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  1. Can you make a support ticket with invision, seems this is happening to a few people. I can't do anything on my side to do with payments unfortunately.
  2. It runs periodically every 5 minutes via tasks. If yours isn't running periodically then it might be because you are not getting enough users. Read about this in your ACP if you go to: System>Settings>Advanced Configuration>Tasks section. From here you can setup a cron. Unfortunately, you cannot customise the time within the application itself.
  3. I have noticed an issue with adding Games Icon and -200 error. An update is coming for this so should be fixed after that. If you need to add games in the mean time just copy another game by clicking this icon (below) and edit the details.
  4. Messaged you. About the documentation, I will try make a video since it is much easier to explain.
  5. Hey tried your server and it works for me... It is 4.5 compatible, unforunately purchases was disabled because server wasn't working for 2 people. I am working on getting it enabled.
  6. Can you PM me the IPs you are trying
  7. Doesn't matter if it works on gametracker or elsewhere, your dedicated server might be blocking the outbound ports. I can test if it is my application if you give me the IPs you are trying.
  8. Are you sure the outbound game server ports are not being blocked by your website host? If you send me the IPs I can test if servers work on my test site. PHP version is fine. I can see the menu fine in my ACP.
  9. If you go to the menu manager, you should be able to see the serverlist. If you would like a refund, this will need to be sorted by making a ticket with IPS. I can't directly refund you since it goes through IPS. Charging back is never a good idea... If you can provide some screenshots I can assist or you can try check the system logs in ACP for errors.
  10. I can see you in list of downloaders on 03/25/2020. Did you forget to renew since it's been more than 6 months. Otherwise you will have to check with the IPS support team since I can't see anything else or give you access to the download.
  11. Hello Guys, First of all I would like to apologise to everyone who has been waiting for the update. I had actually submitted an update but it was denied ( email attached ). This is an email to remind you that your request (#66770) has been pending for 3 days and awaits your feedback. Daniel Fatkic (Invision Community) Sep 11, 2020, 8:08 AM EDT Hi, Your update has been rejected for the following reasons 1. Most of the extensions aren't implemented correctly and contain almost all the none functional skeleton code. 2. Your Admin Controllers are missing the proper protection ( CSRF Protection ) Regards, Daniel Fatkic Invision Power Services, Inc. After this, I was dealing with some IRL situation with covid and family members so didn't have the time to resubmit with the feedback given for the first update disapproval. I have now made a new request and hopefully it should be approved within the next few days. Again apologies for the wait, hope you guys can understand. Thanks, David G. (devu4)
  12. Hi, many of you have been asking when the Serverlist would be updated to 4.5. I can confirm that I have now released the updated version to IPS for review and approval. You should all be able to download it once the new version is reviewed. (Usually takes 1-2 weeks) Thanks!
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