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  1. Many thanks @Adriano Faria for prompt support and quick assistance to let me try the test app over the PM to track all members. It worked perfect and doing its job for tracking all members from standard form and FB and Google Auth. Really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for prompt support. To be fair, I don't think anyone would mind to "track all" including not validated as anyways after 30 days those ID's will get prune per default setting. Trade off isn't huge in my view, but I will leave more in your capable hands to consider and decide accordingly.
  3. I understand that, appreciate if you can find a way please. Thanks
  4. Facebook and Google, as these two we are using.
  5. I was waiting for few new members to join with social AUTH and its been confirmed now that members signing with social AUTH aren't being tracked at all. Members filling the standard IPB form is getting tracked automatically. Please look in to this issue and help to resolve it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sure Im waiting for few new logins to establish this theory and will update you in few hours, as I have informed other admins to not to manually track members as they have been doing that since few days without telling me.
  7. Thanks @Adriano Faria for prompt response and video showing its working in the localhost. In my live community its not working anymore. Please see latest few members who still have "Track member" button active on profile instead of "change settings" like before. Just a thought that we recently switched on one click login with Google and Facebook, is this because of that option that members with external AUTH aren't being tracked.....?
  8. Im using Track Members app from sometime and it's been working fine to track all new members indefinitely. Recently after the new update of its stopped tracking all new members. Is there any bug due to the new update or tracking all new members indefinitely has some limitation as we gets 10-20 new members daily? Thanks in advance.
  9. Gentle reminder for update on fixing the error while buying the membership with points. Now new error appear, while donating points but points have been donated successfully. Please fix these both errors at the earliest.
  10. Thanks, its working now. Sorry, my bad we didn't check that member group to be tracked in settings.
  11. Also I just spotted, that I can't see the change settings tab in that member profile view like others. Possibly yes, can you please tell me how to enable that?
  12. Then why its showing me as an admin? And with same ID, same place, same login, I can hoover all member log entries but except this new one?
  13. I have a new member signed up using the new paid subscription and while looking at his log, I get below error. Please help fixing this. We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: TM - PROFILE TAB/1 While hoover over his username, log count is missing too Like others old member log entries showing the count
  14. We have this setting enabled, and still points are not awarding to new member, not even based on one fixed calculation.
  15. Its been over 10 days, the buy points issue since you removed the fixed value to conversion based calculator. Appreciate if you can please send me the patch to have previous setup in new version. If you need extra money, I'm ready to pay.
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