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  1. Oh my dear, indeed I'm registered since 2007, wasn't aware of that long time. But to be honest, I only registered to just take a quick look and not really tested all functions because the software wasn't my taste (at that time). I'm really deeper in since maybe two years.
  2. If a user dismisses the profile completion (cool stuff b.t.w.) it would be nice if it comes up again after maybe 14 days or any other number we could add.
  3. In my experience there were a lot of members choosing avatars from a given selection when I was on vBulletin. Now if I check the latest 100 registrations only 13 have uploaded an own avatar.
    A sweet and little enhancement of your notification system. Makes your forum more shine like a flower vase in your room. Thanks.
  4. Agree, there is some useful content in it.
    Very useful and nice plugin works exactly as described. Thanks.
  5. Sadly, developer has no active license or other reason it can't get purchased right now.
    It makes the "Our Pick" page more appealing. Thanks.
  6. Indeed, especially on the mentioned site above, how he customized the database filter. Want to have this too.
    The Enhanced Forum Views Plugin is a very nice way to give your forum listing a special unique and beautiful new look. The installation is very easy and you can choose the avatars showing in 3 different sizes (mini, small, medium). Full satisfaction guaranteed. Thanks.
  7. What*s the point of this worthless discussion? You asked for support and you got support, so just change one single sign on your reaction. A 15 seconds task. And b.t.w. to piss off the single one supporting add-ons your site relates in big parts upon, can't be really wise....
  8. I added this into my custom.css file: .ipsType_normal { font-size: 15px !important; }
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