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  1. A Lot Of Typing

    Nah, got mine from Amazon. Just monitor mounts on steroids essentially. Of course with any kind of mount there is every kind and configuration under the sun, with pricing to match. So need to find what fits you.
  2. A Lot Of Typing

    Bought arms like yours, Matt. Just need time to install them as I need to drill a hole in my desk. My only suggestion is to take frequent breaks. My watch will alert me if I am sitting for 45 minutes (it gets really mad on long drives ). I'll get up and walk around, stretch and come back.
  3. Can try repulling the update ACP -> System -> Applications -> Check for updates.
  4. QOTW: Let's talk about music

    Forgot to respond this week and probably the biggest question for me as of late. Love music but Classic Rock is my favorite. Tom Petty is by far my favorite artist, RIP my friend. Tom's music for me is one that I can listen to album to album without skipping a song and often do while I work.
  5. timezone issue

    Please submit a ticket in the Client Area and we can take a look if you're having any kind of issue.
  6. Client Area - Support

    Sorry both those tickets are with our Management (this is not something you request usually but depending on your request or question may get escalated there) which can take a little longer to respond depending on your question/request. Please let us know if you dont get a response.
  7. Client Area - Support

    Hi there @Beatrina, All tickets in Support for your account have been resolved (most recent one being back in 2015) or are with management. If you have not received a reply in a week or submitted this ticket under another account, please reply to the ticket if it is open or create a new ticket referencing the old ticket and we can assist you further. Thanks!
  8. Attachments Re-Invisioned!

    Essentially what you're looking for is to have the ability to require approval for content items with attachments for certain groups? Outside of that, you can rename the word "Attachments" to anything you really please via localization with Languages.
  9. test

    1. Jim M
    2. Jim M

      Jim M





  10. Sorry, not sure what you mean here. His question was not related to support but to general notifications that are emailed.
  11. Unfortunately, this is not something that the software has the ability to control. This would need to be controlled on a mail server level, either a bounceback/autoreply or what you're doing is the only thing possible.
  12. Yes, piping the email will be able to handle that.
  13. If you have inbound emails setup for Support Tickets then the user will be able to reply from email into the ticket itself.
  14. Commerce - Zip first then auto fill

    The Google Address autocomplete should be filling in this information automatically and hopefully a user will never have to get to city/state/province/country/zip. Are you all seeing an issue with this feature?
  15. Currently, if you wish to avoid certain forums or filter down by date you can do that in Advanced Search. That will help narrow down what you're looking for version 4.