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  1. Oh that's... odd. I would've thought this was a feature. Alright...
  2. I am using Amazon SeS SMTP, it only allows 14 emails per second. It seems like it sends 30 000 within two minutes... How can I fix that, or adjust it? Sending 30 000 within two minutes goes against every approach to avoid spam.
  3. When will the new update be released? It's been a while...
  4. I posted it above, modified the post. Seems like other clients ran into same issue. I disabled every plugin + application, issue remains.
  5. I uploaded all the files manually on the latest version, however it's throwing 500 internal server error in the /admin/upgrade process. The admin panel works fine, but the site is offline and says update in progress. How can I fix this? System + error logs does not indicate anything is wrong. Happens at admin/upgrade/?autologin=1&sessionCheck=1 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '/', expecting '{' in /home/nginx/domains/domain.io/public/system/Application/Application.php(694) : eval()'d code on line 1 Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0
  6. I ended up having to code a custom PHP Script that would access the database, it completed the task that took several hours to do 5 000 members - in 20 seconds of execution. Moved +100 000 members into correct groups... Hope this feature can be improved so it can actually be used in the near future.
  7. CloudFlare is not the reason to why it does 1 user every second. That does not make any sense.. Unless Invision Power requires 1 page load per 1 user, which would also not make any sense. Personally I believe the issue is that it creates way too many steps. I am positive it could do more than 100-200 users per request, i have no clue how many it does per request.. but it seems.. slow. It's the web requests starting to respond slowly, the rest of the website is instant. It's creating thousands of step for a rather simple task.
  8. Sent you a message, not a big fan of this new system. I don't want to publicize my domain and sensitive info via a public thread.
  9. Sure, I just don't understand why I can't submit tickets anymore and only community support. Where can I send it?
  10. I have a few products that has made several thousand sales. When I am trying to update it, so it would update all existing purchases with a new user goup.. It seems like it only does the first 15 000 members, after that it seems to change 1 every 10-15 second, which makes it really slow and unusable. Could this be fixed?
  11. But from my experience it requires a page reload, it does not check the inbox every 2-3 second?
  12. I am suprised this isn't a feature already, but there should be an ajax notification for new inbox messages. So I will be notified that there is a new inbox message without having to reload the entire site.
  13. Pretty sure this is an global issue and not with my specific board, were you not able to replicate it?
  14. Correct. They have been there for days and should not be there.
  15. They have to manully pay each month, it does not support renewals.
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