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  1. Ramsesx

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    Very good news, my site is very heavy in image usage and page loading speed a big issue. The bad, it seems this deep code change will affect many plugins I guess and regarding my short experience with IPS updates, there will be some bug fixing necessary and a real stable package available after some point releases. However, a great step forward. Thanks for your hard work girls and guys. 👍
  2. The most important part of a community is the content. This leads to the conclusion that finding and exploring of the content should be the main focus of a community. In IPS we have two different ways how new content can be found, fluid forum view and activity streams. If you have more content types than only forum topics your members will be confused when they browse in the fluid forum view but not find the other sites content like articles, reviews etc. in it. Now you can say, ok, just disable the fluid view and all is fine, but members coming from vBulletin or other forums are often familiar with the fluid view to explore new content. So, the best way should be a combination of both systems on one single page.
  3. Ramsesx

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    Have you tried how it looks on the default IPS style?
  4. Ramsesx

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    Have you checked the second entry where it only says "Applications" , the symbol, there are additional usergroup permissions.
  5. Ramsesx

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    Have you checked all permissions?
  6. Ramsesx

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    If you tell what your problem is.
  7. Ramsesx

    Move all content types to everywhere

    Sure it's not easy but technically and in theory possible. But I know it's maybe not a function required by many admins. Anyway, thanks for your reply.
  8. This should be possible. For example if I have pages article comments, it should be possible to move them into a forum topic. Or comments to reviews, reviews to comments etc..
  9. Ramsesx

    Unread Topic Badge

    Very nice plugin, had to remove it because in 4.3 the "has poll" icon isn't visible if enabled.
  10. Something like this as an additional option would be lovely.
  11. Ramsesx

    (BIM43) Chatbox

    Thank you very much for this free and near perfect chatbox, I use it in my forum as a shoutbox on the right side on 4.3.6
  12. Ramsesx

    Developers selling default options

    Sure, it was dumb from my side, no doubt about this. But to avoid future purchases by mistake from idiots like me, it would be sweet to have an additional information in the descriptions. By the way, I love you too Joel.
  13. Ramsesx

    Developers selling default options

    It was just a kind request to all developers adding an informational line into their marketplace item descriptions. Shouldn't be hard to do so. Thanks.