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  1. @rinku2012 @jair101 @PPlanet @Fred Krugger @blacknight @Christforums @The Old Man Hello everybody! we are using the cloudflare premium, but unfortunately didnt think that cloudflare use would be not 100% compatible with ips and didnt research about it beforehand. (duh!) After some support tickets with our problems, we got the tip that cloudflare is not really good with ips, but i have read posts that have some tips on how to indeed use cloudflare with ipb. to sum it all up, you all recommend /have you done: - url exclusion of the admincp ? https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172316-How-do-I-exclude-a-specific-URL-from-Cloudflare-s-caching- - disable rocketloader. - to correctly record ips https://www.cloudflare.com/technical-resources/#mod_cloudflare and /or what else ? We have not yet implemented the above, but are trying to gather info first. The licence we have that is running IPS 4.3.6 does not show to have any issues while running on cloudflare. To be clear, we recently transferred this one to cloudflare as it was, there was no upgrade done on it , while with cloudflare. The other licence, we upgraded to 4.4 while on cloudflare but we had issues with members caches (on their devices) for days. We ourselves didnt see any problem or when logging in as those members, didnt find issues, but after connecting via teamviewer with those members devices we saw the issues they had, which involved different things, like: not being able to post, (the post-box didnt expand) or to open the menu from their mobiles, or react to posts etc, and /or not being able to see latest posts in the unread feed. After some fidgeting around, now there are no other problems reported, hopefully. The licence we have , that is running 4.3.6 has not shown any problems in working with cloudflare, instead is working very very good, dispite us having done nothing else or the above suggested tips you have written down. Now, we are afraid to upgrade it to 4.4 so as not to experience the above again. is there something recommended doing before/after the upgrade while using cloudflare? I.e. something that is upgrade 4.4 related? when we did the upgrade , we hadnt switched cloudflare off for it to be in development mode, i guess that was really wrong. Currently our server is not yet controlled by the same person who is controlling cloudflare (things are complicated), this will change soon, so i am trying to connect those two and help them get uptodate with these parameters .
  2. Hello Ilya Hoilik ! @Ilya Hoilik is it tested for 4.4 ? we are ready to update for it ! or do you think there will be no big expected changes,? thank you!
  3. Hello @Fosters ! will this plugin continue or is it not needed anymore/has invision incorporated its effect somewhere? thank you!
  4. thank you @Mike John for your answer, i might change my way of welcoming the way @iacas is doing it. instead of a pm, a welcome topic in a forum that the user can only see his own topic, and will replace the conversations inside the inbox. it seems like a better solution for handling the incoming questions or do member guidance.
  5. Hello, but then i d have to also delete the messages that will fill the inbox of that account, (so maintenance for a second account = extra work) and also, more importantly i wont be able to track the answers that many members give to that welcome pm - i have enabled the possibility for the members to answer to that message, and many do, so that is very helpful and easy way for them to know how to connect !!!! . ...would a donation help you do the workaround faster ? thanks in advance!
  6. Hello @Mike John ! Am using it on 4.3 and its just fine - with one exception, I cant remember how this setting was enabled : Before updating, i had the settings so that the outbox messages that are sent from the admin account, are not saved/shown inside the pm box. I have many registrations and prefer that message to not be saved otherwise i have to be deleting pms all the time. Can you remind me how i deactivate the saving of those sent pms? thank you very much in advance!
  7. @joshuaj thank you for that - i already have a few of Fosters plugins and they work very well and were needed. I will consider it after reading the support topics. of course manually adding an image everytime for every article that will be in the rss , is something that makes the procedure not ideal. Oh i just saw, it needs the pages app.... which i dont own since i want that import to happen from my wordpress homepage. . So,... that plugin is a no no for me.
  8. Hello! is there any news on this - does something already exist, a plugin maybe? thank you very much in advance! @joshuaj what i am searching for is something that will take the latest WP posts, and show them in IPB board, ideally with an image and a title!
  9. thank you very much @newbie LAC for resolving this so fast! U the best! all done!
  10. Hello Newbie Lac! I just got advice from support saying this method only works for images but not for code tags. They referred me to you ? can you give me directions how to best implement code a for desktop code b for tablet code c for mobile ? for the same placement ? ) am now just testing it on "After post 1 " placement but at a later time will want to implement this also on other placements via your app and plugin
  11. Hello @Fosters is this plugin compatible with 4.3 ? thank you!
  12. I understand. This is my concern too. From my perpective if you cooperate with known developers who are respected, they will always be heads-on with the updates and i guess this shows a certain kind of professionalism. I have seen that from the ones i have purchased items from. So, maybe sometimes the plugins are not that ill fated as we may fear. I think also that through the plugins that are used more often, and successfully, the invision team might see how many actually need a feature and maybe actually do incorporate it in their suite if it also is tested by the many users that already have been using the plugin. This is just an hypotheses ofcourse ?
  13. for me , a) sending a warning can have all the info about the why a post was hidden by a mod (i have many warning texts depending on reasons ) b) if i dont want to send a warning, and the why is too obvious, or part of a simpler list , the plugin @TDBF has made helps the member to know what has happened. his plugin sends an automatic custom message, whenever you hide a post, (via the queue or via a thread) that will instantly inform your member that his post was hidden/removed and can include this simple list of reasons of why it must have happened i.e. double post, other problems very convenient, so either with a or b, your members will be notified no matter what. @Mr 13 i think the plugin tdbf made really answers the need @daveoh mentioned ! I agree it should/could be nice if it would be part of the suite!
    This is an amazing tool, how you use it, depends on how your subjects are spread in your forum - the good thing is that it very much works as a teaser especially if you put frequently used tags in your forum, as the extra tabs. first tab is always all the latest topics, and second third fourth etc tabs, are the tags you choose. I have set a "suggested" tag, with topics that i think are the first topics a new member should participate in, for example , for the first get-to-know post, or frequent questions - thread, must - read topics etc. very thankful that Adriano has added the no-follow option, since from what i have read about google's policy, any group of links/keywords that repeat themselves exactly inside every page, (as any widget with links that are the same, or tag-clouds) is not a good thing for seo and pagerank.
  14. Hello, this happened to us once, and we could save it with only creating a permanent 301 redirect for the old existing link, (that was appearing in search results and was a frequently used topic with backlinks to it) Moderators, usually are needed to merge new topics into existing old ones, so as to not have double discussions of the same subject, and to guide new members to the older existing answers where they can read or ask more. Its a relatively not risky permission to give to a moderator. When you merge topic B into topic A the url link of the topic you selected (B) is deleted. Old links though, have an importance with seo. So when you merge an old topic into a new topic, you are distroying a link and creating a 404 error page, where you wouldnt want one. This isnt good when it happens accidentally or even unknowingly, if a moderator is not aware of it or just does not care and does otherwise. A warning that would appear when you try to merge an older topic into a new one, would be useful, saying You are trying to merge an old topic into a new one - are you sure you want to do this; and / or even: This will mean the old url (and all the backlinks you have on it) will stop working/existing and you will get a 404 page on it.
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