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  1. Regardless of all made arguments here if it is useful or not, there seems to be a demand for it. Even vBulletin 3 & 4 had this option. This file is not currently available for purchase.
  2. As a forum administrator I don't have knowledge about all bugs my users are experiencing. So, the way it is working now isn't really a proactive one because I can be affected of a bug but not aware of its existence. Best would be an additional notice if a patch is available so we can choose if we run the patch or not. If you don't want to show this to every admin for whatever reason you could combine this with the 'USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS' constants because this mostly will be used by experienced forum owners.
  3. Very useful ideas, thanks @Joel R Waiting now for the 16x16 Growth Hacks.
  4. There was a free plugin called Preview Post Big Button doing this. Sadly it's gone. That's how it looks like, a good inspiration for the ips dev team:
  5. In the meantime you can use this:
  6. +1 especially useful when using a mobile phone
  7. On 2.00 this phrase seems to be missing: MSI__loc_editing_social_info
    This sweet tiny plugin does what it says, after quick installation you just have to select the database you want to have the record image required. And the best, it's free! Sorry for this little rant but it always makes me angry if someone rates a free working product lower than 5 stars. In this case, the payment and satisfaction for the dev to provide such a free products is the rating!
  8. Oh my dear, indeed I'm registered since 2007, wasn't aware of that long time. But to be honest, I only registered to just take a quick look and not really tested all functions because the software wasn't my taste (at that time). I'm really deeper in since maybe two years.
  9. If a user dismisses the profile completion (cool stuff b.t.w.) it would be nice if it comes up again after maybe 14 days or any other number we could add.
  10. In my experience there were a lot of members choosing avatars from a given selection when I was on vBulletin. Now if I check the latest 100 registrations only 13 have uploaded an own avatar.
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