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  1. Not too sure what you mean. There already is a notification for this:
  2. If you’re only interested in completed, reviewable or failed payments you’ll want to view Transactions in the ACP rather than Invoices. This will provide you a list of actual payment attempts (aka transactions) that you’re looking for. You can then reference the invoice as needed as they are linked.
  3. The "Search" field when viewing the results will search "Action." Same for Moderator Logs. You can then combine that with the advanced search options to search all fields.
  4. I am seeing an xml file generated for my test instance's sitemap. If you're having issues though, please submit a ticket.
  5. Resists making a joke... What is the use case for knowing the exact time? Guess that's a better way to phrase the question.
  6. Curious, why does it matter if it was today or yesterday? Typically within 24 hours, I would just see as recent postings. Whether it was made today or yesterday really is irrelevant. They can also hover over the time string and get the actual date and time of the post. Not helpful on mobile but an option.
  7. That Guide is for Google Signin API and how to upgrade from Google + login API. The Google Signin API is working/viable, yes.
  8. In your ticket, you were experiencing issues of Google Maps API not being properly setup. Once it is, Google Maps should be detecting the country correctly for users who have properly granted permission. If it is still not working, please reply to your ticket and we can continue to assist you in getting the Google Maps API working.
  9. Could you please clarify what you're referring to in regards to initial choice? The first time any user goes to an address field in a new browser, they will be asked if they would like to grant location permission to the application. The form then would handle the rest if they grant permission.
  10. You could add a custom editor toolbar button pretty easily to accomplish this: Then in custom.css define the following: .borderClass img { border: 1px solid #000; } Then when in the editor, highlight your image and click this toolbar button you created 🙂 NOTE: I'm horrible at naming classes, Rikki probably is ashamed 😄
  11. I see this really as a theme customization, not something I would champion to be in the software. However, it is really simple to perform, you can just place the following in your custom.css. .ipsImage { border: 1px solid #000; }
  12. You can setup your admin notifications by going to ACP -> notification bell (top right) -> Notification settings. In there will be the member registration alert :)
  13. If memory serves, both Android and iOS require an email address to create an account to use their devices.
  14. Really depends who and where. Some performers keep ticket prices reasonable, like Tom Petty I never paid over $100 for floor tickets and got back arena multiple times for ~$30-40. That of course has been 2+ years since those concerts.
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