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  1. Already did and still under process. My question to everyone was/is - Is anyone else facing the same issue? Or its me alone? Please try to checkout 2 quantity of any product from store and see if it redirects to payment gateway or not?
  2. How to set 1 point = 1 like (any emoticon reaction)?
  3. Any update on this....? Anyone facing same issue for checking out more than 1 item....?
  4. How to set 1 point = 1 like (any emoticon reaction)?
  5. Thanks, so is there any way out I can fetch half details with "members list" and then remaining ones with SQL and then rebuild excel manually?
  6. I tried it and it didn't have any options for fn: First Name ln: Last Name Zip: PO Box ct: City Value: Total Spent
  7. Hi There, Can any SQL expert please help in creating a query to fetch following data in excel for our paid members (only)? email phone fn ln zip ct st country gen value Email: Email address Phone: Mobile Number fn: First Name ln: Last Name Zip: PO Box ct: City st: City country: Country Gen: Gender Value: Total Spent Thanks in advance.
  8. Can anyone confirm the presence of same error in their community please? Try to check out with 2 quantities on any product under your store (not subscriptions).
  9. Has anyone able to fix the issue of multiple items (products) check out throwing an address error? This is the error we are getting when any user check out more than 1 quantity. We are using Paypal and its not limited with amount as I have inflated one of the product cost by 10X and still successfully able to check out and reach till PayPal payment page. But with 2 or more quantities we are facing this address invalid issue. Appreciate any help or advise, please. Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking for any accounting software that has best compatibility with IPS. Our main products, subscriptions and advertising all running on IPS so hoping to find some accounting solution that can pull all income, invoices, customer detail data from IPS and we just have to manually enter bare minimum expenses and details every month.
  11. Very good idea and would love to see this function in the app, be it feature or custom request.
  12. Hope to have every subscription on the subscription page a stand alone page, so that when we promote specific subscription (1 out 3 or 6 subscriptions) we don't confuse customer and cause action paralysis (several sales experts advise) by landing all traffic to main subscription page with 6 other options. I know IPB is least focus on customer sales as they are focus on community only, but to thrive any independent community, paid subscriptions are life blood for sustainability. Hope to see this in 4.5, please. Plugin/App developers: Happy to pay 100 USD if someone can patch this
  13. Concatenate to certain characters - First option Reduce to 3 in a row than 4 - Second option Im sure 90% username will fit with first option. Sample of 14 character at smallest font size. Second column Deniz in 3 variation. Second row is his actual username - 14 characters.
  14. I hope its possible to show the names under icons too like this edited graphic
  15. Hope to see this issue get resolved in 4.5. Check the video of seeing the hassle I go through every week X 4-6 drives. https://www.loom.com/share/4c1e284f37fc49e3b2a21c4940077f53
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