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  1. Gentle reminder for update on fixing the error while buying the membership with points. Now new error appear, while donating points but points have been donated successfully. Please fix these both errors at the earliest.
  2. Thanks, its working now. Sorry, my bad we didn't check that member group to be tracked in settings.
  3. Also I just spotted, that I can't see the change settings tab in that member profile view like others. Possibly yes, can you please tell me how to enable that?
  4. Then why its showing me as an admin? And with same ID, same place, same login, I can hoover all member log entries but except this new one?
  5. I have a new member signed up using the new paid subscription and while looking at his log, I get below error. Please help fixing this. We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: TM - PROFILE TAB/1 While hoover over his username, log count is missing too Like others old member log entries showing the count
  6. We have this setting enabled, and still points are not awarding to new member, not even based on one fixed calculation.
  7. Its been over 10 days, the buy points issue since you removed the fixed value to conversion based calculator. Appreciate if you can please send me the patch to have previous setup in new version. If you need extra money, I'm ready to pay.
  8. Any update on my request, as none of the purchase even getting the points define through commerce button. Lot of unhappy members we are facing daily due to this issue, appreciate an early response please.
  9. Thanks a lot buddy, waiting very eagerly, please try your best to do it as soon as you can.
  10. Gentle reminder for having that old fix point award upon purchase than the new points calculation system.
  11. Gentle reminder for this exception please.
  12. Updated to latest version and still same error while buying membership from points. Please have a look and provide a solution. AFTER REFRESHING ONE TIME
  13. Just to share and help others, here is our little Members Shop success story. We launched points system in Mar - April as a free product and member can come back with donation. No one gave any respect. In June we implemented little payment and throttle the donation to selective members only. By June end we started seeing that how this fear of little payment work in favor of engagement - literally 10X. Although it was an experiment and we are still learning to keep a reasonable and respectful price point to welcome new user and also expensive enough to encourage users so they keep contributing. Now after every weekly drive within 12 hours we get 40-50 images in gallery, 2-3 drive videos on youtube and tons of discussions, comments and likes. Earlier people use to come for drive and then never return to forum again until next week drive just to RSVP the calendar. Here are the points system break down, if it helps anyone here in replicating for quick engagement boost. We highly recommend using this Members Shop app and explore what works best in your community to lure, encourage and inspire users. https://carnity.com/cps
  14. That will be really awesome. As we are in TOTAL LOVE with your points system that has kicked up so much engagement with a little fear of paying few bucks. And now we can't afford to change these things around so fast. Thanks to your points system: UAE'S MOST ENGAGING CAR SITE (25 Pageview/user, 12% bounce rate, 67 min avg time) I will wait for your add-on mod over the PM. Really appreciate your consideration and help. Thanks a lot.
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