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  1. Please submit any bugs as a ticket in the Client Area. Thanks.
  2. Generally, a -200 is an issue with the image being uploaded on the server but if you'd like to submit a ticket we can see if there is something obvious we can assist with.
  3. I would suggest submitting a ticket so we can clarify your setup here as by definition you should not be seeing anything from Post Before Register unless the user went through the whole process. There could be something third party acting here incorrectly but from the provided information I can’t provide any further details.
  4. If there is something specific outside of the discussion linked below, please let us know. At this time though, there are no known vulnerabilities that are exposed from our use of jQuery.
  5. Would agree with @Adriano Faria. As there is the possibility to have several groups on a user with primary and secondary member groups, it would always be suggested to have a test user to test these exact scenarios. May be a little time consuming to initially setup test users but ultimately get you the most accurate results.
  6. Correct, it would need to be in the Pages application itself. What app are you using as your default?
  7. In the Block Manager go to Pages -> RSS Import then drag the block where you want it. Then press "Edit" on the block and add in your RSS feed you wish to import.
  8. This is possible with our Pages application
  9. If forums are showing up that are not explicitly selected, please submit a ticket.
  10. Subscriptions and Products are only able to be tied to 1 member at this time.
  11. What you were told is correct. An application can only be removed, not swapped.
  12. Not to get into our policy but just to clarify our current policy for those who may not be aware: We can remove an application from your license that you no longer wish to have on the license. You must uninstall said application from your community. If you wish to use said application at a later date, you will need to purchase at the full price (not the renewal price). If you wish to perform this or have any questions, please submit a ticket 🙂
  13. If you are not running your background tasks via Cron I would highly suggest setting this up in ACP > System > Advanced Configuration. If you are, something sounds wrong if these are not carried out within a reasonable timeframe and I would suggest submitting a ticket. You may also wish to consider using the Flag as Spammer option which you can hide the posts then have the system delete them with 1 click.
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