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  1. updated 3 weeks ago and just found out a weekly newletter hasn't been published since the update when try to manually publish via the acp get the following error message 1ANNC/4 This newsletter has a distribution in progress and cannot be published at this time.
  2. can you not already do this ? I usually save the theme before each editing session as a 'just in case' then during the editing session make use of ctrl z if needed
  3. can the table view be added as the default option?
  4. 1. add the number of guests to the output display thinking is that it shouldn't really add to the performance hit , yep? would be a lot more useful and also give out a more 'positive' vibe to guest viewers who currently just get 0 members etc 2. if #1 above can't be done then have a auto-hide option if no members are viewing
  5. when viewing a forums topic listing if more than 1 page is in the topic the mini pagination is displayed but is displayed inside the h4 element which causes a htlm validation error and may have a negative effect on seo as it effects a h4 this is demoed here https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Finvisioncommunity.com%2Fforums%2Fforum%2F499-feedback-and-ideas%2F%3Fsortby%3Dposts%26sortdirection%3Ddesc a suggestion is to make a minor edit and move the pagination outside the h4 element in the 'topicrow' template
  6. a workaround could be using featured as a conditional in cms/pages feed plugin blocks - articles block does have it , haven't checked the other feeds
  7. A suggestion that the ping times for the system to ping google ref sitemap updates is cut from 24 hours to a more frequent interval - say 2 hours for a busy site? or make it a variable rather than the current hardcoded 86400 seconds google it appears doesn't currently recommend any period for pinging - seems the ideal is to ping when content updated https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/submit-URLs
  8. from a performance view does it make sense to drop icomoon fonts ? from what gather they provide just a small amount of icons (maybe 3 or 4?) such as the newspaper one and the loading 'spinners' performance wise would it not make sense to use the font awesome library for these functions?
  9. for ya info tried tha app on 4.4 all seemed ok at first but then repeat notofications led to discovering a task error Locked Task: queue Error: Cannot unpack array with string keys (0) #0 /home/html/system/Email/Email.php(481): IPS\_Email::devProcessTemplate('email__newslett...', 'Newsletter Dist...', Array, 'plaintext') #1 /home/html/system/Email/Email.php(813): IPS\_Email->compileSubject(Object(IPS\Member), Object(IPS\Lang)) #2 /home/html/system/Notification/Notification.php(574): IPS\_Email->mergeAndSend(Array, NULL, NULL, Array, Object(IPS\Lang)) #3 /home/html/system/Notification/Notification.php(555): IPS\_Notification->sendEmails(Array, Array) #4 /home/html/applications/newsletters/sources/Newsletter/Newsletter.php(995): IPS\_Notification->send()
  10. __defart_videos appears to be missing from the video apps language file?
  11. looking at purchasing this as well just waiting to hear if it is ok for 4.3.5 ?
  12. working before the upgrade not working after
  13. possible bug? the page at url /newsletters/ not listing any newsletters?
  14. in theory if you use the 'storage settings' in the acp to change the files storage location of the app in question - after the files have been 'moved' to the new location all 'unrecorded' files should be left in the 'old' directory...
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