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  1. Thanks @Nathan Explosion that probably was the cause. I forgot to change the cron job during the PHP upgrade.
  2. Yeah about that, I got this in the mail: It says I am using PHP 7.4. But the support tool has a different opinion
  3. Since the upgrade to 4.7.2 the plugin has been disabled due to non-PHP 8 compatible code. Could you please update this?
  4. Yep same here, same with the Back to Top one. I need to find me some replacements for that. Before this one, the Advanced Tags & Prefixes application was bugging me, that was stopped in 2019 already...time flies. It would be a nice feature of one could get a little icon in both plugins and applications that the item is not supported / deprecated on this version. I will do my best to find them and contact them.
  5. Ok I found the extra culprits: Online Indicator 1.1 - https://<forumdomain>.com/admin/?app=core&module=marketplace&controller=marketplace&do=viewFile&id=7853 Back To Top Disabled 1.0.4 - https://<forumdomain>.com/admin/?app=core&module=marketplace&controller=marketplace&do=viewFile&id=9277 After a lot of enabling / disabling, I found that these two were causing the errors. My forum is now working on 4.7.0 with PHP 8.1.
  6. Well, at least it was a theme which was called Mokka I think, I got it from the Marketplace but can't find out which one it was. Maybe someone can retrieve it by its file ID. That way I can contact the author https://<forumdomain>.com/admin/?app=core&module=marketplace&controller=marketplace&do=viewFile&id=9700 When I click on the Marketplace it clearly says that it is not supported, so so much for my stupidity lol 3C409/G This file is not compatible with the version of Invision Community you are using. But then it becomes even more weird, when I then use my custom theme (which is nothing more than the default theme with some other colors and logos) it says that I need to rebuild the default theme through the support tool, but then when I switch to the default theme, I get a completely white page again, with the following system log entry: Error: Undefined constant "IPS\Theme\large" in /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(885) : eval()'d code:18276 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(61): IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global->userPhoto() #1 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(885) : eval()'d code(8950): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call() #2 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(61): IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global->mobileNavigation() #3 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(885) : eval()'d code(6991): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call() #4 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(61): IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global->globalTemplate() #5 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(173): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call() #6 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Standard.php(113): IPS\_Dispatcher->finish() #7 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(625): IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard->finish() #8 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(155): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front->finish() #9 /home/xxxxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} So last night I announced that I will be shutting down the forum today for some maintenance and try and sort this thing out by really going back to the basics and then re-enabling every little customisation that has been done over the last 5 years now. There is no way in easily disabling an application / plugin from the database right? I tried setting the enabled column value to 0, but only after a "Check for updates" that will be effective. It would help in making it faster to troubleshoot, in stead of reverting back to the old php version, reload and disable something from the GUI, then upgrading php again. I will keep you informed.
  7. Ok, definitely a 3rd party hook that is causing the issue. Now to figure out how to fix it 🙂
  8. Hi, After upgrading to 4.7.0, I also wanted to upgrade my PHP version from 7.4.x to 8.1.x. But after enabling that, I get the following error message and it doesn't seem clear to me what is causing this issue [Wed Jul 06 12:29:38.084053 2022] [lsapi:error] [pid 171216:tid 140143205660416] [client xx.xx.xx.xx:50217] [host www.forumdomain.com] Backend fatal error: PHP Fatal error: Cannot use "parent" when current class scope has no parent in /home/xxxxxxxx/domains/forumdomain.com/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(2703) : eval()'d code on line 37\n, referer: https://www.forumdomain.com/ Anyone has come across this and solved this? Thanks in advance, Chris
  9. I would like to request that the quick search filter "This topic" that is available in the desktop browser view, to be also available in the mobile browser view.
  10. Done so accordingly and will await the new version. Thanks @Adriano Faria
  11. As I had this manually installed on 4.5, I first uninstalled the "Custom" marked plugin. Then installed the plugin from the Marketplace, but while installing, it halts with this error: And when I then browse to the Plugins page, it appears again as "Custom" and "Enabled". But the plugin is no longer functional while checking Community - Forums - Saved Actions. Can you tell me how to fix this?
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