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  1. On Vivaldi browser, pushing the button "sign in to marketplace" gives no reaction at all (no sign in pop up window opens). On Firefox trying to sign in via email gives this error: The funny thing, if I take the URL from above and paste it into the Vivaldi browser I can sign in finally.
  2. Is it possible to change username of article comments, reviews? Thanks.
  3. It's nice to see the team in videos. I value the openness very highly. Please more of it.
  4. The multiquote button should be more in focus. No normal human being is expecting stuff related to posting and writing 10 foots away. Especially if a site has a site up button or other stuff on the right lower corner and a larger screen size it's getting hard to see.
  5. This option is nice, but not really usable. If enabled a new registrant has to add first and last name. There is no username (Display Name) field available. If he pays and the account is marked as paid, his forum username will be his first and last name. This doesn't makes sense because it is common to use fantasy names in forums, especially if the topic of the forum is adult or other sensitive stuff related. There seems to be also a bug, if you get a captcha window and make a wrong choice it jumps back to the start screen (choose existing member or new member) and all input data are lost.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out, but this doesn't makes any sense to me.
  7. On the site WHMCS it says "Trusted by over 35,000 customers in over 200 countries" IPS I smell a business opportunity.
  8. Never heard of this. For example, some years ago IPS removed the chat system. There are now three chat applications available in the marketplace...
  9. Probably a good opportunity for a developer to create a plugin converting user titles into profile fields. Or even better, IP is integrating such a tool into the upgrader for free.
  10. Say, I have invited a lot of members, where can I see the list of them to prevent double invitations? Thanks.
  11. You also can do it with the create new content button on the top.
  12. Never mind, I still appreciate your help.
  13. Thanks, just found the phrase, it was _date_this_week
  14. Yes. I used to translate the language by my own because I don't want to overwrite some made changes. Isn't there any release note showing which phrases have been upgraded?
  15. After upgrading to 4.5 there are missing phrases in the posting dates. Couldn't find the proper phrases, any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    The chatbox+ is a great system, it's chatbox (shoutbox) chat and 1:1 communication in a single app. As all products from this developer it is well created and the support is always top notch. Thanks.
  16. Very cool stuff, does this work with database record items too? And a suggestion, the current rank display should contain a link to the profile.
  17. This shouldn't be possible:
  18. Ah, and before I forget it, this would be nice too.
  19. Adriano, thanks for taking this lovely app over and updating it for 4.5. One suggestion I made before was to have an option for the users to delete sent notes in /stickynotes/receivednotes/
  20. Big thanks to @Daniel F for fixing the issues. He's the greatest of the greatest.
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