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  1. The possible waiting time before it is released?
  2. Would that be 4.5.5? Or would that be a 4.6 release?
  3. Done so accordingly and will await the new version. Thanks @Adriano Faria
  4. As I had this manually installed on 4.5, I first uninstalled the "Custom" marked plugin. Then installed the plugin from the Marketplace, but while installing, it halts with this error: And when I then browse to the Plugins page, it appears again as "Custom" and "Enabled". But the plugin is no longer functional while checking Community - Forums - Saved Actions. Can you tell me how to fix this?
    Prima vertaling! Ik heb het 2 jaar volgehouden om bij elke release zelf de vertalingen te doen, maar de laatste tijd ontbrak mij de tijd en de zin. Sommige vertalingen zijn inderdaad zoals eerder aangegeven meer richting de Belgische keuze, maar ik ben blij dat ik deze pack heb aangekocht want het scheelt me gewoon een bak werk en kan er nu op vertrouwen dat ik up-to-date vertalingen heb. Bedankt, Sander!
    Would love to see this back in 4.5
  5. @bfarber Do you think this also applies for logged in / registered users - which is the case for me.
  6. I have submitted a case for some users that are not seeing the "choose files" in the editor sometimes. They have to refresh the page to make it visible again. When doing our own investigations we saw that the audit tool showed us some recommendation which makes us believe that this might impact performance. I included this in the support case, on which the support engineer said me for general feedback, to place this part in the feedback forum.
  7. In order to minimize the amount of requests on page load, please include an option to combine all interface and/or editor script call into one or two scripts. Our site currently requires up to 42 different script calls to function the way we want, but this leads to degraded performance for multiple users. When we use https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ and the Chrome Audit tool we see recommendations that say there are a large number of requests and DOM nodes. On a Macbook Pro 2016/16gb it takes about 9 seconds to fully render a topic page.
  8. Hi, I couldn't find a plugin that does this, but I think it would be nice if you would be to able to give a reaction to a particular post from (any of) the Stream view(s). I did a Photoshop mockup to show you what I mean.
  9. I do have full control of the files on my IPB install. However I haven't purchased your plugin yet.
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