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  1. Thanks, just found the phrase, it was _date_this_week
  2. Yes. I used to translate the language by my own because I don't want to overwrite some made changes. Isn't there any release note showing which phrases have been upgraded?
  3. After upgrading to 4.5 there are missing phrases in the posting dates. Couldn't find the proper phrases, any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    The chatbox+ is a great system, it's chatbox (shoutbox) chat and 1:1 communication in a single app. As all products from this developer it is well created and the support is always top notch. Thanks.
  4. Very cool stuff, does this work with database record items too? And a suggestion, the current rank display should contain a link to the profile.
  5. This shouldn't be possible:
  6. Ah, and before I forget it, this would be nice too.
  7. Adriano, thanks for taking this lovely app over and updating it for 4.5. One suggestion I made before was to have an option for the users to delete sent notes in /stickynotes/receivednotes/
  8. Big thanks to @Daniel F for fixing the issues. He's the greatest of the greatest.
  9. No, I just ran the acp upgrade system, this auto downloads the files. And still waiting for IPB staff to help.... It should be kind of priority support when a forum is offline, but seems not to be the case here.
  10. Hi, on upgrading from 4.3.6 to the latest release my installation hangs at step 7 with error message: Class 'IPS\cms\Records\Review1' not found EX0 Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Ticket is opened.
  11. Ok, possibly my hoster upgraded today to php 7.3 and I'm still running IPB 4.3.6 but I'm not 100 % sure about this. Need to wait for an answer from them. If this was the reason for the errors, is there a way to upgrade some files to get it fixed? Thanks.
  12. Sent you pm because adult relatetd. Thank you. After some testing, following occurs: page not exist error shows when trying to access user profile, forum category or topics or blogs. Gallery works, pages content works and the search works. I disabled all plugins and applications, created new default style, cached several times.... I'm out of ideas now. The last things I've done before all f**** up was: I haven't installed anything new or done any other changes.
  13. After I cleared the cache in the acp I got on all forum topics the message Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Pages content is still there. In the forum view the topics are all showing and no error or system log entry. In the database the post content is still existing. Any idea? Thanks.
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