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  1. I am super grateful for your help! I thought I checked all version numbers but appearantly not... Now, I activate the 2-factor log in again for admin's 🙂
  2. None of these templates are edited (revert off) Go here https://99nicu.org/lostpassword and get a password for adriano.faria.alves@gmail.com You have membership since some other checks you have done 🙂
  3. Ok, have updated the Members country plugin. Can you guide me to the exact templates that needs to be edited (their names)?
  4. Comes here. Run the standard default theme, without edits (as I remember, will check to be sure) Update: handful edits see all below:
  5. After upgrade to IPB 4.4 I got this error (see screen shot) I have run the support tool and everything seems fine there. Any idea what to do?
  6. @Adriano Faria Great plugin! Feature request: would it be possible to also add a "Delete" as an option (in addition or instead of "Ban")? At our forum (99nicu.org), we delete registrations from people who are not eligible for a membership (instead of banning). So with your plugin (just purchased it 🙂 ) we still need to log in to the AdminCP and delete registrations we banned at the front-end. As our idea with this plugin is to reduce the need to log in to AdminCP, it would be great to be able to Delete directly at the front-end.
  7. What is the recommended sizes (dimensions) of the blog post image for the grid?
  8. If you’d do something like this I am sure many would pay for your plugin https://feedthemsocial.com/
  9. Yes, we would like a page with tweets with a (or a few) hashtags (independent of account). the same with FB would of course also be great.
  10. Would it be possible to feed a certain hashtag also? If no, would be a great feature - I would like to create a page with the #foamneo hashtag on our site 99nicu.org If not a planned feature, is there another plugin out there?
  11. Thanks for fixing the widgets. Regarding the category images, I'll reupload images with smaller dimensions.
  12. I upgraded to IPB 4.3.1 and then also the Links Dir to 5.2.0 The block "Links Feed" on my landing page got very strange and it also right-shifts (pushes) the sidebar. In the actual Links Directory, the category images are also shown as "full size", in my case 250x250 px. In the previous version (IPB 4.2.9 and LinksDir 5.1.0) the category images were resized to ~100 x 100 (smaller than the original size). You can visit the site on https://99nicu.org (and you have a login since before ? )
  13. So, after resetting the quiz, it is possible to delete one of the questions?
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