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  1. What week will it be updated, why have I been waiting for months? This file is not compatible with the version of Invision Community you are using.
    Very cool the complement, I recommend it. With this latest update you can customize it to your liking.
  2. Hello, I have plugins and custom applications that are not compatible with IPB 4.5.0 I cannot update without those applications that are essential for the functioning of my website The original developer who created these add-ons and applications has not connected for a long time so I have no contact with him. My question, is it possible that another developer can update if I pass the plugins or apps to him? or do you need the source code? Thank you
  3. Can you do a test on localhost to test the applications that are compatible before updating? That can be installed from the market
  4. No, I understand haha It said so in case there was another option to remove the trial license key.
  5. But how I delete that installation is from many years ago and I don't remember.
  6. Is this not? But it doesn't let me modify "test URL" Sorry, there is a problem There seems to still be an installation of Invision Community at the URL on file. Before you can change the URL, you must first remove the existing installation. Error code: R02
  7. Thank you very much, you indicate that a copy of my license has already been installed, how do I remove the old one? I've been using it for a long time.
  8. Thank you very much for the answers. Is there a temporary key or license for me to make a copy of IPB? I remember a long time ago there was a test key, can you tell me when to do the update process, let me continue?
  9. Thank you very much, so I think it's better to wait one more week.
  10. Can I update with all applications and plugins disabled to avoid problems? All plugins and applications have to be updated or can some work? Thank you very much for the reply.
  11. Hi, any tips to upgrade to 4.5 Is it advisable to update now or is it better to wait a while? what is the correct way to have a successful update Thank you very much
    I love it, 100% recommended An update with automatic copying of the codes would be fine. Thank you
    highly recommended, I love it and it is what I was looking for a long time
    I am very unhappy with this add-on because it has not been updated since 2017 Leave the editor hanging when you try to install. Send a notice to your developer and do not bother to respond, I pay for this add-on unless I am heard or try to help.
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