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  1. hi again have pm'd ya reference two possible bugs
  2. There seems to be an issue with the forum topic posts in the latest release In the topic post all the links now go through the newsletter app rather than directly to the topic url, as in the url in the topic now contains the below /?do=click&key=*|unsubscribe_key|*&issue=*|issue_id|*&src= causing a fail with the below reported... Error code: EX1366 This error was probably caused by application Newsletters. If the issue persists, disable it and contact the author for further assistance. the email newsletter appears to be working ok
    easy setup added to the 'must add' list
    a straight forward install though needed to switch it off for non-guests looks like an install and forget a must add to every site that has had spam emails via the 'contact us'
  3. is there a 'easy' way of using the ipb tool?
  4. shouldn't be too hard resolving - just need to add the path yep? any chance invision?
  5. one work around may be to use the select 'none' option in the top tick box (per page)?
  6. the error may have been my end , as all appears to be working fine now all working fine, the search is a great addition great app
  7. <li> <a class="cNbEnhPM_advancedSearch ipsButton ipsButton_alternate ipsResponsive_hidePhone" href="#">Search</a> </li> code for the button
  8. yep, the button is showing but nothing happens when clicked
  9. just tested latest release - new search button doesn't appear to be working - tested on default skin
  10. yep, this is currently bit of a pain are there any plans to sort officially? or does anyone have a work around?
    does what it says it makes the use of the pm system so much easier
  11. thanks its working great is it possible to have your modified search more prominent - maybe a button next to the view? as currently its hidden away under the 'sort' drop down menu under 'custom' and so quite hard to explain and highlight to members so they are aware
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