to a new group at no cost so we aren't running a legacy premium group and a new premium group built via subscriptions. I have no payment details for any of those users, so there would be no way for me to take payment, even down the road if the subscription expires. Anyhow, there's probably a few hundred I'd need to manually add. Pain, but not a huge deal to add them one by one. I am sort of surprised that this isn't somehow included as function of mass managing users and groups though. I know it's something that is supposed to be set and forget, but I've found myself adjusting and fine tuning privileges, groups and forum permissions often enough that having flexible tools to do them in bulk is a huge help.
  4. Perhaps something to consider in the future? Assume I can manually enter them one by one, so will try that way. In any case, thanks for the info!
  5. Hey, so perhaps a dumb question, but I'm setting up Subscriptions on my forum and it's been a super long while. Wanted to get clarification before I bork something and create issues. I have a user group, called "premium" to allow access to a private section of our forum, as well as unlimited uploads. Over the years, we just gave those to people that contributed consistently, but now I'd like to create a paid subscription for it. I have several hundred members that either have this as a primary user group, as well as a bunch that have this as a secondary group. My question is how do I go about searching all my members (appx 183k) and anyone that has a primary or secondary group = "premium" gets reset as a normal member and then added to premium through subscriptions. I created a premium monthly subscription and a premium annual subscription. My goal is that they are all reset so that primary user group is "premium" and they are added to the "premium annual" subscription plan. Anyhow, I searched the docs but am not quite clear on the solution. Thanks in advance.
  6. Wondering if maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel yet? Unsure how development cycles like this work, but guessing if development and testing on v5 isn't winding down, we might not see it in May either. Anyhow, holding my breath for some news, if not a release announcement soon. 🙏
  7. Originally I had heard March as a tentative release date and as that drew to a close, I read April. Would be awesome to get more regular updates, but I can understands if it gets frustrating for the staff when dates slip and people respond poorly to that delay. Hoping to see some updates soon!
  8. Believe we're on track to see it release this month? At least that was I was told last in one of my support emails. Fingers crossed... Wish we had a beta we could play with at least. I'd love to get a jump on getting my theme dialed in as well as explore the new UI and features a bit more closely than what we can gleam off the blog / news entries.
  9. Thank you for jumping in @Steven W.. My motivation of doing this is in direct response to feedback from our community. Thinking it through, it makes sense that those without a dedicated app are at a disadvantage for the simple fact that dedicated apps have real estate on a the Home Screen. Granted, Shortcuts and web clips are able to do the same, but I've also seen how without browser controls, viewers are sort of contained to that ecosystem alone, versus closing a tab or jumping to a new one. As for using Shortcuts to accomplish this, its reasonably simple, but I have no doubt we'll get a few people confused, even if I eliminate the need for inputs like is necessary in the generic Shortcut provided in my first post. Also seems a bit sketchy dealing with the signed certificate stuff. Lastly, just seems so much more legit to actually have a spot on the actual App Store. We run a custom skin now, but planning to drop it once they release v5.
  10. iPhone notifications, web app and more thread: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/473100-iphone-notifications-web-app-and-more/
  11. So I'm still in the middle of this and wanted to update the thread. Apologies for the more experienced among you if this is kinda basic. (I'm figuring it all out from scratch). So for the most part, what we're actually discussing here is a Progressive Web App (PWA). You can Google the specifics on PWA's but as I understand, they're essentially highly optimized mobile web apps in a Javascript container. These days most things are optimized for mobile, but these are expected to run standalone, without a browser, so it would require a bit more consideration towards UI and especially navigation since otherwise, you're just running in a browser. Beyond that, there doesn't necessarily need much more than what you'd be doing for the mobile optimized web. I'm currently leveraging Apple Shortcuts to do a sort of bootleg version of this. (Linked in my opening post) and it actually works pretty great. Invision Community, or at least the theme I've been running for ages, doesn't seem to me to be entirely dialed in to use smoothly without browser controls... It works fine and you can do everything you need, but when compared to the UI of most dedicated mobile apps, it feels a bit clunky and crude. I have not had a chance to play with v5, but the developers have noted (and seems obvious from the preview videos and screen grab) that they have taken this into consideration and it has a more app-like UI, which seems perfect for a PWA. I haven't run a bunch of searches on the community around dedicated mobile apps and the like, so perhaps there's a thread I missed on that subject. I'll dig and link here if so (feel free to link to any relevant threads if you know any), but yeah... So far in the research I've done, there's been no info so far that states specifically that packaging a forum into a PWA is any kind of issue. I am curious if you have paid subscriptions or use the Commerce Module, how they might respond to that since Apple and Google are very specific in regards to Apps with transactions / micro-transactions, so I'll report back if I get to that step. I'm really looking forward to v5. I'd love to hear from the Invision team a little bit on this (or link me to the thread please) on their view of PWA's and perhaps provide some insight into their thoughts on mobile based UI and what sort of methodology or thought process is informing their approach to it. No doubt forum based online discussion (like most content and experience) is better on desktop, but likewise, the reality is that the overwhelming portion of users are generally using mobile. Oops, now that I know what a PWA is and searched that, I'm finding. bunch of threads. (Sorry moderators). Still nice to have a more recent conversation I guess. I'll try and provide new info.
  12. Hey @Marc Stridgen I wasn't sure if I should have mentioned that you were the super helpful tech that assisted! 😉 In regards to migration, I suppose you have a point that maybe many people are just starting from scratch. I hadn't considered that, but likewise, I was unaware that I'd need to ask, so lost a couple days waiting before reaching out. All in all, my criticisms are more just general feedback than any real flaw. You were super patient and helpful throughout and it all went as smooth as can be, so thank you Marc and thanks to your team!
  13. Hey all, I'm new to the gallery module and the manual on this topic is pretty brief. Hoping some of you guys in the know might be able to help fill in some blanks for me. I understand the basic role / function the gallery module has - to allow for the posting of photos and videos. Seems to be a sort of different view on online community sharing and discussion where the photo / video takes the lead, with comments and discussion following (versus the other way around for most standard forum posting / commenting). I gather that we can organize photo / video uploads by preconfigured categories (albums) as well as some standard configuration that are largely centered on group permissions. I was expecting once I installed the gallery module, that all the photos uploaded previously by users would appear in that users member gallery, so my first question is if that's possible? Perhaps a configuration or some admin maintenance so that the system indexes all uploads and adds to a members gallery or something? Assuming the above is possible, the next logical assumption to propagating our gallery would be to be able to go through and bulk categorize / organize all image / video uploads somehow so that all those assets that were ever posted to our forum via member uploads in posts are added to our gallery / album so it isn't starting empty from scratch. Anyhow, the gallery is an interesting feature I've ignored for a long time, but now that we migrated to Invision Cloud and have access to all modules, I'm revisiting it. Just hoping to get a little more insight since I'm not finding some features that I was expecting. Thanks Oh yeah, quick link to this module for those that are new... https://invisioncommunity.com/features/gallery/
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