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  1. Yeah, it's literally what Coinbase calls it. However I've added a bold, red & fat text. Hopefully everyone will understand it now hehe 🙂
  2. It literally says here, and has always been here.. However people tend to not read haha 😛
  3. It is not an actual "subscription" however it is a webhook subscription. In order for your website to know that the payments went through, you need to put the webhook url as explained. https://sitedomain.com/applications/coinbasecommerce/interface/gateway.php My website: https://justgaming.io/applications/coinbasecommerce/interface/gateway.php If this returns 404, then that is why it's not working.. please follow the instructions.
  4. Hello. I am using the plugin on a live site, and it works fine. I have not had any of the said problems, so it's really difficult to say what's going wrong. Since it also happens to other payment gateways, it sounds like it's a problem with CloudFlare blocking legitimate requests. Can you guys please do this for me and show me the results? 1. Head over to https://commerce.coinbase.com/dashboard/settings & click "Details" on your Webhook subscription 2. Send a test, the test can be anything. Then show me what your server responds with. Also
  5. Not how useful it would be to add it since crypto payments cannot be charged back but I can add it. I am still supporting this plugin. Is there any error code returned when you try and test it? Replied to your message sorry for delay.
  6. Sure completely possible I'll add it in the next update 😀 Edit: Done added to 1.0.5. This information will only show for new payments unfortunately but you can now see more information about the payment.
  7. That is expected since the callback doesn't contain the IPB transaction ID. I will be pushing an update to fix the euro problem. Edit: Done pushed an update Thank you 🙂 Hope you try it soon.
  8. Awesome, when they click the notification. Will it take them directly to the product?
  9. Please go on details and test the callback. If your using a CDN like cloudflare I recommend whitelisting coinbase's IPs or setting up a page rule to turn security off on the callback URL.
  10. Is the payment getting marked as paid if not have you setup the callback in Coinbase? I will be making updates as of when needed. I will make sure the gateway is up to date with Coinbase's API if they make any changes.
  11. If you have any questions regarding both features & installation, feel free to reply below. I'll get back to you ASAP 🙂
  12. Version 1.0.5


    Start accepting cryptocurrency on your commerce app today, securely via Coinbase Commerce! This application will add support to accept cryptocurrency via coinbase in your commerce app, easy installation & setup. You can start accepting Bitcoin, etherum, litecoin & whatever else coinbase commerce has to offer. Don't have Coinbase Commerce? Anyone can start an account within minutes by heading over to https://commerce.coinbase.com/ Installation Guide: Upload to forum via Applications Enable / Install Configure the Payment Method like the others, b
  13. Every time I upload a new version of a theme, it seems to replace the logo that I previously uploaded to whatever the theme's default is. Most of the themes I have, has a default logo, not text - and it always reverts back to theirs and removes mine. Pretty annoying.
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