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  1. Gentle reminder @InvisionHQ @Durango have you got any response on PM....? Hoping to get the search filters and mobile view sorted asap.
  2. Same here, Im ready to pay too for adding filters option and fixing the mobile side widget view where 80% our traffic is from mobile.
  3. OMG, is that still tossing at the feature request page to be decided to make its way in/not......! I was thinking I don't know how to add filters and later I was about to replicate adding filters for other fields like location, specs, cylinders, model years etc for my car classifieds. I think this adding filters should be very basic functionality to find a needle in the haystack, as that's what supposed to be the prime function of any classifieds that has thousands of adverts.
  4. How to add a price filter in the classified main landing page?
  5. I meant for calendar using the actual date and time and not the calendar app. Like at 00:01 - 23:59 count 1 day by programming and award bonus points for every 24 hours if they become active in those 24 hours, irrespective of logging in or already logged in.
  6. I don't think anyone is logging out from such community to log back next day. It' not a banking system. Can you change the behavior please as its very non-user-friendly to ask them to log out and log in each day that will deter the participation? You know users are too lazy and one more step is enough to make them lose the interest. We would be more interested in last visit option than last activity so that they can earn points for just logging back to the system (as it says in your app) - without logging out/in. Maybe you can tie this based on the calendar instead of session instances, just a thought.
  7. I have just updated to 1.1.8 and still, members aren't receiving there daily visiting points. Please confirm if these settings are sufficient or not.....?
  8. Is there any bug on daily and weekly points bonus, as few members are complaining in our board of not receiving their daily and weekly points for logging in?
  9. I have assigned an unrestricted ACP access to the account sent over a PM, please debug the classified issue as soon as you can. Thanks in advance.
  10. There is a confirmed bug with the Classified App, as I have created a new root category and moved one car brand and still, root showed ZERO. Please provide a patch to fix this asap, it's been 5 days I'm waiting.
  11. Have you received the ACP access and tried something from the backend? As you might be knowing a lot more than our guesswork.
  12. Sure, I just tried and still count isn't showing. My guess is someone might have added advert in main car classifieds category instead of car brand and corrupted this feature. Why I'm saying this as a test I myself added dummy advert in root car classifieds category and it showed 1 instead of zero. How can we disable to not to upload any advert in root category....? That might fix this bug (just a thought).
  13. Yes, I remember seeing this classifieds count all the time and just since last month it disappeared after we upgrade to 4.4 ( I think). I'm sure IPB support will not provide support for some features of your classifieds app. Please advise a solution on how to fix this?
  14. Is this the right place to seek support for Classified App....? It's been 5 days since Sunday I'm waiting to get one issue sorted of sidebar showing ZERO adverts, whereas backend shows we have 134 adverts. https://carnity.com/classifieds @Lindy does IPB has any SLA for app providers....?
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