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  1. So members in a "New members"-group (for example) can't follow other members. The follow-feature that notifies you about content from that member.
  2. Under the Social-tab in the member group settings, could you consider adding a new setting: "Can follow members?"?
  3. Hello, When a topic is visible, there is a lot of moderator actions available: When a topic has been deleted, but not yet permanently deleted, you can still visit the topic. In that case, the list of available options are fewer. This is fine, but you should still be able to view the Moderation History in my opinion. (I was very tempted to report this as a bug, as I feel this is an oversight, but I have a feeling tier 1 would count it as feedback.)
  4. Why do you think IPS decided to post a blog post about security today? 👀
  5. I'm curious though. People always say you shouldn't write down passwords etc., since what if someone bad were to get a hold of it? Do you have instructions or references in the document as keys in a "puzzle" where only your family and friends would likely know the answers or do you just ensure the document is securely physically stored? And what if your house burnt down at the same time? I have to admit I'm starting to think I should have some process in place too.
  6. I'm guessing he means when you are setting up a new login method:
  7. If they are hiding posts and the moderator can see hidden posts then it will be the same. Otherwise I think it should redirect to the page that contains the first visible post after the post that was last hidden.
  8. When hiding a single post (from the Options menu on the post) you are taken back to the page you where on. This is good and works as expected. However, when using the multi-select tool and choosing to hide from the moderator toolbox overlay, then you are taken back to the first page. You should be left on the page you were on.
  9. In many scenarios the moderators on a community need to hide a topic (damage control) until posts in the topic has been moderated. When in a hidden topic they are able to select posts in the hidden topic and still hide them with the black moderator toolbar menu that sticks to the bottom of the screen. This is good and very much used on our community. However, I noticed that "Hide" is not available in the "Options"-menu on a post when the post itself is NOT hidden. (The topic is hidden, not the post itself in this image): This strikes me as odd and is an inconsistency, because the "Unhide"-option is available on posts that has been hidden (Where the post in a hidden topic is hidden) Please also see my other feedback related to hiding posts inside already hidden topics.
  10. In many scenarios the moderators on a community need to hide a topic (damage control) until posts in the topic has been moderated. After the most recent update, all posts in the topic are colored pink, because they are hidden in the sense that the topic is hidden, but the post itself may not be hidden. This has led to the moderators having a more difficult time to get an overview of which posts are left to review on whether to hide or not. I've told them that when the post is hidden because the topic is hidden, then it will just say "Hidden" on the post header, but when a single post is hidden, then it says "Hidden by ...". I also told them that it doesn't cause any issues if they accidentally hide a post twice. However, this still causes confusion and making the day-to-day tasks of the moderators more difficult. We would therefor suggest it goes back to how it was previously, where posts had no pink color when the post itself wasn't hidden or use a less pink color for those posts. Another idea may be something like this: Please also see my other feedback related to hiding posts inside already hidden topics.
  11. New version available in Marketplace! The price of the plugin was also increased from 10 USD to 12,50 USD. 1.2.1 - Only for Invision Community version 4.4 and later New Behaviour: "Mark As Spammer" will now also hide/delete posts posted anonymously, if applicable. This depends on your settings on the "Mark As Spammer"-tab in the Spam Prevention section of your Admin Control Panel. New Setting: "Hide/delete their anonymous posts when member is marked as spammer" - (Default is ON) Please note: Changing the setting will not affect already queued background tasks to hide/delete a member content. New Behaviour: Anonymous posting will now count towards the members limit of posts per day and the flood control For example: If the Flood Control setting is set to 10 seconds, then a single member can't post a second post before it's been 10 seconds since their previous post. Previously the time value was not updated for the real author when they posted anonymously, meaning they could circumvent this flood control. This new behavior fixes this issue. New setting: "Count anonymous posts against the real authors group settings for flood and posts per day control" - (Default is ON) Fixed issue with the "All"-checkbox not working for the setting "Who can post anonymously" Installing the plugin will now generate a value for the setting "Unique board anonymous key" (Not done on upgrade) Removed hook on \IPS\Http\Url\Friendly, it was no longer needed after moving the function to check who posted anonymously Removed some previous versions. The upgrade files for these versions didn't do anything and was therefor a waste of space. Removed form field for post id on the "Check original author"-page
  12. Thanks, @Matt. I just had another similar user complain about it this week actually. If it would be feasible with a sort of in-between setting, then I guess one way to do it, while still maintaining a level of notification would be either: Monthly or bi-weekly digest if any new devices have been discovered in the time-frame. In-between setting that does a qualified guess based on other data. IP-address/location of previous login attempt, previous browser data and other data about previous logins, like usual time of day/login pattern. This would then be ranked either low risk or high risk. (Possibly throw in a medium risk as well). And then you could choose what levels you'd like to receive. I'm sorry. I just felt I communicated clearly in the first post what my suggestion was about. To then have a second person, in a short amount of time, misunderstand what I meant, and me feeling like people didn't read my post and believe I was new to the platform, on a bad day, was making me respond in such a manner. Apparently though, I didn't communicate clear enough and provide enough details in my post, since people made those misunderstandings. Sorry for my response.
  13. *sigh* I know about that global setting. I'm requesting a user level setting. Which people should be able to understand from my first post.
  14. I'm talking about the notification sent to your email address when you log in to your account from a new device.
  15. Some of the members on a community I work on are very privacy oriented. This means that they often delete their cookies in the browser and log out between every visit... They get quite annoyed about the device notifications and wish to be able to turn them off. Would it be possible to have a way to turn off these notifications from the device section of the control panel. Changing the setting would of course need to require you to input your password or confirm with 2FA.
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