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  1. Ramsesx

    Highlight Topic Author

    Please see the post before your post, this seems to work.
  2. Ramsesx

    IPS 4.1 is extremely slow

    Good point, after my migration I had around 2 days a heavy impact to my server because of the re-indexing. After this all went smooth again.
  3. Ramsesx

    IPS 4.1 is extremely slow

    Normally it takes less than a second. You should open a support ticket but beware, friday to sunday isn't the best time for support. So be patient.
  4. Ramsesx

    Invision needs to be smarter with mobile

    In my opinion the main issue is the very reduced size of a mobile phone. I guess you will never get a really satisfying user experience like you have on a desktop computer. But there might be some space for improvement on mobile devices for sure. Just as an example, in page content, if you have comments and reviews enabled there is only a small arrow indicating that you can press the button to switch to reviews or comments view.
  5. Suggestion: For administrators there should be an option to delete a club not only in the acp.
  6. Ramsesx

    Team Talk: What would you do with $1,000,000?

    With 1 million, I would buy a house, a nice car and a dog to protect both. And some more ips licenses.
  7. Given I have created a custom activity stream and want it to share with the community in a post there should be the option to save this stream for the user calling this stream. A quick example: https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/unread/?&stream_classes[IPS\cms\Records22]=1&stream_classes[IPS\cms\Records31]=1&stream_classes[IPS\forums\Topic]=1 My suggestion: It should show the "save as new stream" every time if you call a not saved stream.
  8. Ramsesx

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Very nice style, the navigation bar looks cool and is very responsive. Small suggestion, maybe hide the store menu, especially the "my stuff" (doesn't pop up for unregistered members). Looks very nice how you integrated the clubs onto the index page. Small optical suggestion, the blue doesn't fit well into your style: https://lonelypeople.co.uk/forums/forum/37-questions-and-answers/ Very nice done, fits good to the site topic, congrats.
  9. Ramsesx

    Auto Welcome Support

    A suggestion, it would be very cool if there would be a way to create welcome messages dependent on the usergroup the member is in.
  10. Ramsesx

    Comics ( Support Topic )

    Interesting plugin, it would be nice if you could add some sites where the download and usage of files is legal.
  11. Ramsesx

    Club Owner - Mass PM Club Members

    Very nice and sweet little add-on works like expected. Club owners can send to all club members at once a personal message. Highly recommended to all forums with a heavy club usage. Thank you very much.
  12. Ramsesx

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Fully agree, it makes no sense to not have such an option. A user asked already how he can delete the messages.
  13. I guess you talk about general translations on forums etc.. Sonya about specific cases in the pages database. This has own rules (see screenshot above).
  14. The logic behind merging topics is questionable at all. It should be the opposite way as it is done now. Just imagine how people use this function. In 99% of all cases you want to add a topic with few posts into another popular topic with many posts. And so, you will select the topic with the few posts to merge into the other.
  15. Ramsesx

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Is there a way to get a default image shown if there is no title image set? (possibly for different databases) Thanks.