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  1. I added this into my custom.css file: .ipsType_normal { font-size: 15px !important; }
  2. It is right, some other forum scripts have a free subscription option. This was the case in vBulletin, the system I converted from to IPS. But to be fair, the IPS system is way more advanced in all regards. If I compare both systems, IPS saves me more life time because of the inbuilt invoice generation system. In vBulletin I had to create invoices by another program and send it to members needing an invoice. The overall payment rate is higher because the system sends out automatically payment reminder. Bottom line, commerce is a professional tool helping you to get the most bucks out of your members and worth the price.
  3. And I want the whole IPS package for 200$ because the current rates are too high but I guess they won't do this.
  4. If you see the real world usage in detail it gets fascinating more and more. I am sure this large screens will replace the normal size devices very soon.
  5. Have you seen this:
  6. Then this explains why I don't see them. Thanks.
  7. Interesting, here on two different desktop browsers on win 7 it looks like that:
  8. Since some weeks a lot of emojis aren't visible here on IPS.
  9. If I die, my community dies too. I don't care what happens after.
  10. Welcome to Invision Helen. A very nice and clean site styling. Love dogs too and it's always interesting knowing how to make cookies for them. Good luck.
  11. Search for "forum software".
  12. They will get smaller, thinner and cheaper, that's how technology works. Do you remember?
  13. Next one, Huawei Mate X, looks even better than the Samsung: My guess, Apple will follow soon in offering something similar.
  14. In a few years, I guess this will be the new standard of mobile phones. What do you think?
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