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  1. Hello, I haven't had time to update or test this on 4.5 yet. I don't know when either unfortunately
  2. I think it would be interesting to hear if there are any details you could share about what's been done in the background? What are some of these new processes etc. that have made things become better? I'm just genuinely curious, if there are any details/improvements you could talk about. Anyway, welcome to the community forums as well, Olivia!
  3. I don't have any plans for any changes to this plugin currently. I'm sorry.
  4. Should be possible to achieve currently for future posts. 1) Make an account with the name Anonymous 2) Choose this user account for the setting "Posts appear as posted by" 3) In your language packs, find the string with key anon_poster_hash. Change it to whatever you'd like. If you wish for it to be removed, I think you can try to just translate it as  
  5. Unless I'm missing some extra configuration options, it's not the same. (Which is why I wrote: "(without having to issue a warning/member note)" in my last post). The member still has to acknowledge and is notified about it. As well as it being added as something the member is aware of in their own warn log. These notes are also does not appear "in your face" for staff, as displayed with these staff notes in topics.
  6. I feel like staff notes (without having to issue a warning/member note) would be more useful to have on profiles. So I hope that's possible too.
  7. Could you make a habit of showing how these things will display on mobile? 🙂
  8. So members in a "New members"-group (for example) can't follow other members. The follow-feature that notifies you about content from that member.
  9. Under the Social-tab in the member group settings, could you consider adding a new setting: "Can follow members?"?
  10. Hello, When a topic is visible, there is a lot of moderator actions available: When a topic has been deleted, but not yet permanently deleted, you can still visit the topic. In that case, the list of available options are fewer. This is fine, but you should still be able to view the Moderation History in my opinion. (I was very tempted to report this as a bug, as I feel this is an oversight, but I have a feeling tier 1 would count it as feedback.)
  11. Why do you think IPS decided to post a blog post about security today? 👀
  12. I'm curious though. People always say you shouldn't write down passwords etc., since what if someone bad were to get a hold of it? Do you have instructions or references in the document as keys in a "puzzle" where only your family and friends would likely know the answers or do you just ensure the document is securely physically stored? And what if your house burnt down at the same time? I have to admit I'm starting to think I should have some process in place too.
  13. I'm guessing he means when you are setting up a new login method:
  14. If they are hiding posts and the moderator can see hidden posts then it will be the same. Otherwise I think it should redirect to the page that contains the first visible post after the post that was last hidden.
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