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  1. Maybe I am not understanding your issue entirely but I would suggest forwarding your outdated email aliases to a corresponding active email address on your email server. That way it can be piped into Commerce to the right department and caught before ever entering Commerce.
  2. Jim M

    WTH Ford!

    Just Ford doing Ford things 😆
  3. Jim M

    Website down or UP

    Looks to be just you: http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/forum.mylifefive.de.html
  4. Jim M


    I love mine. Living in Florida it is 100% necessary. During our rainy season (aka stormy season), power flickers at least once a day.
  5. Jim M

    User locked - Enhancement Request

    Just a suggestion for you now while this is evaluated further. A user should not need to take action to unlock their account unless the field "Reset failed login count" is set to "Never." As the system after the time there would unlock the account automatically. I would suggest taking a look at ACP -> System -> Login & Registration -> Login tab -> Reset failed login count and ensuring this is not set to "Never."
  6. The two current options for obtaining patches are: Running the Support Tool in the ACP then click "Apply Patch" and it will auto-apply the files needed. Obtaining all files from your Client Area.
  7. Jim M

    Mailchimp Alternative

    These features are not currently available. Our Community software Bulk Mailer feature is currently intended for reaching only members. I would suggest detailing all the features you wish to request.
  8. Jim M

    Mailchimp Alternative

    What particularly are you looking for? The Bulk Mail feature has unsubscribe links in the footer and many of our other emails do as well for setting preferences. A user can even unsubscribe from receiving Bulk Mailings by going to their Notifications:
  9. Jim M

    Is it worth it to upgrade?

    I am very sorry, there may be some confusion in our reply and I'll see if I can clarify a bit. We only provide a free upgrade as a courtesy to your live community for our customers. For thousands of our customer's communities, this is all that is needed. We'll be with you every step of the way, making many reviews/adjustments/etc... prior to the upgrade to ensure that when we perform the actual upgrade it goes as smooth as possible and you're online again. If anything goes wrong while we perform the upgrade, we resolve it with our advanced support team as quickly as possible. Finally, once the upgrade is done, we also do a quick review to ensure all is well. Even after that point if you're encountering any issues we'll be there to help you resolve them as quickly as possible to get you back online quickly and efficiently. Through our review, knowledge and effort you're in excellent hands with individuals who have done thousands of successful upgrades therefore there really is no need to run a test upgrade when you upgrade with our staff. May I ask your concern with the upgrade that you wish to run a test upgrade? If you would like to get comfortable with first hand experience working in Invision Community version 4, I would suggest checking out our demo.This will give you availability to all that is available in Invision Community and let you "poke around" a bit to get comfortable.
  10. Jim M

    Argh Spammers

    There really has been no changes to the Spam Defense service. Please keep in mind with any spam prevention, it is not 100% effective. As with the nature of the internet there are human and machine equivalents to spam which can get past the Spam Defense and CAPTCHA. In addition to the Spam Defense service and CAPTCHA, we recommend setting up and utilizing several Question and Answer challenges that would be specific to your niche. This way only users interested in your community will be able to register. (it may be worth changing the Q/A challenge up every now and again as like as I said there are humans too that are smart and resourceful) If you have these in place and still encountering spam, please feel free to submit a ticket and we can see if there is any suggestions we can provide you.
  11. For the t-shirts, we have our own. We have 2 different versions so we've given away 1 of each and have done that twice in the last year or so that we've had them. The calendar is ours as well. It's a user-driven contest as well which generates it's own traffic. It's a pain and a lot of validating to ensure the photos are fit and legal to print but is worth it. Depending on sales of the calendar itself we will give a couple away in the new year. We have been doing this for quite some time and they love it. Finally, we have vendors on our community that will contribute with free items. A t-shirt here, a coffee mug there or we'll get a free/discounted product to give away. These aren't branded for us but we'll throw in a "thank you" note with the item. Overall, maybe 2-4 contests like this per year depending on what product we have and how things are going. Try not to over saturate it and keep the excitement.
  12. Mine is, showing it's age and I would not use it for any other means than having fun and letting off some steam.
  13. And... here I am with 2. But! I also have a drum set, an alto saxophone and a Bb clarinet. Maybe I should have contributed to this article.
  14. Contests are actually a very affordable way to bribe people. I do this on my personal community. A calendar, a shirt, whatever it is can be cheap and gets them in the door/posting. People love a chance to win free stuff! Just need to ensure once you have your audience in you capitalize.
  15. Please post any bugs found in the alpha/beta stage in our bug tracker: https://invisioncommunity.com/4bugtrack/alpha-and-beta-reports/ . Thanks!