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  1. Jim M

    A very Merry Christmas

    Thanks and a very Merry Christmas to you and everyone else.
  2. This is currently not possible. I can move this to our Feedback section if you want?
  3. In the ticketing system itself and email bodies, there really is not a way to hide the support representative's name. However, if it is any consolation/assistance, you can change the representative's name by changing their customer name in ACP -> Commerce -> Customers.
  4. Jim M

    Post can't see by others members

    1/2. You will need to set the group/user up in ACP -> Members -> Staff -> Moderators. Then under the "Forums" tab, provided them with the permission "Can view all topics/questions?" If you have an unrestricted moderator, they will be able to view these topics. 3. The user will not be notified that they have been mentioned if they do not have permission to view the topic.
  5. You can sort the table in the ACP by Application , Plugin or Theme by clicking its table column header. It doesn’t remove the other options like I think you’re wanting here via searching but I hope that helps you currently as we evaluate this suggestion further.
  6. Jim M

    Twitter photo linking posts

    By this definition you’ll want to take a look at our Social Media Promotion feature. It will allow you to promote to your community’s Twitter account and allow adding an image, text, etc... e
  7. Jim M

    Fluid view on each forums

    Fluid view is already capable of showing just 1 forum (or a selection of your choosing). You would just select it from the list on the right side.
  8. Yeah, if you switch back when you’re done it will show that filters count when you login again.
  9. The "Active/Current" filter would just be the last used filter. For instance in the screenshot below I last used "Test" so that is currently active:
  10. It sounds like you performed a fresh install on your new server then just moved over your database. While this will get the data in your database over, it will not move attachments or other key items. I would recommend reading the following guide on moving servers and migrating your community:
  11. It would be the current/active filter that you used last.
  12. The notification is not exactly for "open" tickets but how many tickets you have in your current view/filter. If your filter includes those other statuses, so will the count. Currently, we do not have a way to change that other than adjusting your filter. However, I have moved this topic now to the Feedback and Ideas forum to be evaluated by our team.
  13. Jim M

    Team Talk: What's your favourite movie?

    Keep saying I am going to rewatch this and never get around to it. Maybe on Monday I will 😄
  14. Jim M

    Facebook/Google Tracking Opt Out

    The login handler is just our button as well that directs to Facebook. If they don’t click it, they won’t be sent to Facebook and processed through their system.
  15. Both the new topic and submit reply buttons should disable after clicking. That plugin looks to be rather old and may not work for 4.3 but that is irrelevant. If you are seeing this issue, please submit a ticket 🙂