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  1. @The Old Man please share here or in PM your community URL and Im happy to help you suggest many ideas from my experience. Long story short, your community should have Valuable and/or entertaining/engaging content Above content should be locked for paid user after a free preview. Above content shouldn't be freely available with other sites and communities.
  2. OMG, this is worth in gold. Can't wait for it to launch please. Thank you soooooo much guys. Hope it includes following suggestions too: Coupon code for subscriptions Discounts for subscriptions Changing annual/monthly with flick of button than displaying same subscription twice. Its neat, space saving and above all less confusing or paralyzing for buyers. Make checkout super short just to grab credit card first and then display all the fields on next page to expedite checkout.
  3. It's been 7 days I reported a bug in this plugin. Any clue, how long it will take more to fix it?
  4. Im ready to pay 100 USD for any developer who wish to implement this and Im sure many others will offer similar value as time is of an essence here. Nobody mind waiting with definitive date, but if IPB admins don't even respond to this since 17 days that means its faaaaar from 4.5 or 5.4 or 6.5 version even. Maybe another 30 years in waiting or until all IPB customer goes to more proactive community providers - whichever comes first.
  5. IPB any luck in replying atleast with acknowledgement or with a road map, please @Eudemon what about you now.....?
  6. ACP - Guest setting video https://www.loom.com/share/4ca64f864e25465b8174869bb8160e9e
  7. There is something seriously wrong with guest views now. Please check the video. Recorded as a guest user and started recorded when permitted pages/user has reached its limit. It's blocking and allowing randomly without even closing the browser now. Please fix it asap. https://www.loom.com/share/268a3ca7a6d74a6680a2d2b7cdb7eb39 00:17 - Allowed a page - BUG 00:27 - Blocked a page - GOOD 00:34 - Allowed same page (that was blocked at 00:27) - BUG 00:44 - Blocked a page - GOOD 00:52 - Allowed and blocked same page (that was blocked at 00:44) - BUG 01:03 - Allowed a new page - BUG
  8. I understand incognito you may consider as a suggestion/feature/add-on. But why same browser open and close - that really seems like a new bug as previously it never use to behave this way.
  9. Found the solution and a new bug: That back disabling was due to custom script that we have removed. Enabled again and now back is disable for guest. New bug: Sometime your plugin blocking consecutive views and sometimes its allowing. Close and open new browser and you can still browse sometimes and block sometime, its not consistent. Please fix this based on session/IP or something more strict so that it can not even work in incognito mode (as we discussed earlier).
  10. Can you please double check, as I rem long back it was like I mentioned before: 3 pages means 3 pages, no back button was able to help. And if you are on 3rd page and when page auto refresh it will display the error message. Apparently this strictness has gone now. Please double check.
  11. Is there any recent change happen in this last version or previous version? Previously when someone used to hit limit even if they hit back button it still used to show the error message. Lately I have noticed that if we allow 3 pages then user come back form 4th to 3rd page and read that for as long as they want. Is it counting the initial allowed pages are allowed always now and not counting in the limit.....?
  12. It retained that error message. Good work.
  13. Many thanks for this wonderful add-on and quick support. Just a quick question if we enable the redirect then the error message will be deleted from the back-end or it will be just hidden so that we can use again whenever we re-activate error message again? Asking this as we have quiet an extensive style and content laid in that message and will hate to loose it for forever.
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