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  1. Ramsesx

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Thank you, some more questions. 1) I guess the "Gallery" images are just attachments inside the records, not taken from the ips gallery? 2) How is the rating stars system working, is it just from 1-5 or is it possible to have a 10 numbers showing half stars? Means if I gave a rating of 7 it shows 3.5 stars? 3) Is it possible to add "out of the box" address maps in every mode or only in mode 3?
  2. Ramsesx

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Very nice done, thank you. In mode 2 is it possible to have more than 4 rating options, if yes, is there a limit? If I have 8 for example, the space will be very large from the first to the last rating value. Maybe it would be an idea to have 2 columns showing them?
  3. Ramsesx

    Improving fluid view ?

    Yes, it toggles, collapses the different categories, perfect if you have a lot of forums and categories. Works fine on the latest ips release.
  4. Ramsesx

    (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Some suggestions for this lovely application: Add member filter: has no avatar has no cover photo
  5. Have you tried the word filter option, maybe a way to filter a lot of korean stuff. You could add the most common words they are spamming. Blocking the country IP's would be another way.
  6. In fluid view if forums or categories are selected there should be an optical feedback for the users because sometimes they just forget they excluded something. Especially if you have a large list of categories and forums. Something like "show all forums" or "remove forums filter".
  7. Ramsesx

    Fluid View & Breadcrumbs

    My first time experience with that view as an administrator. I watched a topic in a hidden forum and it would be a disaster if they were public. After seeing this breadcrumb without the proper forum in, I got a near heart attack because I scared the topic is outside of the hidden forum. Summary, it makes no sense to me to have the full path listing removed. There should be some consistency in how the forum works and looks.
  8. Ramsesx

    Improving fluid view ?

    Don't know if you found something now. I am using this one:
  9. Ramsesx

    Preview Post Big Button

    Works nice and should be a default option in IPS. A small suggestion, it would be nice to have the button too when you create a new topic.
  10. Ramsesx

    Member Profile Requires UX/UI Update

    I like it the way as it is. Doesn't look this ok to you? Maybe on mobile the avatar could be moved to the upper right. 27-06-_2018_01-12-20.mp4
  11. Ramsesx

    (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Yes, mp4 works fine.... as long as you not edit the entry again after saving. Then it is pasted as a link in the editor not embedded as a video.
  12. Ramsesx

    Random Content

    Can reproduce it on the default theme. And just seen, if I move the tablet from horizontal to vertical it shows the image, and if moving back it vanishes.
  13. Ramsesx

    Random Content

    Hi Adriano, if I have a random image block and click on an image using a tablet the image is not loading on the first time. Only after a page reload. On a mobile phone there is no close button for the image and it's looking some kind of weird too. Could you check this please? Thanks.
  14. Ramsesx

    (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Can confirm this behavior on 2.1.4 and 2.1.5
  15. Nice done, it looks like you could do this even in 4 minutes . Please more examples of pages usage and include more ready to use templates like @opentype is offering. On my site the pages app is a large part of my community, use it for reviews, as a link directory, for model sedcards, article magazine, quote database by @opentype .