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  1. Every time I upload a new version of a theme, it seems to replace the logo that I previously uploaded to whatever the theme's default is. Most of the themes I have, has a default logo, not text - and it always reverts back to theirs and removes mine. Pretty annoying.
  2. Hi, When there are new updates to our custom themes, it seems like the logo always gets replaced by the default one. My suggestion is that there should be a way to prevent the logo from constantly being replaced, when updating the theme. This is very annoying, that every time you update a theme by uploading a new version - the logo gets replaced by the Theme Default Logo!
  3. The REST API Is simply amazing. But it's missing some core features. Commerce: When viewing invoices, you can see the custom field value but not the key? The key is just a number, but how do we know what it actually is? It returns i.e 1/0 for a bool, but how do we know if it's for Terms Of Service or another checkbox/radiobox we have? It should also output the custom field name. So if we have a custom field that's called "ToS", it should return that in the API. System: The message sending should have a option to 'leave' conversation after sent, or an API call to 'leave' the conversation. There is only a option to delete the entire conversation. I am not sure if that would have same effect? And which user would it delete for when using API Key?
  4. OctoDev

    Dark Theme

    Amazing customization, exactly what I was looking for. Something purely made out of custom.css
  5. I bought it, but it seem to be missing some css changes to support Nexus / Commerce. Also the menu does not contain "Store" ? It seems to be hardcoded, so I can't dynamically change it using the menu editor.
  6. Mind quoting me when it supports 4.4? 🙂
  7. Would be nice if we could hide certain categories or products from the store, but if you have a link to the category/product it would allow you to view it and purchase.
  8. Hi, It was missing on the default theme for me, I had to manually add it through meta tags editor. The og:image was also missing, both on custom and default on this page and some others.
  9. Twitter card is a great way to show that it's not functional as we'd expect it to be. Sure there is a meta tag section, but sounds kind of old that you have to manually set meta tags fore ach page.. Especially og:image would take forever to manually update per page, as that could change dynamically.
  10. Woah, first of all og:title is missing which is why the card isn't even rendering. Same with og:image 🙂 that has nothing to do with twitter. Aaaand to be completely honest, Twitter & Facebook is the biggest social networks out there right now - so indeed, it should be supported by default 😉 http://ogp.me/
  11. It's basic SEO things that you need to have, all pages should have those tags anyways. And if there is nothing, have a fallback.
  12. It should have a fallback that would say "JustGaming - Store" then an image, like it shows on the frontend (It's a theme setting). All pages should have those tags, if there are nothing then perhaps use og:url - it looks bad otherwise to only have certain pages :P
  13. Still no feature to do so? Seems like the index works, not store.
  14. I checked, it's not an option for me. Not with subscriptions anyway. Edit: Seems to be a bug, the first time I submitted request it had no guest checkout, the second time it worked. PayPal is randomly giving this option, so if anyone else have this problem just keep placing a new order till you get it.
  15. Hi, I have been a PayPal user for many years, one day they decided to limit me permanently after using them for years straight - I was even a business account that had my own phone line, where I'd get my personal support. Problem with IPS Marketplace, is that it requires you to login to your PayPal account to purchase products. This really sucks, for people like me. People that don't want to give all their information out to PayPal, or don't are simply permanently limited are not able to purchase anything from the marketplace. Can you guys please enable guest checkout on PayPal? Perhaps even add another option like Stripe. It is really unfair that there is only one option, and that requires a third party account. PayPal is notorious for limiting sellers.
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