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  1. Please submit a ticket if you’re experiencing an issue. We will be happy to assist 🙂 .
  2. Curious, is there a reason not to just break this subset of Club users who only would have access to a specific "forum" to another Club?
  3. Possible already with our Pages application 🙂
  4. That would indicate that there are no tags setup in ACP -> System -> Posting -> Tags. If you are using a closed tag system, tags have to be defined there.
  5. On iOS, use Safari and click the share button -> add to home screen. On Android, use Chrome, click the menu -> add to home screen. There is no popup message for PWA.
  6. There are 3 options for CAPTCHA for you to choose from in ACP -> Members -> Spam Prevention -> CAPTCHA tab. Whichever is selected there is used throughout your community where CAPTCHA is necessary. Additionally, reCAPTCHA v1 by Google was deprecated (the one with the letters/numbers you had to type) so was removed quite some time ago.
  7. Other issue is that the number can change with other moderator functions too like split/merge/delete/etc... Not really ideal to statically number things in a dynamic world. Most older posts in a topic might not change but this is a good example where numbering can get confusing. If they are referencing those posts in a separate topic, I would recommend using the permalink as @Morgin mentioned. This is the way to reference an individual post outside of a topic. If a user is commenting on a post in the same topic, the "quote" feature should be used to reference it. If a member
  8. The billing address is before any credit card or payment information so this would not happen.
  9. Through shipping rates, you can set which countries you want to ship to. It does not remove any selection from our address selection but will not allow the user to complete purchase and warns them of this. Example: I'm in the US and don't want to ship large products to the UK.
  10. Please submit a ticket in the Client Area and we can help you with the cancellation.
  11. This is available at the top of most scenarios with checkboxes. In the example of forum topics, it is just to the right moderator actions and just below “Reply to this topic” button. Just click and hit ‘None” and it will deselect all checkboxes.
  12. It would be recommended to inspect why you’re not receiving the emails. As either they are not setup correctly or encountering an error being handed off to your email provider. Both of which would not help by complicating the setup. If things are setup correctly for admin notifications, you will want to see if there are any errors handing the email off to your email provider in ACP > System > Email Settings > Email Error Log. If notifications are setup and there are no errors in the log. There may be an issue with your email provider sending the mail or an issue elsewhere. I
  13. Feel free to submit a ticket if you're still having issues 🙂
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