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  1. They would only keep refreshing if you keep visiting within that 90 days. If you do not visit till 91 days then you have to login again. This is pretty much standard for low-medium secure websites. I honestly can't remember the last time I had to login to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc... because I visit those on a semi-daily basis.
  2. Flagging them as a spammer will tell our spam system to learn from the incident and help you in the future and others. It also takes many other data points into consideration so if they do try to register again from say the same IP address and our spam system notices it on other communities, it will block them. Flagging as a spammer also is a one-click button you can setup to do optional things like delete or hide all their content and ban or delete the user. Deleting the account does nothing to help yourself and others in the future.
  3. There are no known vulnerabilities. Were these IPs (or variations) hitting other URLs too? If so, probably some rogue bot that has saved a bunch of URLs and going back. The specific URL you mentioned would create an error as the CSRF key had expired if they went back to it I saw this a lot on my personal community with Russia with text scraper bots and just blocked the whole country.
  4. Sorry, CloudFlare cannot be used on our Cloud. You will need to revert back to using our nameservers. We provide an SSL certificate to our customers. If this is not working or otherwise, please submit a ticket and we can assist you.
  5. Thanks for posting, and I'm sorry that you're having an issue with your Invision Community. Can you go ahead and submit a support ticket please? I'm going to need to get a little more information about your account to help, and this is best done in a private support ticket. Thank you! 🙌
  6. Sounds like something is not quite right with Javascript or the theme on your community since upgrading. Either there is a theme compatibility issue, cache issue, or a write issue on the server. I would recommend clearing cache by going to ACP -> System -> Support. Then try again. If that does not help: Switch to an unmodified theme and check again. Check to ensure write permissions on your server are correct. If you're on our Cloud, please submit a ticket as we would need to see what else is going on.
  7. This is something we're aware of and looking in to.
  8. You can just create a new theme and it will be unmodified thus based on the release you're on.
  9. You would want to select "Allow only the links specified" in the "Link Filtering" field then insert your domain and then use * as wildcard. For example, if your domain is example.com and you want to allow everything from it, you would do https://example.com/*
  10. Check in ACP -> System -> Posting -> Links (tab) -> check your require moderation for links. If these are internal images, you'll want to allow your own domain to whitelist there.
  11. Spoiler alert: Not everyone. @Stuart Silvester and I use a PC.
  12. As Nathan mentioned, check if you're using the traffic, cron, or cloud: traffic - you will need to have visitors on your community's front-end for these tasks to process. if traffic is minimal and you're self-hosted, running tasks manually or cron will be a good idea. cron - likely your cron is failing and you'll need to have your server administrator check the logs. Can post the error here. cloud - if you're on our Cloud, try navigating the front-end to kick start the tasks. If they don't start moving, please submit a ticket.
  13. It looks like the icons are not working correctly. Are you seeing this in other areas? Could you please try to clear the cache in ACP -> System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly.
  14. Moved this for you 🙂 . Things seem to have updated now. Could have been a temporary error.
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