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  1. Wondering if there is any way we can search or filter "most viewed" pages in the entire community forum? Like these
  2. Amazing idea and help. Thanks once again, have a great day.
  3. That's really genius of you Jim. I tried doing the same and all I can see in inspect element width 767 and 600px at few places, perhaps im looking at wrong lines.
  4. MANY THANKS @Jim M, really appreciate your urgent help. May I know how did you do that, through DB or file access? In case I encounter it again, I can fix such issues.
  5. The same happens in the default blue IPB theme too. Clear the cache as well a couple of times and still the same.
  6. These were the google review code I added today to replace the bottom review and wsywyig exploded with infinite scroll. Can someone please help, why?
  7. In one of the most visited page, I added a google review snippet from a known provider which resulted in an infinite scroll, and I can't delete that block (maybe) faulty code. please help urgently. https://carnity.com/desert-driving-course/ However codes are working fine for the guest user, but when I log in page stretches to an endless horizontal scroll. Can any of admins here delete the wsyisg code for the second last segment? Or where does these custom pages stores, so I can manually remove those codes thru FTP and save back the page. Please help, urgently. Thanks in advance. Look on the left down, horizontal scroll is never-ending. I kept dragging for minutes.
  8. Sadly none of the third party plugin uses any login mechanism. We have verified this with all 4 developers and all of them confirmed, it has nothing to do with their apps. Appreciate if someone can point into right direction, please.
  9. Thanks @Daniel F for prompt reply, we are on IPS 4.7.14. How did we miss this? Or were there any manual changes required that we have missed by relying on auto update setup? Please advise, how we can fix this issue now.
  10. Every time we log out, we see this error. Its the same in the slightly modified template and in stock (blue color template). So it seems like a system issue, we are facing. Can anyone please advise how to fix it.
  11. Many thanks @Jim M for wonderful, prompt and precise support. REALLY APPRECIATE IT.
  12. Appreciate it if someone can help display the paid club activities (topics, sidebar, events and calendar) to members as well. Guests can view all, but members can't. Some permission settings we must have changed in the past, and wish to revert to the default members setting now. Its the same in the slightly modified template and in stock (blue color template). So it seems like a permission issue, we are facing. This is already on, what else we are missing, please help.
  13. Thanks, Jim and Alex, I have proceeded with manual placement of getting individual size-based ad codes from Google and placed them through IPS advertisement section. Do I further need any other head or body code for global application? The reason I am asking this is that Google ads are not loading on all pages. About 50% are loading and another 50% show whitespace as if the ad is waiting to be shown. I thought it may be due to limited inventory as per the size I opted for initially, then turned to responsive square and horizontal, still the ads not showing on all pages. https://carnity.com/ Any help in the right direction is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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