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  1. @devu4 Thanks for letting us know and sorry to hear you had some issues, hope all is ok now. Regarding the game "Rising Storm 2: Vietnam" they have added epic game store, so now only steam players are showing using this application currently, our servers are often full but show only half most of the time. Can you add support for EGS players?
  2. Still waiting for an update for 4.5 of this app. Is this coming or is this now abandoned?
  3. Hi @devu4 you still awaiting approval for this? Does not seem like the Author has been on since Sept 11, hope they are ok. As I updated from 4.4 to 4.5 with this it does seem to work but you cannot add servers, I managed to get around this by added one directly via the database but obviously we need the app updated asap for full functionality.
  4. Clicking remove on the Automatic date reset option is always throwing up "The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date."
  5. @stoo2000 Is this getting updated to invision 4.5?
  6. Fosters, is this being updated for Invision 4.5?
  7. Darkmode on the AdminCP is looking great! Could we get the ability to set the admincp login page to a darkmode or lightmode. Maybe a slider option under Login & Registration / Login and add an admincp section. That is the only point now where in a dark room i get hit by a bright light 😁
  8. When using the Servers app as a menu item, why does it not use the friendly URL? Every other url on my site is using the friendly one but the servers app has /index.php?app=gflcore&module=servers&controller=server I'm guessing this is something to do with how its providing the URL to the menu? Not a feature breaker just inconsistent with the friendly urls setting. The URL does get rewritten to the correct one when clicked but if you mouse over the menu servers you can see the long unfriendly URL.
  9. Have had this a few months now but still have to figure out how to setup the SNS endpoint, is that something you can help with? My discord is: MadMax#7731 if you can add me. Edit: I got this figured out.
  10. Ignore this is working now after running the support tool!
  11. Using the latest google chrome (84.0.4147.105) I do not have an "Add page" button on the servers page, this is displayed if i switch to Firefox, is there a fix for this? Not seeing any errors anywhere. Same on the default theme.
  12. Anyway to get a list to display on a pages page ?
  13. Figured that out :D Can you tell me how to add a discord server into the list?
  14. @naXe90 can you add the ability to add a custom server with no query checking? For example if we wanted to just have the server info listed without status etc? Got an older game I'd like to have on the list which is Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.
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