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  1. I like the material design! Well done!
  2. I hear you! Since we switched to invisionpower from another big bulletin software our life got so much easier. I am still grateful every day.
  3. Yes! Thank you for providing this awesome product!
  4. I agree. My users love it and i can't be grateful enough that IPS is offering such a nice software.
  5. Since the last update i also experienced some problems when changing the default theme.
  6. @CodingJungle will this plugin be available for the newest IPS version soon?
  7. Hello, is it possible to exclude certain forums from the search results? For example i have an "Off topic" forum and i don't really to fill up the search results with this content. So I am wondering if there is a way how I can define the searchable content? The only option i found so far is to exclude content by the last update time but not by forum. Does anybody has an idea? Thanks, Robby
  8. found a bug, however you create any hook on template core/front/global/breadcrumb. it will get error: Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_PARSE) syntax error, unexpected '}' <ul{{if $useMicrodata}} itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/BreadcrumbList"{{endif}}> <li{{if $useMicrodata}} itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/ListItem"{{endif}}> <a href='{setting="base_url"}' {{if $useMicrodata}}itemprop="url"{{endif}}> <span {{if $useMicrodata}}itemprop="name"{{endif}}><i class='fa fa-home'></i> {lang="home"}{{if count( \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb )}} <i class='fa fa-angle-right'></i>{{endif}}</span> </a> </li> {{$i = 0;}} {{foreach \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb as $k => $b}} <li{{if $useMicrodata}} itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/ListItem"{{endif}}> {{if $b[0] === NULL}} {$b[1]} {{else}} <a href='{$b[0]}' {{if $useMicrodata}}itemprop="url"{{endif}}> <span {{if $useMicrodata}}itemprop="name"{{endif}}>{$b[1]} {{if ( $i + 1 != count( \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb ) )}}<i class='fa fa-angle-right'></i>{{endif}}</span> </a> {{endif}} </li> {{$i++;}} {{endforeach}} </ul> I checked this problem, found <ul{{if $useMicrodata}} or <li{{if $useMicrodata}} need a space between <ul and {{if $useMicrodata}} Can you fix it in next version?
  9. As far as I can tell this will be fixed in 4.1.0 https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/default-notifications-r6931/
  10. oops!!! I found that I used a wrong method, should be set_name. We can close this topic
  11. I want to use \IPS\Member::load($idVal, 'ex_id') with my new `ex_id` field. I hooked the \IPS\Member class and try to overwrite the static variable: protected static $databaseIdFields = array ( 0 => 'name', 1 => 'email', 2 => 'fb_uid', 3 => 'live_id', 4 => 'google_id', 5 => 'linkedin_id', 6 => 'ipsconnect_id', 7 => 'twitter_id', 8 => 'ex_id' ); After then, the forum gives me ERROR: Call to undefined method IPS\Member::setName() on init.php:432 Can anyone help me? Or should I do it in another way? Thanks
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