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  1. Thank you very much, I already help @Pete T he did that to me is my template, thank you very much anyway
  2. As you can see others or approach the chrome fluency
  3. Hi, I really like this complement and I would like to buy it but. Just run fluid in chrome In Firefox and Safari the animation is slow.
  4. Do the messages reach the main mailbox or arrive as spam?
  5. If I do not work in local. But in my website online
  6. Did you find any solution?
  7. There partner who use Mac passes upload their work to IPB could ask them for help. I can also grow afresh if I can help in something to solve the problem.
  8. Version 12.1 (14607. I still get the problem
  9. Ok, I'll be careful. Thank you
  10. In Firefox it does not pass
  11. I'm using the default
  12. basic yes Invision Community v4.4.2 Safari
  13. Hi, Thanks for the new version The text of the label does not fit me
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