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  1. Thanks @Thomas P much appreciate your advises, and that's what I was looking to experiment to find what works best in our case. We have recently moved to a new server that does handle previously spiking load very well so far and always loading pages under 2 sec with data storage setup. But I need to spend time and research and test various settings to be ready for the future. Can you please explain what do you mean by "smaller database". How can we control that size?
  2. Appreciate to hear those multitude of factors so that I can invest time to understand what works best in our case.
  3. Does anyone else suggest redis too or mysql? Please help.
  4. Thanks, I figured that dimension and uploaded the same size and its still seems fuzzy or smudgy
  5. So you suspect, its because of scaling? I have tried couple of options but it was all the same. Any clue what's the max logo size, so I can try exact dimensions.
  6. I tried image setting to 100 quality in Jpeg and 10 in PNG but still when I upload the logo it appears smudgy on the site. Can some please help how to upload 100% crisp quality logo in IPS backend? Thanks in advance.
  7. That's a cpanel view of mod security options
  8. We have been using filesystem for sometime and just updated to 4.5 and wondering with new description under data storage tab, which one is more advisable for faster, yet stable performance. Filesystem MySQL Redis We are on 64 gb dedicated server for single site with regular peak traffic during certain hours of the day.
  9. Last week we shifted to new cpanel server and were unable to post or edit any topic. Support helped us to identify that we need to switch off mod_security to post again. Wondering to know what is the actual requirement of IPS than switching off mod_security completely. Appreciate if someone knows the right config to add/edit in mod security so we can switch it on safely please? Thanks in advance.
  10. Support help us to identify that we need to switch off mod_security on our new cpanel server and then we could post again.
  11. There are only these two system log from today and none in error log
  12. Last week we migrated to new server from Cent OS 6 to7 along with PHP7.4 and Maria DB. We did all test and everything was working fine for 5-6 days. Last night we tweak MySQL tuneup to optimize and today morning 1 user complain that she cannot post. Then second and then third and so one. Few complaining about cant post new topics, others complaining cant edit topic. I can post new topic but cannot edit as an admin even. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  13. Any update on this, we are experiencing the same now. We dont know if its IPS, clodflare or our sql issue. Please share your solution. Thanks in advance.
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